90: Meet CY the fine Boy

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Cyril Edeh, a.k.a CY or fine boy, lived in Amsterdam. He was the most handsome among us back then in Amsterdam and he knew how to dress well. He plated his hair like a footballer and had a silver ear ring in one of his ears. He was tall and slim and knew how to woo women. However, the atmosphere we found ourselves in Amsterdam didn’t permit fine boys or models to make money. The problem was that no matter how fine you looked, you needed resident permit first before you could be able to do anything. During my time in Amsterdam, CY had no permit but news had it that he eventually secured one in France; the same type i got.

I called CY as early as 10am and told him that i was in Berlin. He was from Nkanu in Enugu state. He was surprised to get the call from me and said he never knew i could call him again after such a long time.

“It was because of hustling but God has answered my prayers. I heard you have papers now. You can come to Berlin if you want but make sure you use train because they have too many computers at the airports” I had said.
Surprisingly CY agreed to come to Berlin that very day but said he has no money for transport. I directed him to call Robin and get some money from him. I also called Robin and directed him to give €200 to CY which i was sure was enough to transport him to any part of Germany.

After the call with CY, i called Johnson and told him that i came to Berlin last night and that i didn’t want anybody to know about that. He said he was in Berlin and directed me to where he has secured a new apartment for himself and his white wife.
I took a cab to his place and met with them there. The wife was very happy to see me again as she hugged and hugged me for several moments. I recalled that during the time she was having problems with Johnson, it was i who made them stick together.

After some pleasantries, Johnson asked what i did for a living, where i lived currently and what i came to do in Berlin.
“I live in Sweden now but the whether there is very bad. I need a place to rest for a month before returning there. Since i knew Berlin very well, i decided to come here. I want to rent a one room apartment where i can stay without disturbing anybody. I know you and your wife are going to welcome me to your house but you know i can’t stay here, i need some privacy too” I said.
After listening to me, Johnson offered to look for an apartment for me as soon as he go outside. He said he will buy the Zweiter handel book and check on the new available apartments. I thanked him and drank some beer before i left back to Kenneth’s Apartment. I was determined to use only the cabs and avoid public transport system until i finish my mission in Berlin.
As soon as i got back, i brought out my diary book and wrote down the entire expenses i have made so far in the course of recovering the money. I wrote down all the money i spent right from Lulea Sweden to Berlin, the €200 i gave to CY down to the €20 i gave Kenneth’s girl For taxi.

It was around 3pm that Johnson called and said he found a good one room apartment in Berlin Spandau. Berlin Spandua was a small suburban of Berlin in the western part. It was a little bit far from Berlin Centrum and was not an area black people lived. I had specifically mentioned the area to Johnson.
The apartment was at €350 a month since there was a bed there already.
“I am going to the office of the agency to pay them now; i will call you in the evening to return my money” Johnson had said.
“Ok Sir, call me when you are done” I said and cut off the phone.
Then I called CY instantly. He said their train was already in Germany but he didn’t know the name of the place.
“Get down from the train when it gets to Berlin Zoo garden. They call it Zoologischer Garten here. You must pay attention to recognize the name” I told CY.
As soon as i finished with CY on the phone, i picked up Doris’s number and saved it in my phone.
Everything was going according to plan but then, everything sponsored with cash has always gone according to plan especially things that were not beyond human control.

It was getting dark when CY called and said he was at the Zoo Garden station. I had gone to Johnson to reimburse him and pick up the key.
I picked CY up and we gave the new apartment address to the cab man who adviced us to use underground train since Spandau was far from where we were.
“Just take us there, i will pay. I have money” i had said to the driver.
I wanted to make CY believe that there was actually money. I had come to Berlin with the entire money i recovered from Kingsley. The entire expenses including accommodation, food and transport were going to come from there. Aunty Joy sent the total of €20000. I was determined to make sure the total money after the Berlin Operation amounted back to €20000 excluding whatever expenses i made.

Inside the new apartment, we picked up dusters and dusted the place. The bed was large and could accommodate three people. There was a cooking gas and electric heater in it. We just needed two cooking pots and food items.
I took CY to a nearby open super market and bought the things we needed. When we returned, i cooked rice and while at it, i planned on how best to tell CY what he really came to do in Berlin. He had asked if i was the owner of the apartment since we both were clearly new to the place.
“Yes, it belongs to me and so are two more places. This one was rented for a purpose which could be over in a few days. I also wanted you to be comfortable for the duration of the time you will spend in this beautiful city. There would be time when we will be going out into the city to look for girls. There was actually one stubborn Ghanaian girl who claims that she has a boyfriend and that she will never agree to any other guy. I placed a bet with someone that i knew a guy in Amsterdam who could convince the girl to agree to be his girlfriend. I want to win the bet; half of the money will be yours. Her name is Doris” 


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