85: Time to Recover

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“Ozoigbondu please don’t kill my brother in my presence. I will arrange for the money to be sent to you in the morning” That was Barrister Jonathan speaking; I had expected him to speak up.
“That is Ok with me Jonathan but you will have to remain in ropes and him on the ground until i confirm the money. You also need to mind how you talk because you dont have more money than i do; forget the noise you and your friends make in Berlin” I said.
“You don’t have to worry, just let us go. You will get the full money in the morning” He said again.

“Mr Jonathan, i could let two of you go even without giving me the money first. I am sure i can find you people again. In fact i won’t come looking for you, you will walk straight to me like you just did. However, Kingsley insulted me and for that reason, nobody is going anywhere until i have my €12000.
“It is €10000” The voice said from the floor.
I kicked him on the chest and he started coughing.
“Take it easy, you will kill him” George said.”
“Then we throw him inside the canal like we did the Lativian Bastard” I said and looked at George who seemed to understand my prank.
“No, we don’t kill another person for now” He said.

“Give me my phone, i want to call somebody to get the money for you. But he said it is €10000” Jonathan said.
“It increased Jonathan. There is this interest of €100 interest rate everyday. Now that is not too much interest return. A bank can’t lend you €10000 at such small interest rate. There is also the expenses. We hired a gun, we paid for transport from Spain and France etc. The amount is €12 grand or we are stuck here for as long as it takes” i said as i handed him one of his phones.

Barrister Jonathan called Berlin and was able to raise €7000. I told him to direct the money to my cousin Kenneth.
An hour later, the money had been given to Kenneth.
He called his girlfriend or wife or concubine in London who said there was no money.
“Do you still have any money left?” He asked the bastard on the floor. Kingsley didn’t move or shake or talk. He lay motionless on the floor as if he didn’t hear what his brother asked him.
Jonathan struggled to wriggle out of the rope and rush to his brother in a bid to find out if he was even still ave but the rope held him back.
“Is he alive? Is my brother dead? Please tell me he is breathing” he shouted.

There was a little confusion in the sitting room as small fear gripped me too. I didn’t care to find out if he died or not, i just opened the Jim Beam drink and poured a sizeable quantity inside my mouth at once.
“Kingsley, Kingsley, Kingsley” That was Jonathan calling him.
George bent down over him and shook him violent, then he opened his eyes and sat up.
“What happened, where am I?” Kingsley murmured.
“You are in hell Kingsley and you better start making sense before you remain there permanently. Where is the rest of the money you took?” I said.
After a few moments of gathering his thoughts, he said that a man named Stephen housed his bag in the Gein Area of Bijlmer and that the rest of his money was inside the bag.
“I want you to call Stephen, tell him that someone is coming to pick up your bag now. Give me the apartment and street Numbers” I shouted.
He gave me the street number and said he didn’t know the apartment offhand.
I instructed him to call Stephen and ask.
Two mInutes later, we had the correct address of where Stephen lived.

I gave the gun to George and said, “If any of them try to start trouble, shoot him in the head. Don’t miss any shot because we paid for this bullets; don’t make any phone call and don’t allow anyone to make one. Sit close to this one on the floor and kick his ribs if he attempt to stand up from the floor”.
I picked up Kingsley’s phones and walked outside.
50 Meters away from the house, i flagged down a Snoda and directed him to Gein. Along the road to Gein, the taxi driver who happened to be from Suriname stopped and said he wanted to Urinate.
After pretending to ease himself, along the nearby brush, he came to the passenger door where i was seated and brought out a knife.
“Give me your phones” He shouted as he opened the door and started searching me.
“Take the phones” I said as i brought out the entire four phones with me and intentionally dropped one oh his feet. The crackhead bent down to pick up the phone and before his hand reached the ground, i landed a heavy blow on the back of his neck.
He landed heavily on the ground as his knife flew out of his hand.
The first thing i did was to match his neck heavily again to make sure that he stayed down, then i picked up his knife as a car drove fast past us, followed by another vehicle that applied its halter as if it wanted to stop, then it drove away like the first one.
“Get up and enter the car, you bastard” I shouted at him.
He scrambled to his feet and went to the driver’s seat. I switched my seat and entered the back behind him with the knife still in my hand.
“Continue to Gein” i shouted.
He drove steadily to the Gym behind the African Kitchen where i jumped down from the car and told him to run before i changed my mind and killed him. He drove away without asking for his knife.
I walked along the canal until i entered inside the Wesserplein where Stephen lived. I was familiar with the area from my time in Bijlmer as a drug dealer.

I got to Stephen’s apartment and flashed him with Kingsley’s phone and pressed the doorbell at the same time. He opened up without asking who it was.
I hid the knife inside my jacket and walked into the stairwell leading to his first floor apartment. The apartment door was already open when i walked in.

“I thought it is….. Where is Kingsley?” A short man asked.
“Are you Stephen?” I asked without answering his own question.
“Yes, I am Stephen Ojemba, who are you?” He returned.
“I am to pick something up from Kingsley’s bag. Just get me his bag and watch me take what i came for, i will be away before you know it” I said.
“But why is.. ”
“Mr Stephen” I cut him short, “Kingsley is my friend. He called you before i came here. If you waste my time, you will bring the bag to my place” i said, tying to control my anger.
“Where is Kingsley and why do you need the bag” Stephen said.

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  1. Corpspissed

    Stiff-hen or what is your name again-look, don’t make him lose his temper, and that’s if you love yourself, by the way 😎

  2. olenyi

    When I commented on ” from the ocean to the pond” that this was a 007 move, didn’t know this chapter will hit me harder with my heart pounding as if I am the one involved.

    This is just awesome. Smart moves, smart thinking, no actions wasted on frivolities.

    Ride on boss.

  3. zupremo

    I dont juz know what 2 comment on this,Oga zuby u are juz too wise for ur age,don’t keep it up pls. More updates pls.

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    zuby u na African James Bond. c as u disarm the Surinamese cab guy. Badoo

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    ‘what happened,where am I?’
    ‘you are in hell kingsley’
    this got me laffing!

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      Where did you wake up from??? I can see you don’t want dis blovel to end…. Then I guess you should go and sleep. I and other peeps here want to see how it ended. Damn……….. You definitely new sha. But let me remind you Dat dis is 2014 and dis story is still in 2008. D faster d story…….. D better d sweetness. More updates boss

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    Baba I hail oooo, let’s see how u deal with short man devil(Stephen)

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    Why wont nigeria recruit dis zubby guy to fight boko haram boys for dem,d guy is too wise to be fooled,too smart infact carry on zubby

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    Boss , I just hoped u gave him a dirty slap for asking such question …

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    This is what happens when you operate in an underground eceonomy.
    I still believe that church is morality. No church, No morality.

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