34: Marko and I

”Brandenburg changed when you left. We heard police arrested you but we were not sure. Fadi had been giving us weeds but sometimes he sold rubbish to us” Marko said as soon as we settled down in Irish Pub Zoologischer Garden Berlin. He had brought two bottles of Johnny Walker for me as a goodwill gesture.

Since he had started complaining about Fadi in a bad way, I figured it was good for me.
”Marko, I want to return to Brandenburg but I am afraid” I said.
I went on and told him that Jimmy threatened to kill me if I returned to Bratown. I also told him that the other Arabs were all involved in the plot to kill me if I returned.
When I finished, he was exactly what I wanted him to be; very angry. He was a Citizen of Brandenburg, born and bred there and lived there all his life. He was annoyed to hear that the Arabs threatened to kill anybody in his little domain.
I asked him what we should do about it, he said he was going to tell his group back in Brandenburg first, then they would decide how to handle the situation. I thanked him and took him near my apartment and asked him to wait for me in a kiosk near the U-bahn. I went to my apartment and dropped the whiskey he had given me.
I packaged 50grams of weed worth €200 and gave him. I told him what it was and he was very happy. He promised to call me that evening as I walked him down to the Pankow U-bahn station. He left and went back to Brandenburg his home town, his city.

As I had nothing else to do that day, i went to the Afro shop, the Nigerian rendezvous joint. The usual suspects were there drinking as usual and arguing about Manchester United, Chelsea FC, Barcelona FC and other Top European football clubs. I demanded for Semo and Egusi soup. It was brought to me by Chi Chi, a beautiful young girl from Onitsha. Akunne, the owner of the shop had brought a new girl. I paid close attention as guys made advances towards her. Irrespective of her facial qualities, she was going to be fat. The signs were all over her body. A man who was on the run didn’t need such girls. They could weigh you down. I decided that I won’t try anything. She smiled each time she passed in front of me. She flashed her white stainless teeth every time she wanted to say something. I guess she must have heard about Ozoigbondu. I decided not to buy anything for anybody that day.

The absence of Jennifer had started to tell on me. I had started missing her more and more as the days went bye. Sometimes I wondered what she would be doing. Was she sleeping with another guy, that inevitable question tormented me every other day. I had become jealous about her. Maybe because of the bond created between us by our troubles back in Portugal. It would have been easier to manage if I was talking to her but the absence of communication between us wasn’t helping matters. I wanted to go to Bremen as soon as I had time but I still needed her to call me first.

The call came the following day after midday. She had gotten an interview date. It would be in three weeks time. The Bremen system wasn’t the same as that of Eisenhuttenstadt where I had done my own camping. The news from Bremen was that people spent as much as six months up there in the camp before being posted.
Back in Eisenhuttenstadt, the maximum time was two months.

Jennifer said she was missing me. She told me about how guys were disturbing her everyday. She also said she rejected all of them but I wasn’t convinced. It wasn’t her fault but human hearts had a way of misundersting the simplest issues.
The summary of the whole thing was that we were gradually drifting apart. She was not in my long term plan anyway. The way I had planned to go to Nigeria, and Holland afterwards didn’t have any provisions for Jennifer or any woman for that matter.
I couldn’t take her to Nigeria. I was going home alone to rest and return to humanity. The presence of Jennifer around me could hinder that prospect. On the other hand, I wasn’t going to take her to Holland when I returned to Europe because I was going to Holland to deal on the class A drugs; The cocaine. There wasn’t going to be rooms for romance, atleast not in the beginning.

I shut down my mind and slept afterwards. Jennifer’s issues can wait. Besides I had tried for her. I had risked my life and fought Madam Grace on her behalf. I had fought Olokun and some other forest gods just because of her. I was created for many things but dying for love wasn’t one of them.

Marko called me late in the evening and said he had made plans on how to deal with Jimmy. He said the boys down in Brandenburg wanted me back. He had given them some of the weeds I gave him and they were rearing to go hard on Jimmy and the rest of the Arab brigades. I closed my eyes and slept again. It was time to have patience.

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