The day after our allowances was paid, I followed Johnson to Berlin to buy Weed. We stopped at Alexander Platz train station and boarded the S-Bahn (A smaller train that circled Berlin). We got to another smaller train station and went underground.
I was almost scared when we were going underground. I saw people coming out of the ground like rabbits. It was when we got to about 40 feet underground that I discovered it was a train line.
It was called the U-bahn.

*Berlin had 9 U-bahn lines that went to every angle of the city. The U-bahn was the fastest way to get to your destination in Berlin. Some U-bahn lines were up to an hour and half line. Berlin was a very large city. It was the capital divided into two (Berlin Wall. Demolished in 1989 when they unified) between Western and Eastern Germany.*

We followed the U-bahn for about ten minutes before we stopped at a place called Wedding (pronounced Vedding).
We walked for another one minute from the U-bahn station and got into a big building. After pressing the bell, a Guinea man opened the doors for us. He greeted us and offered us beer.
He went inside and brought out a half kilogram (500 grams) of weeds.
Johnson examined it and certified it good enough.
Then the man brought out a different kind of drug called ‘ hashes’.

*Hashes was not as strong as weed. People who felt that weeds were too strong for them smoked Hashes*

We paid 2000 Euros for the Weeds and paid 900 euros for the Hashes, then we finished our beers and left the man’s house.
The drugs were stuffed inside a backpack kind of bag which Johnson gave me to carry. I was so scared but I couldn’t show it.

*That was when I felt the biggest fear of my life.
I had heard about people who went to 5 or more years imprisonment because of drugs*

I carried the bag and fixed it on my back. I was so scared that I hardly breathed but since I was already carrying the bag, there was nothing I could do.
We came out of the man’s house and walked back to the Wedding U-bahn station. When we stopped at the Alexander platz train station where we supposed to board the train back to our HEIM, Johnson said he was going somewhere. He told me to take the bag back to Brandenburg and wait for him. Brandenburg to Berlin was a 30 minutes journey.

I waited for the train while Johnson went to God knows where.
Right inside the train, my mind was not at rest. I thought about every possible thing that could happen to me if I got caught by the police. I thought about my family in Nigeria, about Efuah in Ghana with her pregnancy, about Agnes and Awiti. I thought about how long I would spend in prison if they caught me.
It was only when the train announced that we had reached Brandenburg that my mind came to rest.
I got down from the train and entered the already waiting bus that took us to the HEIM.
I took the bag to Johnson’s room and locked it up. He had given me his keys.

As soon as I closed Johnson’s doors, I ran down and went to the spar to buy something to cook.

I felt like a warrior who had won a war against the German police.

When Johnson returned some twenty minutes after I had returned, we went into his room and opened our bags.

He said I had passed the first test and that since I was not scared, I was destined for greater things.

*Only if he knew that I nearly threw the bag away when I saw a police car in the TV that was inside the train*

when we opened the bag, he measured 50grams of weed and gave me. He also gave me the satchets to tie them.
I took my weed to my room and kept it inside my cupboard, then I went back to the Eurospar to buy a can of airfreshner.
*we used the airfreshner to Clear up the air while tying the weeds*

When I returned, I took my key from the reception and went upstairs to my room. To my greatest surprise, my door was open but nobody was inside.
Instantly I suspected that something had happened inside the room.
I fearfully passed my door and looked inside to check if the police were inside since we heard that they had master keys to every door in Germany.

There was nobody inside. I walked in and found my cupboard open.
Somebody had opened it and took the weeds. I checked if the door lock was broken but it was not.
Then I knew who had done it. It was my Camerounian room mate.

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