82: The Email Bait

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Chapter 82.
As it stood, nobody has been able to see Kingsley in Berlin. I also didn’t want to alert him by asking if he was spotted in Amsterdam or any other nearby city. I was going to find a way to draw him to my own net. There were always many ways to kill a rat.

Kingsley a.k.a. Junior was a friend of mine that liked women so much back in Berlin. He was in Berlin before i came but we were of the same age. He was someone who liked money but never ventured into drugs. His own line of business was scamming. They termed it ‘throwing papers’ in their own voices but it was still efforts to swindle unsuspecting people of their money. When i met Kingsley in Berlin, he was just starting the business of scamming. He was new to computer just like the rest of us then. During the days when i stayed away from Brandenburg drug business, i went to cyber cafes with Kingsley and Ralph, another of his friend who also came from the Nsukka area of Enugu state.
The business of Online Scamming required numerous email address which prompted me to open about two e mail addresses for Kingsley during those days. It was one of those e mail addresses that i opened for him that i had been trying to remember the password for the past hour while sitting in front of a laptop that belonged to Robin.

Finally, i succeeded in recalling the password after i was told to put the email address i used as a recovery mail when i was opening the email address for him.
What it meant was that i was now able to access one of Kingsley’s e mail addresses. I didn’t know how to use that to my advantage yet but i was optimistic that there was a way.
After that small password victory, i went to the kitchen and made some semovita swallow food; Robin had cooked Okro soup and had told me that it was in the deep freezer before he left for hustling. As i ate my food with the right hand, i used the left to scroll through all the sent mails Kingsley had forward to the email addresses of people he probably didn’t know. It was amazing how he had sent out thousands of e mails to different people in different countries of the World. The best news so far was that the email address was used four days ago. I believed that was a day before he picked up my money and switched off his phone. What it meant to me was that he still uses the e mail address. He probably stayed away from the mail for the past three days because he had cash; ill gotten cash that will bring troubles to him, only that he didn’t know how much troubles yet.

After reading about five mails, i came across one man who had replied him. His name was Pete and he was from Australia. I picked up his full names and address in Australia and wrote it in a piece of paper, then i called George my friend in Paris and told him that i needed him in Amsterdam. He asked what was in the deal for him but i just told him that i want to use him to recover some of my missing money. He asked that i give him some details of the deal before he could come.
“George, i have never disappointed or put you in trouble because you are very important to me. There is a silly boy who withdrew some money for me in the Western Union but instead of sending the money to me, he ran away with it and switched off his phone. I have hacked into his e mail address and i want us to find him” I said.
He asked how i knew that Kingsley was in Amsterdam, i told him that i didn’t know that but that we will make him come to Amsterdam if he was not there already.
When He agreed to come, the first thing i told him was to open a new email address with the names petemannZ@aol.com. The original email from the Australian man was petemanZ@aol.com but this time, i decided to go for double ‘n’ in the name. I was sure that over 90 percent of those online scammers were dumb and won’t be able to spot the differences quickly since their entire mind was always on the contents of the mail.
“After opening the mail, send an email to kingsjunior5@hotmail.com. Tell him that your name is Pete and that you are from Australia but in Paris France presently on a business meeting for your oil company. Based on the contents of the first letter he sent you, he mentioned that he knew the Minister of Petroleum in Nigeria and could easily help you secure an oil well in the Nigerian Niger Delta region. In the mail you are going to send to him, just tell him that you are interested in the oil deal and that you would want to use the meeting opportunity to meet with him before going back to Australia. Tell him that if he is in Nigeria, he can secure a visa and fly to Europe since you have another week to stay in Europe. After sending him the mail, put a French phone number and wait for his call. If he ask you to send him any money, tell him that your company don’t conduct businesses that way. Also tell him you are visiting Amsterdam and London before you leave Europe. When he replies the mail, forward it to me on this email address aniz…@yahoo.com” I said to George on the phone before sending him a text message detailing most of the things i said. I didnt want mistakes on this one, my money was involved.
I also promised to give him some money after we recovered the missing €10300 from Kingsley. Yes, the money had increased by €300 which he will also pay unless i didn’t catch him.
George called back after an hour and said that he has sent the email to Kingsley’s email address. There was also two phone numbers attached to Kingsley’s original email to the Australian man; one was his number in Berlin and the other was unknown to me. I had tried to dial that second one earlier but it was switched of as well. I believed Kingsley switched all his phones off after receiving €10000 from Western Union.
We waited for the entire rest of the day but didn’t get any new e mail from Kingsley. I used that opportunity to invite Ricardo to my house. Ricardo was a guy from Suriname who had a

n ear to the ground on the happenings in Bijlmer. He was also a gun for higher especially when he felt that someone was treated badly and unjustly. I had used him when i had problem with Ikenna

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  1. Quinine

    After all dis u knw abt kingsley, y d u allow him to collect d money from?

  2. SuperV

    Hmmmm Zuby the thinking machine. Always thinking ahead and using what he has to get what he wants.

  3. Hi-goat

    To any problem there’s is a solution to that……I Like ur brain tactics!!

  4. meexteeriox

    Trouble dey sleep yanga go wake am, wetin e dey find? Palaver e dey find, palaver u go get. Kingsley aka Junior na u first draw blood oooooo

  5. hayk

    Kingsley has bitten more than he can chew-trying to play a fast one.lols
    Cannnot wait 2 c hw it unfolds.

  6. sonickay

    Kingsley will salute this time even in his sleep, he will salute Zubby. Oga na master, any day, anytime, anyhow and anywhere. Nice moves, please Zubby how is your Chess skills. This move is akin to ‘Queen’ takes the ‘Pawn’.

  7. sonickay

    Kingsley will salute this time even in his sleep, he will salute Zubby. Oga na master, any day, anytime, anyhow and anywhere. Nice moves, please Zubby how is your Chess skills, this move is akin to ‘Queen’ takes the ‘Pawn’.

  8. olenyi

    Oga ZUBY. The comment box was down for the past two days. Couldn’t comment. But happy its back on.

    Ride on. Nice update.


  9. Dejust

    to have the company of rats you need to buy fish to draw their attention,

    never test the deepness of the water with both feet……

    zubby the mafiaso!!

  10. achi4u

    Kingsley will swallow the hook, line and sinker this time trying to make billions of oil connection.
    Nwanne inagokwa…lol

  11. Manshyne

    It’s now the scamee that has turn into a Hacker and then scam the scammer! Hahahahaha… The guy (Kingsley) don die only say they never bury am.

  12. Anonymous

    Ozoigbondu Baba

    Kingsley don buy market and he must pay with 300euros interest.

    Zuby all the way.

  13. toksib

    Brilliant – like playing poker and knowing what your opponent has in his deck of cards.

  14. Mekus

    @quinine Zuby allowed Kingsley to withdraw the money because the money was/is a trouble money ( ego nsogbu ) if Kingsley get into trouble while trying to cash the money , Zuby will only do fuuuummmmm …. Lol …

  15. Zacchaeus

    I’m still surprise on why zuby fall for this guy in the first place

  16. Papoo Owoh

    Hello Mr Zubby, I want to comment on the your update which says 4 updates can be possible . I want you to know that I personally post some of updates nd globalrunz to some social site so the would follow and I notice you didn’t lock the update that’s why you didn’t get much more people cos am very sure many people read all the updates daily.. If you can lock the update we will have more members that’s my view BOSS..

    • Zuby

      We may eventually lock the updates but not now. May be after this or the next season
      I am still monitoring the traffic. It is heading fast towards my target.

  17. bashman

    kingsley don enter him own he should also be made to pay for flight tickets and all other bills incure during his pursue

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