88: Counting the Enemies

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A day after i sent Ralph’s details to Aunty Joy, she sent another €10000 to Hauptstadt Berlin. I called Ralph and told him about the new developments.
“After withdrawing the money, give it to Kenneth. He will pay you your percentage as instructed” I said to him on the phone. Ralph agreed.
I did nothing else except wait for Ralph. Those were monies i could have been withdrawing by myself but my resident permit was still young; it was actually the first issue. The same thing goes for Kenneth. His Fathershaft was pretty young and it would be a mistake to withdraw large sums of money with it. It was the reason why i had to resort to using the Nsukka Brigades.
It was almost evening when i called Kenneth and asked if  Ralph has given him the money; he said Ralph wasn’t even answering his phone.
I dropped and called Ralph, he answered my own call and the first thing he said was that i was silly to have asked him to withdraw the money after what i did to their Mentor Mr Jonathan.
“My Oga told us how you treated him and Kingsley in Amsterdam. I am going to use this money to treat them in the hospital. If you like come to Berlin and face us. We own this Berlin now unlike when you sold weed. German Police is different from Holland Police; if you mess up around here, they will arrest you and know that you jumped court here in 2005. You think i have forgotten that” He said.

“Raphael listen to me carefully. Don’t start what you can not…” his phone went dead before i could finish.
All my efforts to reach him again were fruitless.
There was one of their Friends whose name was also Kingsley; he wasn’t from Nsukka like them but he was their friend. I called Kenneth and got the phone number of the second Kingsley.
I called him and when i introduced myself, He was angry with me for what i did to his friends in Amsterdam. He told me that i could have used a better method to retrieve my money from them. I didn’t understand what he meant by better method, what i understood was that they have teamed up against me. They didn’t want to hear my own story; they have concluded that no matter what the problem was, i was supposed to use a softer method to get my money from Kingsley.
One thing those idiots never understood was that the method of making money was proportional to the method it was spent. It was just a common knowledge that money that come easy usually go easy but money that we suffered for years to gather, usually end up being used wisely.
I had spent days running around Europe trying to get the money from Joy and here was Some fools telling me how i should have begged my way into retrieving the money.

Out of anger, i sent Ralph a text message that read “Do you know how small Europe is? Make sure you leave Europe in a few days because if i lay my eyes on you, you won’t be able to tell people what happened to you”

Ten minutes after sending the message, i got a call with a strange number. It was from Barrister Jonathan.
“You messed up with the Tiger because you tricked me into coming to your place in Amsterdam. I will make sure that you leave this Europe. First of all, you are so foolish to send money to Berlin again. Forget about the cash and make sure you leave Europe because this place cannot contain both of us” He shouted.
“Mr Jonathan, Is your brother Kingsley there with you?” I asked.
“What do you want him for?” He fired back.
“Give him the phone to issue his own warnings. I want to know how many people who wants to kill me here in Europe, I have counted you and Ralph” I said.
“Silly man. We will find out who is the Boss here in Europe. Do you know how many years i have lived in Europe before you came?” He said.
“Listen You scammer, i want my money back. Tell Ralph to send me my money because if i come looking for the money in Berlin, i will take more than that and three of you will have to pay with something else” I said.
He cursed for the last time and switched his phone off.

After talking with Jonathan, who has decided to go to Berlin after what happened in Amsterdam, i dialed Akunne. Akunne who owned the largest Afroshop in Berlin was the man who used to advice me and keep some money for me.
“Hello who is this?” He had asked on picking up the call.
When i told him that it was me, he shouted my nickname and said he didn’t have that particular Swedish phone number.
I narrated the current situations to him. First, he blamed me for sending the money to Berlin again after the first incident. Then he said he was going to call Ralph right away and tell him to send my money to me.
I called Kingsley after that.
“Are you part of the people who told Ralph not to give me my money?” I asked.
After cursing, he said he wasn’t and asked me not to include him in my business with Ralph. He also said he has been taking medications for what i did.
“I just wanted to do one or two businesses with your money in Amsterdam, then return it to you with interest. I never knew you could locate me in this World because i didn’t even leave the apartment where i was staying in Amsterdam. You are such a devil” He said.
“Tell your friend or cousin or brother Ralph that i want my money. If i don’t get this money before the end of tomorrow, i will smoke him out wherever he is and get the money from him and trust me, i won’t care how i get the money back” I said and cut off the call.

After the calls, i relaxed and thought about what to do next. I had wanted to call and send some money to Alicia Whom i didn’t even know her position, but the Berlin squad decided to stall the gesture. I didn’t know how to go about the issue yet but one ugly thing was very clear in my head; i was going after the money.

The way the Berlin NSK gangs spoke, they were going to protect Ralph inside Berlin; they won’t let her run to anywhere. He was probably going to stay indoors for some time hoping that i would just show up in Berlin, search for him and return to wherever i lived.
As a result, i wasn’t going to Berlin so fast.

“If there are no stupid questions, then what
kind of questions do stupid people ask? Do
they get smart just in time to ask

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  1. DeutscheSprecher

    Ozoigbondu, you always win it. Let’s see how you went about this.
    2nd Again? I fast o

  2. obumsway

    oya oya oya oya oya …….. Na xo….. They must pay the price of stubborness………!! 10000 euros can never be equated with nigerian naira !!

  3. Obinoral

    So u guys just comment before reading? When u step on the python tail, be ready to face the consequence

  4. Obinoral

    So u guys just comment before reading? When u step on the python tail, be ready to face the consequence.

  5. DeutscheSprecher

    Lance, you don’t want to start another Nairaland tribal war with that your senseless mention. Be courteous. It aint cost a thing.

  6. papindinho

    Dear Alicia, Angel Zubby will soon pay you a visit.

    Chai! This one go hot die. Berlin! And Zubby didn’t fancy going to the place tho.

  7. Crave4Stan

    Love the way you shortened Nsukka to NSK. Brings back a lot of memories of old.
    Your fountain will never dry, my man. Kudos and have a fun-filled weekend bro!

  8. Anonymous

    A good soldier understands that, you can only know the start of a war, but cannot predict the end. And he’s not afraid of it. It’s time for Berlin again and as a damn good soldier, you ain’t afraid of it, so move it soldier! 😎

  9. chorlay

    Dis zuby’s revenge missions are getting too much oooo, didn’t all dis people know who dey are messing with ni??v

  10. Andrew

    Am eagerly waiting on our things will turn out between Zubby nd d Berlin NSK Gang.

  11. achi4u

    But fear is also on the NSK gang side aswell,Kingsley and Jonathan won’t involve their selves too open this time.
    The fear of ozoigbondu 1!

  12. Jasified

    O’boi…something tells me zuby is going back to 9ja cos of this war. I remember he once said we will soon return back to Nigeria.

  13. Anthony

    Zuby’s edge against his enemies relies strongly on his ability to strategize, plan, implement and evaluate the results. And these traits are the hallmark of a great conqueror!

  14. shar

    D fear of the Oziogbondu 1 of Berlin is d begining of living in peace. btw some people will never learn

  15. kingsley

    Abeg dis is world war 2, pls zuby we will b waiting patiently for next updates. Its gettin more captivating.

  16. bashman

    your quotes are always thought provoking and easily underandable,the NSK TIGER are up aganist the Ozoigbodu1 of berlin,after u av successfuly reclaim ur money i will knw add a new of nsktiger tammer1 of berlin my igbo friends pls supply us in igbo dialect pls.

  17. teawy

    sweet, interesting, captivating, intriguing, suspence, any more… wonderful storyline… can’t wait for more updates… I’m glued…

  18. Edith

    If I were Raph, I would simply treat Jonathan and Kingsley, pay for their treatments, then issue the evidence of payment and the remaining money to you.
    If men were God, everyone would have been dead by now due to one evil or the other, yet, we inflict evil on our fellow human beings and justify it. Like I said in my previous post, these are all underground economy operations. Imagine you broke one of Kingsley’s ribs….
    Not in support of Kingsley’s actions and inactions though

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