81: Believe this and You believe everything

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Kate came. She met us at the bar where i was drinking with Tina. “How old are you?” I had asked Tina right before Kate arrived. She said she was 19 but i doubted it. I was an African man and should be able to know the age range of teenagers, though not accurately. Miss Tina was not more than 17 years. One silly thing about Africans and perhaps some western girls was that under normal circumstances, they would never tell you their real ages; rather their normal ages. Ask a Nigerian girl how old she is and she reduces the actual age by five or six years. But when they wanted to commit a dangerous crime such as making you believe they were old enough to have sex, they put the age up to a generally accepted range. It happened in Europe as well because i have seen a Suriname girl who told a Nigerian guy she was 19 so that they could have sex. But when the case was exposed, it was discovered that she was actually 16. The racist judge eventually sent our man to prison. There was also the case of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi who was believed to have been set up with a teenage under age girl and has been going to court for it. “what about your friend who is on his way?” I had asked Tina. “She is the same age with me. We lived together in Italy before coming here” She said. It took all of forty minutes before Kate arrived. She came from Marcadet. I was scared when Tina said she was coming from Marcadet. There were chances that she was there when i was pursued by the group of prostitutes or maybe she was with a customer then but since we were inside a bar, there was nothing they could start, besides i was sure i could beat both of them physically; if the police came, they would arrest all of us. “Hmm, if you see what happened today in Marcadet, you will fear” Kate said as soon as she sat down. “What happened?” her friend asked. “There was this Nigerian man who came to carry one girl for the night. I don’t know what he did but they said he has been to Marcadet before and that he is a ritualist” Kate said. My heartbeat increased as i listened to her story. Since i had switched on my phone, Madam Model called at the same time Kate was telling her story. “I will return tomorrow evening, i didn’t meet who i came to see here, i will cover your expenses, don’t worry. I hope my friend is taking good care of you” I said to her. She was understandably angry but her only option was just to leave Amsterdam and return to Paris. “I didn’t follow them to pursue the man but they returned and said the police arrested him” Kate continued. Great, The police arrested me. That was a lifeline to make them not to suspect me in any way. I was going to reveal myself to them when the opportunity comes. “Thank God the Police arrested the devil. Who knows how many people he has used for rituals” Tina chipped in. I demanded for another glass of Whisky and continued to listen. Tina had apparently believed that i was a ritualist. That was Just the biggest problem of Blackman. She already believed that i was a ritualist just because her trusted friend said so. That was why nobody should trust TRUST hundred percent. “Bros, where are you from?” Kate asked. Rather than giving her answer, i decided to buy little time by sipping my drink twice. Tina had started saying that i was from Ghana and that i dealt on cheap cloths between Amsterdam and Accra. Another belief issue to the rescue. “I heard Ghana is beautiful and better than Nigeria” Kate said. As a patriotic Ghanaian, i was expected to defend my Country even if it was worse than Somalia. “Yes, Ghana is far better than Nigeria. A lat aff Nigerians flack to Ghayna for jabs” I said with a faked accent. We drank some more before we walked out and stopped a cab. “Take us to a good hotel around here i said. I knew that La Defense was an expensive area in Paris but it won’t really do me any harm to pay 150 Euros for one night in a decent hotel room. I would cut on the price whenever i would be alone. The Driver took us to Pullman Paris La Defense Hotel. The cheapest room we got there was 130 Euros followed by the one for 145 Euros. 15 Euros wasn’t going to do anything to me and since i was with two little girls i wanted to impress, i didn’t want to go for the cheapest. “I will take the 145 Euros room” I said with Confidence as i pulled out stack of Euros and paid for the room. Room 112 was on the first floor, very close to the stairs. We didn’t need the lift since the stairway was very spacious. We walked to the room and opened it with the key card we received from the Reception. “This room is very beautiful” Kate said as soon as we entered. “No, this room is just good. I have stayed in far better rooms all across Europe. My room in Amsterdam is almost as good as this one” I boasted. “You must be very rich Bros” Kate fired. “I am not very rich. I am just comfortable and i like freedom a lot” I chipped in as i sat on the large chair while the girls settled on the bed. “Freedom, what do you mean by you like freedom?” That was Tina. “Freedom is when nobody controls you but yourself. I can go anywhere in the World without fear of anybody or anything” I answered. “But what if it was somebody who brought you to Europe, can you still go everywhere without their approvals?” Tina asked again. What? This girl has just taken the coded bait. I had hoped to gradually drag them into the freedom discussion but like every other human being, Tina was quick to discuss where it concerned her the most. It was time to be very careful because i felt it was going to be disastrous to just hit the nail on the head. Kate had already witnessed the chase of the ritual man back in Marcadet and i was sure she was going to be keen on how i answered the freedom question presented by Tina. But we were in a hotel room i paid for and i was big enough to defeat them both in a fight; therefore i started my explanation like this. “Freedom is…”

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  3. Zuby, the Ghanaian Thomas Sankara

    • Sankara was from Burkina Faso (or Upper Volta)

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      Na wa u oh! When someone uses dis expression, “the Nigerian Messi”, does it mean Messi is a Nigerian?

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