81: Irene

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Daisy came.
She came with another girl. Her name was Irene.
Irene said she had heard a lot about me from Amaka and Daisy, and wanted to know the guy who had been given Amaka sleepless nights.
Irene was dark and she never bothered to apply any cream that could lighten her skin. She was proud of her colour.

”Where are you from Irene” I had asked.
She was from Ogwashi in Delta State. She spoke Igbo Language but not as good as the core Igbo People.
Her father was an army officer and they lived inside the Barracks.

Irene asked if I had ever been inside the Barracks before. I said I haven’t but added that I would like to visit the Barracks. She said they had a shop numbered 11 at line 2, not far from the entrance, where they sold groceries. The shop was near a cyber cafe. I promised to visit the shop anytime I entered the Barracks.

Daisy was so relaxed while Irene told me all that. I wondered why she saw no troubles in it. She was, as usual, more interested in dragging me with a rope to her house where her almighty importer of a father would question me in an effort to determine whether I was good enough to marry her daughter.

Since daisy came with someone, I didn’t ask for sexx or even made any move. I liked things that way though. She was more contented with showing off her boyfriend.

”Baby are you going to drop my friend off at the Barracks” Daisy asked.

”I am tired but I will drop her off for you. I want to go and buy oil and petrol at the highway. I will drop her off on my way” I said.

I was determined to make sure Daisy did not follow us. Like I said earlier, there was a need for a new Lagos census. The city girls had increased in the last few days that I was out of the country. It was ideal to know how many girls that lived in the same town with me.
I excused myself and went to take a bath. It was better that we got moving to the Barracks as soon as possible. I didn’t trust the Nigeria army. They could decide that the Barracks was not allowed to be entered by bloody civilians in the evenings and the evening was fast approaching.

When I was done wearing my cloths, I took them downstairs and started the engine.
Daisy joined us in the car but I deliberately drove through her street so that she would drop there, it worked.

I drove Irene to the Barracks where she showed me their shop.
Inside the car, she had asked me to stay away from Amaka. She liked Daisy more.

”I like you too Irene. I like dark girls so much” I said. She giggled and kept quiet.

I asked how old she was. Irene was 22. A second year student at the Lagos state University. She was studying business administration.

”Give me your phone number” I had told her.
She didn’t hesitate. She called it off head. They all knew their phone numbers off head.

I registered the number and saved it with ”Naija barracks”.

”I will call you anytime soon Irene and when I do, don’t even involve any other person” I said, hoping that she would know I was referring to Daisy.

The girl who was too quick to introduce me to her parents needed to be halted somehow.

I left Irene after some 30 minutes and returned back home.
It was time to think about my second visit to the Daisys.
The first visit was a formality based on the relationship I was having with their daughter. The second visit had a lot of hidden clauses in it.
For example, the mother must have told the husband that I had visited them before, which means that during the second visit, I was required to come with something or Atleast declare my intention to marry Daisy. That was where the arrow was pointing. That was where Daisy was directing the arrow anyway.
I had been in such situation with Efuah, although she didn’t pressure me into marriage but the point was that I needed to be ready before any marital commitment.

I was sure I would return to Europe at any moment and I was not the kind of person who would leave his wife back in Nigeria and go to Europe.

Whatever way it was going to happen, it was left for me to see the trend that best suited me.

For now, a new fish had entered into my pond and it was a matter of time before I got hungry for fish.

”Welcome Irene but naturally, when one makes progressive steps, there may be some who see it as betrayal of their goals and interests”

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