80: The Torino Liar

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Chapter 80. You can’t hide.

One thing Esther didn’t know about me yet was that i used most of my time to plan one operation or another. Sometimes it was fun executing those operations despite the dangers involved. I had always imagined sending people on goose chase while doing something else. I recalled the day i sent Madam Grace and Jose to Porto while i stayed back in Lisbon. It was the advent of that style of chase for me.

About an Hour after Esther finished crying, she returned back to normal. I had carried her on my laps and lectured her on the dangers of being a prostitute. Not that she didn’t know, but I made her understand how easily she could contacted diseases even with condoms. I gave her some cooked up examples of where street girls were killed. I told her that in the next twenty years, she would never be proud of what she did as a prostitute and that she would never be comfortable to tell her kids that she was a prostitute. I also reminded her that if she missed the opportunity to quit the sex work immediately, she might never have it again. She said she understood me and promised never to beat me again.
Right there in the hotel room, i wondered if Esther herself was mentally alright or whether she was just being a kid. I had expected her to be on the same page with me instead of making things difficult. The way i saw it, she could blow open the covers of Naomi and Ngozi if i send her to Marseille; therefore it was either she was going to the UK or i establish another base either in Germany or Scandinavia.
I had always wanted to go to Scandinavia. Rumour had it that there was a city called Hammerfest somewhere in Northern Norway where one could almost touch the sky. If not that i was already involved with Esther, i would have easily left Paris to Scandinavia as soon as i got my resident permit.

“What is it you said you wanted me to do for you?” Esther had asked after more than another hour of chating freely.
“There is a man called Basil here that has been owing me some money. I want to meet with him but i am afraid he won’t like to see me if he know that i am here. You are going to call him and tell him that you came from France and that someone asked you to meet with him. I will send him a text message with my France number and let him know that you are going to contact him. Ask him if he does black stuff, he will understand” i said. After preparing Esther on how to talk to Basil, i sent him a text message that read,
‘Bassy my man, my girl is in Milan with some stuff. I have told her to go to Monza and stay in a hotel. She will contact you. Check the stuff and tell me how much you will buy. If you don’t do the stuff, find people who will buy it. My battery is dying, i will call you in the Morning- Oyibo”.
After sending the message, i switched off the phone.
Ten minutes later, Esther called Basil. She told him exactly the things i wanted her to tell him. He naturally asked who had sent her from France and she told him that the name was Oyibo.
“His name is Oyibo” she had said.
I believed that Oyibo was a generalized name every where in the World where Nigerians dwell. It was just a name given to fair skinned people. Sure Basil must have came across many Oyibos during his four years in France.

“Where are you now? Basil had asked.
Esther told him that she was looking for a hotel in Monza and would call him back as soon as she located one.

As soon as they finished on the phone, i called Fred and told him to come to the city Center where we had bought the flight ticket.

I went there and picked him up.
“Look Fred, i know you may not believe what i am going to tell you but if we don’t do this, you may not be traveling soon. Basil did not go to Torino. He is around here in Monza. I am not sure but i can bet on it. I think he doesn’t want to give you your money. I will invite him to a hotel where you will see him face to face. You will ask him to give you your money and see what he would say” i concluded.
Fred nodded and said, “I think you are right. The other day, i called him to give me some money from it and he said that he traveled to Rome”.

I took Fred to my hotel room and Esther jumped up as soon as he came in.
“Don’t worry baby, he is not dangerous, he is on our side now” I said.
“I know him, he lives in a room in one Ghanaian’s apartment near Kingsley’s own. He was always staring at me since i came there” Esther said.
“Don’t worry, i have a gun. If he touches you i will shoot him. Please call Basil again and tell him that you are in Hotel Della Regione” i said.
She called and Basil said she would be there in fifteen minutes.
As we waited in the hotel room, i prepared Fred on how to approach the matter. “Don’t shout or make any noise. When he comes here, we will stop him at the bar and flash you. As soon as you see my flashing, Call him and lower your voice. Ask him if he had returned from Torino. I would like to hear what he will say” Fred nodded.
About twenty minutes later, Basil showed up in front of the hotel. I was sitting with Esther at the bar drinking a bottle of beer, it was already dark. He called Esther and she told him to come to the bar. He came there and met us sitting on an isolated sofa. We greeted each other and i asked him to sit down.
“Oyibo asked us to call you. Do you remember him?” i asked. He said he did.
“How much do you buy black from Pakistan?” i asked. His phone rang immediately, he looked at it and ignored it. I figured it was Fred because i had flashed him as soon as Kingsley got into the bar.
He called again and Basil picked it.
“No, i have not returned. I told you will call you when i return” he said and cut off the phone.
“We can’t discuss here” he said.
“Right, lets go to the room then so that you will see the stuff but if i don’t get a good price, we will look for somebody else” i said as we stood up and walked to our hotel room where Fred was locked up.
As soon as we opened the door and entered, Fred walked out of the bathroom and said, “You said you haven’t returned from Torino, you are a liar”
“Calm down Mr. Fred. He is here now” i said and asked basil to sit down on the bed.

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