84: From the Ocean to the Pond.

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I was on a black face cap and black Jean. My brown Winter Jacket was enough to hide five guns but at that moment, i had only one.
I had walked quickly to the Kobis Snoda and tapped the mouth of the gun on the left door of the back seat where George was sitting. Before he knew that i was there, i was already pointing the gun at him.
“Where is the money?” I shouted?.
The lawyer sitting at the other end wanted to open his side of the door but a quick warning told him that he could be killed instantly if he moved.
“Come out two of you” I yelled as they both scrambled out while holding their hands on their heads. Go to that door, i said as i pointed towards the door to my apartment.
I brought out my key and threw it at the white man to open the door which he did, then i grabbed the suitcase at the back seat and asked them to enter the house; they did. I followed them inisde as we heard the car engine come to life again. Kobis disappeared with his taxi; he was coming for his transport fare when i call him to come for it.

The two men were seated on the long sofa but while the lawyer was jittery and shaking, the White man was relaxed and was even searching for something in his pocket.
“Who are you, are you part of this Mr Pete? Jonathan asked.
I threw off my face cap and revealed my face.
“Ozoigbondu what are you doing here, what are you doing with a gun, what is all this?” Jonathan said excitedly as if he has seen his saviour.
“My Jonathan listen carefully, as it is now, you are a hostage and i will shoot you the moment you do or say what i don’t like. If you want to leave here alive, tell me where Kingsley is and make him come here. He is owing me some money and i wanted him here but you came as his lawyer. Therefore you will answer for him” I said.

“I told him not to……” Jonathan was saying before he suddenly realized he was talking too much.
“I don’t want to know what you told him or anybody. My €12000 is missing and i will have it back before you leave this place; i am going to allow you to make three calls only. If you don’t make good use of it, i will kill you here and call my drivers to throw your body into the canal” i said.
“Ozoigbondu nwannem you know i never offended you or…”
“Wosaa!” the slap from me landed on his face and shut him up.
“I am not here for too much talk. Where is Kingsley, call him and tell him what happened. I need my money this night because if by 6am in the morning, i still don’t have it; consider yourself dead” I said.
“George, get that white rope and tie this idiot to the chair. Strip him naked and get everything he has” I shouted.
“Ok, let me call him. You don’t have to strip me naked. This is his problem” He said as he dialed a number which started ringing.
“Tell him that you have met with the White man and that you need him here immediately” I said as the phone clicked from the other side.
I got closer to hear what Kingsley was saying.
As i suspected earlier while in Barcelona, Kingsley was really in Amsterdam. He didn’t come for the deal, he was there to spend his money.
“I am in one of my friend’s house now. I have finished with Mr Pete and the deal is good. I am sure he will drop very soon. Where are you?” Barrister Jonathan asked.
Kingsley said he was in one of his friend’s house in Bijlmer too. The bastard was also in Bijlmer; the same area where i was. I wasn’t surprised when i heard he was there because after carefully analysing the situation back in Spain, Amsterdam had been my number two destination for him. He had visited Amsterdam many times when i was living there. The fact was that Amsterdam was where you will see people from every corner of Igboland in Europe. I knew of about 6 people from my small community alone. That was why it was the first destination for anybody in any other European country especially when the authorities were after you.

Kingsley had agreed to take a Snoda to my apartment. He said he would be there in about ten minutes.
After the call, i took Jonathan’s phones and kept them far from where he was roped together with the chair
When Kingsley arrived, i sent George to go and welcome him. They came inside the sitting room and stood face to face with his elder brother tied on the chair.
“Why?” My voice boomed from his back. I had docked behind the dining table which was beside the entrance door.
As he turned to look at who had asked why, his face came face to face with the gun in my right hand.
“I trusted you and wanted us to return to the way we were back in Berlin. Did you really think that you can get away with my money?” i said.
He stood motionless beside George and didn’t know the first thing to say.
“Is it because of common €10000 that you tied my senior brother to a chair like this? Guy this is not..” he was saying as i hit him on the head with the butt of the gun.
He fell on the ground and clutched his head while i kicked him in he stomach. George didn’t say a single word, he just stood there indifferently and watched.” You wretched bastard! Do you know how that money came? With the kind of frivolity you put yourself into, have you ever saved €10000 at a time?. Today is your lucky day because i don’t want to kill you in front of your elder brother. Where is my money?” I shouted.
“I don’t have it here?” He said.
“Of course you must have used a good part of it, i know who you are; women, alcohol, clubs and designers. I asked where my money is Kingsley” I shouted again.

“George give me that bottle of Jim Beam” I said as i pointed to the bottle of drink on the fridge.

Some blood were coming out of Kingsley’s head where i hit him. He had been clutching it with his hands and when he removed them, there were blood stains all over his palms. Unfortunately the bastard thought i was going to pity him after seeing the blood.
I moved closer to where he was on the floor and matched the area where i hit him; then i poured some drinks on it. The pain made him wriggled like earthworm on the floor and squealed too.
I was really messing the tiled floor up but it was going to be easy to clean up.

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  1. Ogash

    Zuby….wat if kingsley had run into probs in d process of retrievin d money frm WU…wud u have cared????

    • Jasified

      Ion tink so. Kingsley was d one spreading false rumour dat zuby was in jail.

  2. Evny

    I have been refreshing this site for updates,God knows since when,nice update waithing for another.

  3. lightbearer

    Furry of a wounded lion, Zubby is getting deadly with the tief Kingsley. Happy easter to the boss and fellow runners in advance.

  4. prugged

    Barrister Jonathan, self acclaimed barrister..I just can’t stop laughing. Nice update Zuby

  5. Anonymous

    Zubby u too much,teach them a lesson,they want to eat dia cake n have it foolish set of human beings.

  6. Zacchaeus

    Kingsley deserves that treatment. This is a reflection of pepper treatment in Lagos

  7. achi4u

    @ogash–yes, ozoigbondu will surely care and settles him of what trouble he find himself, but somebody or ur old time trusting you to that extent…should not be swindle in that manner.
    Imagine what Kingsley said, ‘is it because of €10000 that makes you to tie my elder brother like that?’…Our behavior sef.

  8. Corpspissed

    Man! You are getting more deadly and dreadful. But Kings no suppose do so na. Just like I always say; don’t mess with me, you don’t wanna end up dead. 😎

  9. Konmight

    Zuby invited Sango to feature Amadioha and Ogun in a beat for Kingsley which Kingsley must dance to.

    Kingsley has entered One Chance. He’s going to pay with interests.

  10. meexteeriox

    Kingsley, u are a fool to mess around wit Ozoigbondu. Why, Kingsley why?

  11. seedorf

    haha imagine the idiot calling 10000 euros ordinary money.deal with him jaree

  12. bashman

    i only pity his senior brother who was just caught in the cross fire of ozoigbodu in his quest to deal with kingsley

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