89: Issa and his sacking

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The Landlord got down from his car and closed the gate by himself. Issa had not returned.

He walked up to his apartment quietly as I walked back inside and sipped from my victory Elliot glass of whiskey. The target was to cause trouble for Issa but the events that followed was shocking.

Issa returned from the market and brought the meat for me. I asked him to keep the change. He would definitely need it.

I went to the kitchen, dumped the meat there and returned to the little spy chimney hole.

The Landlord has seen Issa return. I figured he was at the veranda.

” Issa come up here” I had heard the Landlord’s tiny voice.

Issa went up and when he returned, he went inside his small security room. Some moments later, the Landlord’s wife came down too and stood at the entrance of Issa’s house.

Less than ten minutes later, Issa brought out a large sack full of his life belongings. He dumped it outside and went inside to bring another bag. When he was done, the landlady locked the security house and took the keys upstairs.

Issa was crying as he walked out of the compound with his two bags. I felt pity for him.
That was not what I had planned. The plan was a total failure. The Landlord and his wife had taken me by surprise again.
I had believed they would shout at Issa or even beat him for leaving his duty post. I had thought that the Landlord could even suspend him for a day or two just to remind him that it wasn’t ideal to leave his duty post.

If I had known they would sack him, I would have Atleast not open the doors wide open.
” act when you are angry and you will take the best action you will ever regret”

I was sure that Issa must have told Landlord where he had gone to and who had sent him but knowing what happened between His wife and me, he would be cautious in approaching me.
If he was intelligent enough, he must have noticed that all the ”I am sorry” his wife had said to me wasn’t enough to quench the insult of throwing dirty water at a man who had knocked on her doors.

I had made it a point of duty to punish anybody who tampered with my life in anyway.
Issa was just a victim of an ill-thought plan. There was nothing I could do rather than to help the poor guy.

I went downstairs and went to the call girl’s place. She was there as always.

”I see your aboki crying past here, what happened.” she asked.

”Mind your business” I said and asked her to give me recharge card.

The night was approaching and it was difficult to stay in the house. Guilt was having a better part of me, as a result, I walked to the cyber cafe.
I wanted to see the 17 year old terrorist again. I had somehow started missing her and her unannounced visits.
She was at the cafe when I came. The father Mr James was there too and so were her two brothers.

”Long time Azubuike” Mr James said.

I told him that I had traveled to Accra as I sat near the beautiful terrorist. She had changed slightly and was looking a little more matured.
I even thought about counting her in the ongoing census but the guilt on my mind was enough for the day.

I checked my email. There were several mails. Somehow I HAD forgotten that I communicated with some people through email.
The circumstances surrounding Efuah and I HAD warranted that we stopped talking on the phone. E mail was our only means of communication. She had married another man after having a daughter for me…

I scrolled down to her two e mails and opened the first one. Princess had started school. She was growing fast and had been discovered to have a high brain IQ. The mother said she was the most brilliant among her age groups and claimed that she got her brains from her maternal grand mother who was a lawyer.
Only if she knew what Ozoigbondu was capable of doing, Only if she knew.

The second mail from her was asking while I didn’t reply the first one. She claimed that it was unlike me and accused me of having found a wife without letting her know. Only if she knew that Ozoigbondu had turned to a sexx machine, only if she knew.

” if money is your hope independence, you will never get it. The only real security that a man will have in this life is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability”

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