85: Stella came

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Stella was on top of me as the pleasure took my mind through the events of the day and the next meeting with mr Chukwudi.
She was riding me swiftly and I wondered where she had learnt all that.

” Baby you are so sweet” I managed to blurt out. And she was indeed, however my mind was clouded.
Mr Chukwudi seemed to be acting like a fraudstar. God help him out because if he tampered with the money without doing anything, I would hunt him down wherever he went. I would punish him for trying to swindle me.
I had stood under the harshest weathers of Eastern Germany making the money. Snow fell on my head while I stood outside and waited for customers. I had also ran across Portugal hiding from Madam Grace only to be scammed by a fellow Igbo man.

I knew we can’t have them all but since I wasn’t that busy in Lagos, I had the time to run around chasing whoever I deemed fit.

I released for the second time and pushed Stella aside. She somehow knew that half of my concentration was somewhere else. She tried to find out what was bothering me but I waved her aside.

After the sex, we sat side by side and talked. Rumour had it that she visited me and had made it to the ears of her father. According to her, her father didn’t care but her mother wanted to know the silly man who dared touched her daughter.
It must have been the gateman or Stella’s kid brother who had been to the Church with us.
It didn’t bother me a bit. I still had over a year of paid rent and if the landlord’s wife wanted me out, she would be told the rules of tenancy in the federal republic of Nigeria.

”Your parents knew that you came to my house, why did you come again” I had asked Stella.
She said they were not in the house and said they usualy returned late in the evenings. She believed she would be long gone before they returned.
However, the whole thing changed.

The Mother had suddenly returned while Stella was still in my place. Someone had called her. I was half sure it was the gateman. The woman had forced him into telling her if Stella ever went to my place again.
Unfortunately, Stella had to step out of their staircase, came outside before entering my own staircase. There was no way to skip the watching eyes of Issa unless he was sleeping.

”Its my Mother” Stella said as soon as she saw the caller Identity on her phone screen.
I asked her to pick it up.

”Mom are you back” she had said.

She listened for some moments and put down the phone.

”she knows I am here at your place” she announced.

I remained calm. I considered such issues as very small problems.
First of all, Stella was above 18, there was no law whatsoever that stopped me from dating her.
Secondly, she came to me and not the other way round.
It was obviously her cross to carry but I decided to make the cross easier for her.

”Get ready, we are going to your flat” I announced to her greatest surprise.

She was thinking of a half baked story to tell the mother but as soon as I announced I was going there with her, she knew that things were heading to a different direction.

”What are you going to tell her” she asked.

”You don’t have to worry about that, just get ready” I repeated.

She finished painting her face from the powder in my room, rearranged her hair and declared she was ready.

We walked down and up to their apartment.

The Mother started shouting as soon as she opened the door and saw us.

”You have the mind to follow her up to here” she yelled at me.
”Wait there, I am coming” she said as she ran to the kitchen and returned with a bucket of water.

She threw water all over my body.
It was smelling of rice.

Stella had ran down the stairs. I guessed she knew the woman would do something nasty.

My whole body was dripping with water but I stood where I was. I brought out my phone and checked if the water had touched it. It was still Ok.

I cleaned its screen with a part of my cloth where the water had not touched.

”You don’t fear, you followed my daughter to my house. Wait until my husband returns. You are leaving this house today” she was shouting.

After much shouting and yelling, she calmed down and sat on the chair near where I was standing. She started crying as I didn’t say a word.
After over five minutes of standing there, I turned around and went back downstairs.

I headed to the gateman and asked him to give me his phone.
I told him I wanted to make some call. He handed it over to me.
I checked the dialed calls and saw ‘Madam”.
Great! My suspicion had been confirmed. Issa had somehow gotten madam’s number and was telling on Stella each time she does something.

Issa had just registered on my ‘enemies list’
It was only a matter of time before he got his own punishment.

I took the phone and turned around.

”Oga, Sibi’ no be me call madam ooh” he said behind me…

What was he talking about? I didn’t want to talk, therefore I didn’t look back. Our contract had just been terminated and he would have to go and ask madam to buy him a phone or Atleast buy it from his own salary.

I walked back to my place and changed my cloths. A bottle of Elliot was sitting on the center table. I poured half glass and gulped it once.

There was no need to Over-work myself on a matter like that.
She had vented her anger and there was nothing left. However, I had not started mine.

” anger ventilated often hurries towards forgiveness but anger concealed often gathers into revenge”

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