85: Who takes it all

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The beautiful Island of St Barths

The beautiful Island of St Barths

Chapter 85: Who takes it all vol 1.

As i lay alone on the hotel bed, I considered my next move. I considered whether to return to one of my girls and live with her, find a job and raise a family. It was a nice thought, therefore i counted my girls and checked on who would fit into my lifestyle. I had learnt that relationship was never about beauty or money of fame. It was all about fitting into each other’s lifestyle. Nature had thought us everything we needed to know about life. A river can not climb mountains, it can only flow downwards; therefore it was a foolish thing to try to swim against the current. A round peg would never fit into a square hole. A snake can never give birth to a rat, the rat must have died before coming out of the snake’s belly. It underlined the fact that they didn’t fit each other.

Was it going to be Naomi? Naomi was beautiful, at least in my own eyes. She was obedient even though she acts stubborn sometimes. She likes to be with me but somehow, €800 disappeared from my bag during the time i was with her and Lisa up there in Lille France. I had asked for it but non of them agreed that she took it. It was part of the reason why i wanted them to go to the UK but Naomi refused to go. Since the incident, i started keeping my money close to me at all times which was a risk. I didn’t want to act on the missing money. I pardoned whoever took it among them but now that it has returned to who would become my life partner, that ugly incident surfaced again. Every little action in this World always has its reaction. The missing money wasn’t a big deal then but it has become a big deal now that i was about to make up my mind on who to spend my life with. The only thing that could have saved the situation for Naomi was if Lisa had just called me on her own and admitted that she took the money. I was never going to call her and ask if she took the money because she had denied not doing it and it would be an insult for both of us. I didn’t want Lisa to hate me and that was what she was going to do if i had picked up my phone and called to ask if she took the money. I already spent a lot of money on her and she would definitely stop to appreciate that gesture if i entered her black book.
That ugly incidence ruled Naomi out and it did the same thing to Lisa. I could have decided to cross over to the UK and find a small apartment that will be comfortable for other of us. I would have abandoned clandestine businesses and find a job that could help put food on our table everyday but since i wasn’t sure who the potential thief and liar was among the two beauties, i ruled myself out of that possibility. Another thing that scored a minus for Lisa was that i hated United Kingdom due to its Geographical location. As a hustler and a Runner, it was going to be difficult to live in the United kingdom. The subcontinent was an Island. It had only a few semi independent countries in it. The Number 10 Downing street in London was still in control of Wales, Scotland and the Irelands. The Irish Republica Army, IRA were still fighting for full independence but the powers of her Majesty, the Queen was enormous.
If anything happened to me in the UK, it would be very difficult to run. Nemesis could catch up with me someday and there would be nowhere to run to. Noooooo! I wasn’t going for Lisa either.
The same chain of problems about the United Kingdom ruled me out of Ify as well. She lived in Dublin which was even worse than England. England was larger but the Ireland divided themselves into two despite being small. The Northern Ireland was a no-go area for African immigrants. Its capital Belfast was a danger zone and a racist isolated city.

That left me with who else?
Jennifer! Wow. Was i supposed to even think of her? But on the other hand, her offence wasn’t something i couldn’t forgive if i really wanted to give it a shot. However, it had been long i spoke to her. I sent her money many times but that was through other people. I had sent money to her through Johnson, Kenneth, Joe, Robin and Ify. Therefore i was partially marrying her or rather staying with her, the difference was that we never saw each other. I felt that she would give me all the respect in the World if i showed up to her doorstep one day.
Right there in the hotel room, i called Jennifer. I had kept her phone number all along, transferring it from one simcard to another each time i changed it.
“Hello, who is this?” the sweet voice of my old beautiful Jennifer said softly from Germany.
“It’s me” I said like every other Nigerian without caring to explain what or who ‘ME’ represents.
“Who?” She asked again.
“Don’t you recognize my voice Jennifer?” i said.
“So you are still alive. Did you call to know if i got your money? Yes i got it. It is true that i need it but if you are where i am now, i will give it back to you. You have decided to abandon me where you brought me without even asking about me or my child. Solomon, the World is such an interesting place. I never really imagined that my life would experience everything i went through here in Berlin. I do get your money all the time but..”.
“Hey, that is not why i called you. I want to come to Berlin again. I am sorry for everything that happened in the past. I am also a human and have made some mistakes and bad decisions. You understand that human beings understand and react to things differently based on their ages and circumstances surrounding whatever issue it was. How is your baby?” I asked.
She said the baby was fine.
“Jenny I’m sorry and i am returning to Berlin. I want to come and pick you and the baby up, we are relocating to Sweden where i will not leave you alone anymore” I said.

Jennifer started crying. I tried to console her but she never stopped. I decided to stay on the phone. It was true that making calls from Italy was expensive but i didn’t care about money anymore. I wanted my life back. It was time to become a human being once more. As I listened to her soft sobs, I wondered why they always cry when I call or talk to them. It was true that I had some special chapters with each one of the women I had encountered in Europe but I expected them to be as strong as I was. I had seen Agnes, Jennifer, NaomiN Esther and Ify all cried before me. I also never recalled beating any of them or even hurting them with words.

When Jennifer stopped crying, she said, “Are you still on the phone?”. I told her that i was.

“I am sorry but that can’t happen anymore, I am getting Married on Saturday” She said.

Historic city of Rome

Historic city of Rome

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51 Responses

  1. Cheliz

    I swear this part of d story really touched me n who said love ain’t powerful?

  2. Achovirux

    That is the way it is…women are never men,leave a woman for a long time,she cling to another man even though it might not be her innate wish.

  3. Manshyne

    urghhhh! I wasn’t expecting dat…
    ”Disdain Things you cannot have: Ignoring
    them is the best Revenge”

  4. obumsway

    wattttt!!!!!……. Getting married ??? Na wa ooo…. See wahala !! Zuby what of all your money nah ? U have been sending money to a married woman !! Get it out fast !!

  5. Konmight

    Badt market again. You have to think of another girl. How about that girl in Amsterdam? The one that gave birth to a baby boy.

  6. Emeka3

    This is the most entertaining and emotional story I have ever read in my entire life. I will be disappointed if this classic masterpiece by a Globe Trotter and a fighter doesn’t make it to the screens. Where are these nollywood producers when you need them? Isn’t this far better than all the scripts you ever produced?

    Fire on Man.

  7. walter

    who is this man that she cant let go wen the king him self finaly came back to ask for her.

  8. Daniel Nze

    OMG!!! The worst shocker! Now Zubby would feel so bad for all he had done for the ungrateful women in his life… this life is mean to nice guys

  9. prugged

    No offense zubby and my fellow readers..zubby u left her for years without contact,just sending money and u expect her still continue waiting for u naaaa…

  10. Geogino

    That’s so cool she’s getting married. Tyme 2 stop sending her money and let her hussy do that.

  11. BeesWax

    so touching, but Zubby I believe you are carved out for the life you live. my advice…just close that chapter and continue running. except of course you are trully ready to tame yourself down to the marriage life. goodluck as we continue on our “globalruns”

  12. chidex

    married ke!!!! to who???? dat Edo boy I guess. dat takes u back to d hustlers anthem again…….. poor jenny.

  13. linda

    This is my ist time of commenting in this story,uncle zuby well done for the story so far,am really touched,how can u guys keep blaming jennifer for getting married wen she thought her life was gone,zuby sending money for her is not enough reason for her to hold on,can money sought her broken life,can money cuddle u wen all u feel like is cry wen the world seems tough on you,u guys shud ansa.i think she is not to be blamed,deep within her she would have felt if she can turn back the hand of clock.welldone uncle zuby,i dey hail.

  14. jide

    time to find a new sweetheart but not those ungrateful hookers, But come to think of it none of them will make a good wife because you are involved in transforming their lives. I wish this script make it to hollywood.

  15. lumzybo

    I wish I culd quote Some funny and childish comments. @ zuby, mayb you shld give that a tot. Btw, she is trying to get her life back on the track. I don’t blame her @ all. You left without any promise of coming back. You expected her 2 wait for you or what….? Go gal, move on. Shit happens.

  16. achi4u

    @jide Who told you? those girls are the real tin.it is not their making to became hookers and none will ever think of going back to the street again.
    Oga zubby,if you ask me,I will go to Naomi for serious questioning.
    Ngozi too is also there .
    Lisa can also be transfered to any city of ur choice.
    Above all ur people may like you to think home especially ur mummy.

  17. shordie

    I wonder why u’wld want to go back to Jenny. Bearing in mind dat u’re a soldier who is always on d run, she is not good for u cos each time u leave for a while someone else wld occupy til u return

  18. lil jboy

    “I am sorry but that
    can’t happen anymore, I
    am getting Married on
    Saturday” She said.
    . . . . .
    Now that feels so bad.

  19. obioraval

    Mehn…. that was a real bombshell from jennifer… well, she found love i guess….

  20. Akin

    Delay indeed is truly dangerous….nobody is perfect ;there might never be a second chance 4 everything.
    The struggle 4 survival has a way of driffting us away from our Emotions……….yet both are extremely important needed to be scaled and balanced in life.

    Nice write up. Zubbby.

  21. Anthony

    hmmmm…some twist…..we all must have witnessed similar situations in our lives.

    Life doesn’t just standstill, it keeps moving on that’s exactly the situation above….

  22. Gentle-Gee

    That’s how life goes on. It starts with one person but ends with someone else. She Was never meant to be your wife, else you won’t have abandoned her While traveling to Nigeria.

  23. Beautiful Onyinye

    Jenny always hitting my Zuby with surprises. What a story! Ghen ghen

    Maria is a no no. ❌
    Efuah is out of the way already 🙆
    Na Nigerian babes wey go fit you ✅

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