83: How much

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The following morning, I called Mr Chukwudi.
I had decided to send him money instead of waiting for two days like I had promised. I had also decided to pay the money through his account number. It would provide another evidence if worse come to worse.

”Oga Chukwudi, Send me your account number. I want to send you the money now” I said.

Five minutes later, a text message came to my phone. It was his account number.

I drove to the trade fair complex and paid in N70,000 into his account.

I called him back.
”I have sent the money into your account” I said, and instantly end the phone call. He called back but I didn’t answer the call, then I switched off the call before he could call again.
I knew he was going to ask how much money I had paid into the account and I didn’t want to answer that question at that moment.

After an hour, I switched the phone back. Mr Chukwudi called later. I picked his call and switched on the recording application again.

”You paid only N70,000 into the account, I thought we agreed you will pay N200,000” He said.

”I will send more money before the end of the day” I said and cut off the line.

At exactly 2pm, I drove back to trade fair and paid in N80,000 making the total stood at N150,000.

I didn’t call him after the payment. I drove back home and pondered over my visit to the Daisys. The whole picture was becoming clearer to me as the time goes bye. I had been dating people but never visited people’s parents that much. Why on earth was Daisy so interested in the visit. She had succeeded in dragging me to the mother, then it was the father.

I brought out a bottle of Elliot whiskey and opened it.
It tasted hot but I managed to gulp down half glass at once and waited.

At about 5pm, Mr Chukwudi called. He said he confirmed that another N80,000 was paid into his account. He asked why I didn’t pay all the money once as we agreed.

”stop asking silly questions mr Chukwudi. We agreed that you get this money on Wednesday but I paid it in on Tuesday. You will get the balance Tomorrow” I said and cut off the line.
I wanted him to know that I was tough to deal with and it was working.

Daisy called as soon as I finished talking to Chukwudi. She said her Dad had returned from the Market.
”I will take my bath and come any moment” I said and cut off the line.

I went to the bathroom, took a shower and wore a nice plain trouser with Italian leather shoes. I put on a nice striped shirt and combed my hairs backwards.
I was going to see my prospective Father in-law and it was logical to dress decent; Atleast our own definition of decent.

I walked down to my car and started the Engine.
The gateman opened the gates and waved me to stop as I drove out of the gate.

”I put down my glass and asked him what it was. He handed me a letter inside a brown envelop and said it was from the LandLords daughter Stella.

I killed my engine and opened my pigeon hole with the car key, put the letter inside it and locked it back.

I got to Daisy’s house some minutes later and packed my car at a spot I had deemed the most appropriate. The small gate was open, therefore I walked inside and headed straight to the entrance.
One of the apprentices looked scornfully at me and looked away. I pretended that I didn’t see him.

I knocked on the door twice and waited. The beautiful 15 Year old Daisy’s younger sister opened the door for me. She was all smiles as if she had been told how to welcome me specially.
I paid attention to every small detail despite having sedated my senses with over a glass of whiskey. I didn’t want to be on a high thinking mode since I was going to deal with a girl I care about.

”Good evening Sir” I said to a man sitting on a sofa opposite the television. I had presumed it was Daisy’s father.
I was right as the man responded to my greetings and said
”You must be Azubuike” in Igbo language.

”Yes, sir” I had said.
He motioned me to sit on a chair on his right hand. I went there gently and sat down.
He called Daisy who pretended not to have heard him. I figured she must be painting her face upstairs. The news that I was there must have reached her.

He called on his younger Daughter to bring a bottle of wine for us. Since he said it was for us, I had no objection.

A bottle of wine was brought and placed with two glasses and a wine opener in front of us.
He opened the wine, poured some in his glass and handed me the bottle.
I mentally measured the quantity he had taken and poured the same in my own glass and kept the bottle on the glass table.

”My daughter said you returned from Germany” he asked.

I deliberately sipped on my wine, slowly kept it on the table before talking.

”Yes, sir” I said and kept quiet. I knew I could talk non stop for many minutes but I wanted him to be the leader of the conversation. I needed to know the angle he was coming from.

”I have been to Germany twice but the goods we buy there doesn’t give us much gains, so I switched to China and Dubai” he said.
I didn’t know if he expected me to say something or not but I decided to talk.

”You are right, the exchange rate doesn’t allow for European markets to favour Africa” I said, deciding to play the economist.

We talked about electronics, vehicle spare parts, clothes and anything we could think of.

Chike interrupted us from Ghana. He announced that he had supplied some goods and said he would start sending me money from Thursday.
That was one good thing about the brainwashed christians, the fear of God made them to stick to the agreement.

Mr Chukwudi also called and wanted to know which time I would pay the remaining money tomorrow. I told him I would do that before 12pm tomorrow. I recorded the phone conversation too.

Daisy came down to us later. She was looking radiant as usual. She sat beside me on the two-seater sofa and looked as I discussed unimportant issues with the father.
the mother brought out food later and we all sat on the dinning table and ate together.

When it was 7pm, I announced my leave. His father took my phone number and told me where his shop was located. He said I could always come to the house whenever I wanted. I agreed.
Daisy saw me off to the gate where I packed my car. She was the happiest woman in Lagos that evening.
Her parents had just seen me and to her, it all meant a go ahead in her bid to lure me into the marital net where going back was always difficult.

I drove home silently, I had decided not to even play any music. I needed some quietness. The whole thing was going too fast. There must be a reason behind all that. As a result, I decided to make some enquiries on the family background of Daisy and her people.
Lagos was a foreign land to me and it would be such a silly thing to see a woman and get too involved with her in such a place.

Any plan would wait for the next day since I was already tired.

”the moment there is suspicions about a person’s motives, everything he does becomes tainted”

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