80: Rich and poor girls

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At about 2pm, I called my friend who had returned from Germany. The one who sold off his goods at Ladipo Market. He said he was in Ondo state. They were doing Marijuana deal there and promised to fill me in as soon as he returned to Lagos.

I called Zainab.
”Hello sweetie, have you returned from Ghana. I missed you”. She said as soon as she answered the call.

”Yea, I am back to Lagos now” I said.

She asked when I would come and pick her up.

That was one problem with rich kids. They always wanted you to do the legworks for them. You pick them up and you drop them back.
You feed them ice cream in the name of Love. You take them shopping and wait for hours while they priced what you would pay for. She would announce she was hungry and name an expensive joint where she desired to eat.
You wait for hours while they bath and make up. They would go to the most costly salon in town to make their hairs, just to brag to their friends that ” I made my hair at Allen Avenue’..

Pick up a girl from a middle class family, she would transport herself from wherever she was to where you were.
She would price her shoes and ask for the money to pick them up later.
She would eat her own ice cream by herself and shame wouldn’t even allow her to feed you not to talk of you feeding her.
She would go to a moderate Saloon and make her hair where the price was as good as nothing and yet come out with beautifully styled hair. She would cook at home and asked what you have eaten as soon as you call her or meet her.

Pick up a poor girl. These ones will call their friends to come and make their hairs for free. They would return the favour with another work.
They would decline going to eat in any expensive restaurant, they rather eat at mama put.
They would not ask for money to buy shoes until you find out by yourself that their shoes were getting old.
They would cook and bring food to you and ask if you like it many times…

Men, the ball had always been in our courts but life is what you want it to be for you.

”I just got back today Zainab, I haven’t checked if the car was fine. I may need to change the oil or something else. I can’t come today or tomorrow but I will come as soon as I have time” I said.

I was hoping she would demand that she come herself but she didn’t. Suits me fine anyway.
With Daisy on my neck, the last thing I needed was another lover girl in my vicinity. It would be better with girls who would come and leave the same day.

I called Linda. The girl who had invaded me with the Police. The girl who didn’t know that I personally think like a Police, an army, a criminal and an SSS combined together.

She asked why I was calling her after what I did to her. She even asked if I was recording the call again.
”It was your fault. You could have gotten a lot of money from me… You were the first girl that came and cleaned up my house. I had such high hopes for you but you messed it up” I had said.
I told her that I was still ready to take her back if she would behave her self. She had kept quiet when I said that which I had translated to ” Yes, I would like a second chance”.
I knew how to use my enemies but it was a tricky business.
An enemy had a hidden grudge somewhere in his head and wouldn’t hesitate to act it out if you make a mistake and entered into his or her trap. But as for Linda, I could absorb whatever she threw at me.
I told her I would call her soon so that we can meet again. She agreed.

It was time to go to the call girl. I walked down and got to her place, she was alone.

”I no see you for a week, where you come go”

Pidgin english was such a funny language.
Wasn’t ‘Come’ the opposite of ‘go’ ?
How come someone used them both back to back in the same sentence? The Nigerian thing. I love that Country.

”I went to Village to tell them that I had found a Yoruba girl to Marry, I hope you would like to Marry Igbo man” I said.

”Noooo, I no dey go Ibo at all, go marry for your village abeg” she said.


I bought cards and went back upstairs. Breeze had shifted a part of the car cover, therefore I took the keys and went downstairs.

I removed the cover and started the engine. It answered once like always. My trusted Bavarian Beemer never disappointed.

I warmed the vehicle and killed the engine.

I called Daisy. She pretended to be angry with me…

”Why are you calling me again, you chased me out of your house” she said.

These kids never learnt.

I was in a loving mood, as a result I said..

”Sorry baby, it won’t happen again. I was just tired and wanted some quiet place to rest. You know I missed you so much. You can come now if you want”

She said she was coming before twenty minutes.

I locked my car and went upstairs. My wallet was on the table. I picked it up and opened it. Two condoms were still inside, I needed many more.

It was time for round two of Lagos census. I knew that some other girls will eventually come to the picture. I was going to go out a lot this time.

I had somehow abandoned pursuing the European return. I knew I would return there someday soon but I didn’t want that to disturb me.

I had bought into our importation business and despite the fact that I wasn’t there, the company’s articles of memorandum had my name in it as the owner of 30% of the business empire which I believed had something close to or a little above one hundred million Naira ( N100, 000 000.).
Every 26 year old Nigerian worth N30 million is rich whether you agree or not.
I also had two lands at Awada to my name plus I knew I still had some cash in my two accounts, enough cash to live freely for a year as long as I didn’t buy properties.

I had made a mistake of getting a fake international passport and since I had made a new one, I was ready to wait until I had a visa in it. That was my reason for not being in a haste.

While the Lagos census was about to begin, I also planned to see if I could get a visa from backdoor. I heard there were people who could get you a visa if you give them money.

I had asked around and was directed to one Mr Chukwudi who lived in Mafoluku Oshodi.
I was going to call him but before that, lets see how many girls that can finish up the N120,000 that had returned with me from Accra.

”I am fishing for women with a certain kind of bait, and the bait I am offering is not love. It is a specific thing that competes with love. The name is money”

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