86: The devil we know

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Before Mr Stephen could finish his last words, i punched him square in the face and he staggered backwards and fell on the chair.
“You think i came here to joke, isn’t it? Where is the bag” i shouted as i pulled out the knife i picked up from the semi stunned Suriname driver.
He scrambled up immediately and walked with his back towards an open room, i followed him until i got to the door.

He grabbed a medium sized bag with many clothes and pulled out  to the sitting room.
“Open it” I ordered.
“It is locked with a zipper” He said.
“Sit down on that long sofa right away” I said.
As he moved, i hit the zipper with the knife and carved a small mark, then i applied a lot of force and destroyed the bag.
After damaging the zipper, i stepped back and ordered Stephen to turn out the clothes one after the other. He did and searched until he brought out a baggy Jean that contained some Euros.
“Count it” I bellowed.
He counted the money and said it was €4600.
I grabbed it from him quickly and said, “I am leaving now. Your friend stole the money from me. Ask him when he return. You can continue searching but i will tell him what i took from the bag and he will know it is true” i said as i opened the door and motioned him to leave his phone and follow me.
“Where are we going?” he asked.
“No where, you are just seeing me off to the road. I have some money with me and i wouldn’t want some bad guys to jump on me” I said.
“He put down his phone on the table, got up and followed me down and out to the road. We stood there at a considerable distance until a Snoda stopped for us.
“I looked into the Snoda to make sure he was alone, then i opened the back door and sat behind the driver.
“Thank you Stephen, i will greet him for you” I said as the Volkswagen Passat car drove off towards Gasperplas Metro station.

I didn’t knock when i returned, i had locked everybody inside the house and left with the keys.
Kingsley was still on the ground while hs brother who was still tied to the chair was tired and worn out.
“I found €4600 in your bag. My balance is 400. Where is your wallet?” I said as i searched his pockets and found a €500 bill.

“This is it boys, we are done. I have my money now. I am going to escort you people out of the house and to the bus stop where you can get a cab to wherever you want. Don’t bother calling me or Police. I have the evidence of the e mails you exchanged with Mr Pete of Melbourne Australia. If you start any thing stupid, i will present it at the Police station and you won’t see the heavens for a very long time. Don’t ever come to this apartment, the owner is a hot tempered Suriname who have hit squads that kill for him. Whatever he do to you will be on your head” I said.

I pointed to a little far place and asked George to stand there with the gun while i cleaned the blood stains on the floor. I knew where every cleaning equipment was located since the apartment was where i lived with Robin back in my days in Bijlmer Amsterdam. After Cleaning up the place, I untied the already tired Barrister Jonathan and asked them to follow us outside; they obliged. We got to the road and stopped a snoda.
George and I entered and drove away as they waited for another one. I wanted them to know that we were no longer in the apartment.
We took the cab to the Amsterdam Centrum where Robin was playing snooker with his friend.
“I am leaving town this night” I said.
“We haven’t even discussed anything. I don’t know where you stay now or what you do. You just came here and did some business i have no idea of and announced you are leaving town” He said.
“I am going to Belgium for some other Business this night. I will let you know when we can sit down and talk. Things are somehow complicated at the moment but i will be fine” i said as i handed him a €200 note and said goodbye.
He rejected the money and said, “Just stay in contact, we will talk”.

We stepped outside and went to a coffee shop where we smoked and waited for Ricardo. I had called him while inside the snoda to the Centrum.
Ricardo met us 20 minutes later at the coffee bar. I took him to the bathroom and gave him his piece of metal together with €600. I figured since we added €2100 instead of the original planned €2000, it was good that i put some extra cash for him. Just like George, i knew that i may need him another time in the future.
Ricardo was still at the bar when we left and took a train to Breda, then to Brussels where we lodged in the same room for the night.

Around 6am the next day, i gave George €1000 and said, “I have returned every transport money you spent on this operation. This is for your time. We will keep in touch”.
He took the money and thanked me.
We walked down and out of the hotel and took a cab to The Brussels Central Station where we boarded a TGV train to Paris.
I went straight to the Orly airport and bought a ticket to Stockholm while George disappeared into the large sprawling city of Paris.

My flight landed in Stockholm some minutes before 4pm.
From the airport, i called Maria and asked where she was. They were all in the new apartment. Since i told them that Aunty Joy was in Italy, they transferred our belongings from the old to the new apartment. I told her that i will be in the house in an hour.

I called Berlin and instructed Kenneth on what to do with the money.
I told him to take out €400 for himself and send the rest to Stockholm with my name. I was going to withdraw that one on my own because i knew the source very well.
I also told him to pay attention to the rumours in Berlin. “If you hear anything about me, let me know” I had said.

I called Aunty Joy and told her that it was time to start sending my money to different parts of the World. First i sent her a name of another of my friend in Berlin. His name was Ralph, the cousin of Kingsley. We were all friends during my time in Berlin. I gambled with him because i knew that he will soon hear what happened between me and Kingsley. I believed that if he heard something like that, he won’t attempt to steal my money but i was wrong again.
Talk of the devil you know.

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  1. Anonymous

    I think it was foolish to have tried to use Kngsley’s cousin to receive more money, or anyone connected to Kingsley for that matter after the trouble went through and risks taken to recover the money the first time.


      guy receiving trouble money needs to use trouble people , anyway you may not understand , BTW Zuby i want use this oppourtunity to let you know that your story is loosing it unique by not stating the TIME , DAY , DATE , MONTH AND YEAR of the events as you used to do at earlier stage of story ,without it your story will just look like { AKUKO NA EGWU MIKE OJEAGHA }IMO

  2. peezy

    “but i was wrong again” why waste time on these bastards when u av a lot to do with human trafickers

  3. hayk

    Chai;nawa ooooo
    People can’t ever be trusted when it comes to money.even those u supposedly trust.

  4. prugged

    Yea anonymous I tink u are right. But In second thought d money is not legit,Aunty Joy might want to try want she did to alice in france,trying to apprehend the person to withdraw d money…I believe dats y Zuby is using particular set of people(friends both not too close)in case of a replica of wat happened in france

  5. Lilvonz

    He’s using people he doesn’t care if they get arrested but if they don’t, he can always recover his money if they get funny with his money.

  6. lil jboy

    @Corpspissed…… if you don’t understand the story line, maybe you should start reading from the first chapter, that will help…… we’ve been running from NL to globalruns.

  7. achi4u

    Ozoigbondu I salute you once again for ur quick calculations and many smart moves.
    So,Raph also want to taste the acid contents ….Ok let’s wait and see.

    Happy good Friday.

  8. Aondona

    Boss,you no dey learn? Y use sum1 like that to collect ur money. U 4 send am come naija na..see me here sef. I 4 no mind. Lol

  9. Shisha_dealer

    Zuby u sef to like wahala Jor……haba…..why not simply use one of ur trusted people for Money pick ups….. George? Robin? Ricardo? or Even ur Snoda driver? no u won’t……. u prefer to go the hard way and look for trouble……. trouble sleep yanga go wake ………Kingly and his brother plus Mr Stephen will surely want to get back at u….. but knowing Ozoigbondu u will find a way out……. more pen to your ink…. Sorry more ink to your pen

    • Zuby

      Many who went to pick money up at western union never returned. some ended up in lagos or prison.

      i hope u understand why i use half friends and semi enemies to pick large sums.

    • Shisha_dealer

      Half friends and Semi Enemies…… this got me laughing seriously…….. Nice one

  10. olaxxx

    Many who went to pick money
    up at western union never
    returned. some ended up in
    lagos or prison.
    lol… Good bad guy.

  11. Aondona

    Boss..it’s like before anyone thinks of something you have thought it over at least ten times..

  12. bashman

    let him steal the money again ozoigbodu will recover again this is what is keeping the ministry alive can som1 shout halelujah

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