81: The mixture of good and evil

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Chapter 81: Mixture of good and bqd

“Pay attention Blessing. I wanted to send you to Sweden alone but that is something i have never done to my girls. It would  be better if you travel with somebody and the way things are now, someone is trying to run away with my money. If i don’t go after him now, he could run further away and i may never be able to find him. I want to go after him. I may have to visit Berlin and Amsterdam like i said earlier and that is some places i wouldn’t advice you to go with me. Since you have not taken asylum here in Europe, let me brief you little on how it works” I said as i started telling her how to respond if she run into trouble on her way to Sweden.
After my lecture, she said she understood everything.

I called Maria next and told her the latest developments. She was happy when she heard we had gotten another €10000 but when i told her that Kingsley disappeared, she said she trusted me to locate him and get the money back. I also informed her that i have located Blessing and that she will be on her way to the Nordics any moment. She was happy to hear that but advised that we should put brakes on gathering more girls until we have a full grip of the ones already with us. She was right; Blessing was going to be the last until we fix those ones at the asylum camps up there in Sweden. I also reminded her that she should be ready to go and welcome Blessing whenever she comes to Sweden.

After the calls, we walked down to the El Prat Airport in Barcelona and bought two tickets. The previous tickets we bought in Marlloca was abandoned for some reasons.
One ticket was headed to Sweden while the other one was headed to Holland, We sat at the airport and waited until the Ryan air going to Skavska airport Nykoping Sweden took off. We were lucky that they didn’t demand for Passport since Blessing had non. I had told her to tell them that she submitted the passport for renewal. It was a line of lies that worked for me once and i found it very good to convince the airline officials especially the smaller airlines. I knew that the larger flag carries such as Air France and Lufthansa wouldnt want to hear such things whether they were true or not.

I waited for over three more hours before my flight announced that it was time to fly to Holland. Rather than heading to Amsterdam straight, i had chosen to fly to Eindhoven and take a train to Amsterdam. The Schiphol International airport in Amsterdam is a gateway for Nigerians all over Europe. I didn’t want to run into surprises.

Blessing was already in Sweden before i left Barcelona. Maria had called and said she had gone to Skavska to welcome her. Maria was almost angry that i had to send her to a city an hour away from Stockholm just to go and welcome somebody. I wanted to shout at her but i knew that different thing could have made her angry; therefore i made her understand that we had no other choice.
Before she finished complaining, i had given her a good news about the new apartment and told her to call William and get the keys.

I got to Eindhoven and decided to waste the rest of the day there before heading to Amsterdam. I had purchased a new Lyca Sim Card and put it into one of my phones. I called Robin and told him that i was in the Netherlands and that i will be in Bijlmer in the night. He was happy to hear that and said he would be waiting to see me again.
Around 8pm, i took the train to Amsterdam Central Station and took a Snoda cab down to Bijlmer.

When Robin came to welcome me, i told him that i didn’t want anybody to know that i was in Amsterdam. He thought it was because of the problems i had with the Nandos and Clement but i told him that there was a different reason.

When i settled down, I called Aunty Joy and told her that Blessing was already with me in Sweden. She growled like a mad lion and threatened to kill me if she didn’t see her girls soon enough.
“You can go to olokun and every other deity in Edo and Ondo forest, just remind them that there is a guy who didn’t give a shit about their static statues and their immobile arses. I told you how it was going to happen but you never believed me, now you have to come up with €45000. It remains just €5000 to hit the €50000 mark. You are lucky to have reduced the amount to €35000. It is going to start piling up again if you don’t finish the payment in a few days. I could come for you yourself or even Bonaventure if you don’t pay up very soon; very soon Joy. Goodbye” I had said and dialed Dublin.
“Hey my man, i have been trying to call you but i didn’t know which phone number you are using now and i don’t even know where you are. There is a good news” Ify shouted from the other end of the line as soon as she recognized my voice.

“Tell me what it is” I said calmly.
“Aren’t you even happy for me, look at the way your voice sounded very low” She shouted enthusiastically.
“Tell me what it is before i can rejoice with you” She said.
“Take a guess” She said.
I cut off my phone.
She called back immediately and asked why i did that. I told her that my airtime finished.
“I am getting Married in two weeks” She said happily.
Great! Another great news for me. My subjects are gradually graduating from stressful lives to a more comfortable one.
“Who is the lucky guy?” I asked.
She said it was a guy from Delta State who claimed to be a Prince from one town somewhere in Warri.
I didn’t really care who the man was, i just wanted Ify to be happy and the way she sounded, i believed she was.
“Wow, i am so happy for you. Remember me when thou enter into thy Kingdom” I had said.
She laughed long before telling me that i was invited to her white wedding which will hold in Dublin. I told her that i would try to come if i was able to find a red passport but that the way it stood, i was required to get a visa before traveling to the Dublin and that i was not going near any embassy to look for a visa just to attend a wedding; even if it was my own wedding day. After talking to her, i called Berlin again.

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