81: The Hotel Room

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Chapter 81. The Hotel Room.
I picked my phone and pretended that i was making a call.
“Yes, it was him. If he steps out of this place without me, follow him and shoot him. Yes he is the guy on Red Jacket” i said on the phone and cut it off.

“Basil i don’t want a long story. This my friend he said that he gave you money to keep for him. He wants to travel to Nigeria and he needs the money now” I said.
“Hahaha Fred wants to travel where? He is a mad man. He can’t find his way to Nigeria” Basil said and kept laughing.
“You are the mad man Basil. Give me my money” Fred shouted.
“Quiet two of you. This is a hotel and not a stadium. You can’t shout here. Basil it is a pity that this man sees you as his cousin but you see him as a mad man. He remembers that he gave you money to keep for him and yet you referred to him as a mad man. Where is the money? Understand that my group are outside and will not allow you to get out of this place if i don’t go down with you” i said.
“He gave me money and i still have his money. I plan to use it to buy one car and send to his people in Warri before Christmas. I used €200 from the money but i will replace it before buying the car” he said.
“I didn’t ask you to buy any car for me. I need my money” Fred said.

“Shut up Mr. Fred. Where is the money Basil?” i asked. He said it is in his apartment. I asked him to describe where to locate the money in his apartment.
He said it was only him who could find it.
“Basil you are not leaving this place alive if you don’t tell me where the money is. This is the last time i am going to ask you this question. Where is the money?” i said.

“It is under the Television on the table in my room but you can’t go there because i live in one apartment with a Benin Woman” He said.

“Call the Benin Woman now and tell her that your friend is coming to the house to pick up something for you. Tell her that its a girl” i said.
“I am not going. I don’t want to go out there, i am scared” Esther said.
“You will go with a taxi and return with the same taxi. Nothing will happen to you and even if anything happen to you, i will find and bring you back. Now get up and put on your shoes” I said.

Esther reluctantly got up from the bed and started putting on her shoes.
“Start making the call to your Benin woman and don’t speak any other language except English. I hope you are not sleeping with her” i said. He laughed and it was good because i didn’t want him to be aggressive.

Basil made a call and told whoever it was that he was sending a girl to pick something up in the apartment. He wrote the address on a piece of paper i provided for him and gave it to Esther. I gave Esther €50 and told her to call me immediately if anything went wrong.
As soon as Esther left, Basil said, “Who are you?”

“I will tell you who i am when she returns, i don’t need to tell you now so that you won’t know who i am when i start dealing with you if anything happen to my girl out there” i said.
“Nothing will happen to her, i promise” he said.
“Then exercise patience, she will be back soon”

Basil and I sat on the bed while Fred sat on the only chair in the room. I didn’t want two of them to be too close. I didn’t trust Fred to stay calm. He had just discovered that the man he took as his cousin was not telling him the truth. He could start trouble any time but the good news was that he trusted and believed in me. I had given him hope and money to travel to Nigeria for the first time in sixteen years. Despite the fact that Basil seemed a little unstable, he was still intelligent enough to manage himself. His problem was the system he found himself in Europe. I suspected that the Italian authorities could have injected some substance into him but i could be wrong. Another possibility for what was happening to him could have easily been the system. The system in Europe was designed to favour the citizens of Europe and not the immigrants. Nobody cared about the immigrants while making the laws that govern each European state. People won elections because they campaigned against Immigrants. People won elections because they said they would deport the immigrants back to their various countries. We the immigrants were never allowed to participate in anything; we were not allowed to vote in elections, we were not allowed to go to school. We were just allowed to eat, sleep, wake up and sleep again. We were not accorded human rights. They preferred their dogs to us. All the above and others were like heavy loads on the shoulders of immigrants. It was only people with big strong minds that were able to overcome those rules. People with feeble minds usually started drinking cheap beers and eventually destroyed their lives. That was the fate of many Africans in Europe; Basil could have been one of them.

As we sat and do nothing, i concentrated fully on Basil. I suspected that he could make a move on me at any moment. However, i wasn’t too scared because i was the one with the knife and i knew that Fred would be on my side if any physical fight ensured.

We waited for an hour and some minutes before Esther returned to the hotel. She found the money and found another €400 beside the Television. I took the money from her and gave €2000 to Fred, then i returned €150.
“My balance is €200” he protested.
“No, we spent €50 on transportation. If you make any noise about that, you will pay interest because i knew you traded with his money.
Fred was already announcing that it was time to go.
“Stay here Fred, Basil will go first. When he is gone, you will go, then i will sleep and rest”I said.
As soon as we finished the money business, i followed Basil out of the hotel and watched him cross the road to the bus station, then i walked back upstairs and told Esther to Pack up.
“We are moving out of Monza tomorrow but for now, we are moving to another Hotel” i said.
Fred stood up and said, “Keep the money for me, he will come back to my house in the night”
I took the money and put it inside my Jean Pocket.
One minute later, a knock came on my door.
“Open it, it is Polizia”

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