87: Goodbye Rose

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Aunty Joy, after cursing and swearing about how she will catch me, sent another €10,000 to Berlin. It was a day after i arrived from Amsterdam to Stockholm.

The day before, i had called Maria and asked if they were still in the hotel at Upsalla but they already moved southward to Stockholm. I had taken a cab from the airport down to the apartment where Blessing, the new girl had opened door for me. She was very excited to see me and so was Maria who ordered me inside the room to give her account of how i did what i did in Palma de Marlloca and Amsterdam. She was awed and scared when i told her how i recovered the money Kingsley had stolen. But she also supported what i did even if she didn’t like the idea of brandishing a gun. When everything had settled itself, i called Rose and told her that i want her to move back to the old apartment.
“I know this will sound strange to you but i have a job for you. You are to start lecturing every new girl we bring up here on how to take asylum. Your other job is also to take them to the asylum camps. I can be paying you based on each individual or per week or per month depending on how you want it. Each girl you successfully lectured and send to camp will earn you €500 excluding transportion expenses. If you want the job on a monthly payment basis, you will be getting €1000 every month whether you did anything or not. I know we are friends now but i want this to be on a professional agreement. Anytime you disobey me, parts of your payment will be taken away in compensation. You are never to tell anybody where i live; if you ever do that, you will be punished. Your Job may start with Blessing but she won’t be following you to the old apartment. I want her closeby for a couple of days. The entire apartment together with the cooking pots the bed in your room and the electronic sets belongs to you now” I said as Maria nudged me.
I already knew she will protest about the Television. She would rather have three TV sets than giving one set to Rose. Black women were generally that way. It was as a result of insecurity.

When i finished with Rose, i told her to go get her things and move there. I also told her that i will be paying for the apartment as long as i lived in Sweden. It was the same thing i was doing for the Marseille contingent. Ever since i found the one room for them, i have been paying for the house but it was part of the things i started. There was an option to let them be from day one but i chose to steal them from their Madams; therefore it was only fair that i provided shelter and food for them.

Maria wasn’t really happy the way i ceded the old apartment to Rose; she actually didn’t want Rose to gain anything from me but as a master, i adopted the style of announcing measures publicly before discussing it with Maria. I was aware that she could kick against some of my decisions but i knew that what i saw sitting down still eluded Maria standing up.

When Rose left, i called Berlin And got the details of Ralph. I told him that Kingsley ran away with my money but didn’t tell him that i had recovered it. I suspected that he knew what Kingsley did; he could have been given some cut as well because they were pretty close and from the same Nsukka. I didn’t know how closely related they were but i knew that they called each other brothers.
I had sent the details to Madam Joy who after cursing and shouting, said that she will send another €10000 to Berlin.
Kenneth my cousin had sent the one with him up to Sweden which i cleared before hitting home.

On the table that evening was nearly €9000. I had removed some expenses money from the grand total and decided to present €9000
“How do you want this money shared” I said to Maria.
I wanted to determine if she was really happy with the way i shared the first Ransom. Not that i was going to agree on her sharing formula; i already determined how the money will be used. It was important that someone assumed control of our affairs. We were never going to be sharing each money we got; Businesses never grew like that. We were going to start keeping bulk monies around because we may need to run to another city someday because despite our good intentions of trying to correct some mistakes; we were doing it illegally. We had no right to rescue prostitutes, we can only report to the appropriate authorities licensed by the Government. For that reason, we may be forced to leave Sweden and the surest thing that can guarantee success was Money.

Maria said she didn’t know how we should share the money because i put a lot of efforts on recovering the it. She said that i should share it however i wanted. It was good that she asked me to share it my own way.

“We will keep this money close to us. Sharing and sending it to a Nigeria bank is foolishness because there may be an emergency that would require money. It was difficult to get this one from Aunty Joy, we may not be lucky next time” I said.

Despite the huge amount of money i was demanding from Aunty Joy, i also knew that she may decide not to pay. Things could change quickly, just like in the game of football.
“If you say so, then fine because we are not going to do this forever. I get scared sometimes when i think about what we are doing. If not for you, i would have stopped this because i know how powerful some Mamas are down there in Italy; you will be scared if i tell you what they are capable of doing. They will kill you if they ever trap you down in one place” she said.
“I understand they are powerful but we will have to wait for another opportunity to have a tactical duel with them. I am sure they believed too much in the powers of deities and that will always stop them from thinking critically”

In the night of that same day, i had called out Blessing and had some good chat with her. She assured me that she was comfortable with us but reminded me that she can’t wait to unite with Angel.
“You will meet her soon” I told her before i slept.

” A smart man makes a mistake, learns from
it, and never makes that mistake again. But
a wise man finds a smart man and learns
from him how to avoid the mistake

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    Zuby,it will have been better if you found something better for Rose to do instead of sitting around and waiting till God know when to lecture some girls for asylum. My 2 kobo though.

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      How stories have you written??? Learn to appreciate people’s handwork. Cuz u ain’t better and can’t be better……….. Leaner!!!!

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    Don’t you think you are being too nice,boss? I mean it’s nice to be nice but not too nice. People might start taking advantage of you..

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