79: Escape to Catalunya

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“Hablas Ingles” I said to the woman who was staring at me as if i had come to steal her Nokia Phone. My guess was that she had just discovered that I didn’t live in that building.
“Yes, I speak English. Who are you?” She asked.
“Thanks, my name is Sam. Some very bad men are pursuing me and i have called the Police. That is why i am hiding here” I said.
“Oh my God, where are they?” She asked as if the thugs could walk through the walls.
I told her that they were at the front door.
She was a woman of about 30 years who looked more North African than European. She must have been one of the numerous Morrocans and Algerians who lived in the Island. She asked where i came from and what i was doing in Spain. I told her that i was on vacation in the beautiful Island but ran into the hoodlums whom I suspected wanted to steal my belongings.
After asking a few questions, she asked if i wanted to have a drink of beer. I agreed and followed her to the fourth floor where she lived. Her apartment was in the front where i could be seeing the outside where Bonaventure and his friend had rushed to the door.
The first thing i did as soon as i got to her sitting room was to open the window and look down. Sure the two idiots were still there trying to find a way to open the door or peharps waiting for another person to open the door like the woman did for me.
I called Blessing from the sitting room and asked where she was. She said she was staying with an old friend who lived near the sea. She promised to send me the address after the call. I tried all i can to make her believe that i had lost the bad guys because I didn’t want her to think that moving with me was dangerous.

Madam good woman brought a can of beer for me and placed it on the center table in front of me. She asked me to enjoy it while she prepare something for me to it. I didn’t object; it could be a bad manner to reject food from some tribes of the World. I drank and waited until i saw the red siren lights of the Police; then i called out the woman and told her that the Police has arrived. She stopped what she was doing and followed me to the front of the house where two police vehicles were parked.
“Officer, i was the one who called you” Two dangerous men were pursuing me and wanted to take my money from me, so i called you” I said and kept quiet.
“You are the man who called us at the hotel this evening” One of them stepped forward and said.
“I took a good look at him and recognized him; he was among those who arrested Angela and Nina.
“Yes, i told you that their members could still be hiding. If not for this good woman here, they could have captured me” I said as i pointed to the woman who gave me beer; she smiled and waved.
This time, the police asked where i was going and when i showed them the address which Blessing sent to me, they asked me to enter the back of one of their vehicles.
“If you call us again this night, you sleep in our house” The police man who recognized me earlier said.
There was no need to answer him; therefore i kept quiet and pretended that i didn’t understand what he just said.
As we drove out to the highway, i looked back every now and then to check for suspicious headlamps. There were other cars on the road which made it very difficult to know if we were being followed.
I know it sounded silly and dumb for any sane person to follow police cars but there was nothing else Bonaventure and Efosa came to do in Marlloca except to capture me; therefore it was important that i checked.

We got to the address where Blessing was and i thanked the cops. They left after wishing me good night.
Blessing was already outside when they stopped me, i had called her while inside the police vehicle.
“We can’t stay here, get your bag because we are moving now” I said.
“She asked what happened as she ran into the house to get her bag. The lady who owned the place had come out and was trying to find out why the Police dropped me in her house.
“I know why you are scared but this is not about you. I had a problem with some people and i begged them to drive me here” i had said.
As soon as Blessing came out, i grabbed her bag and her hand and walked quickly out of the premises. It was getting to 10 pm and most of the shops had started to close down. We walked into a bar and asked the owner to give us a taxi number. After looking at us suspiciously, he handed a number to me and i dialed it.
The cab driver came ten minutes later and asked where we were going.
“Can we still get a boat to Mainland this evening” I asked. He nodded and said there were still boats going to Barcelona and Valencia.
“Do you have a map with you?” I asked him.
He produced a small map from his Dash and gave it to me as we drove towards the harbour.
A quick look at the Spanish map revealed that Barcelona was on the North while Valencia was at the south. Since we were heading North, i told the driver to take us where we will get a boat to Barcelona.
It took us over an hour and half to purchase tickets, wait and drive with the boat to the shores of Barcelona. From inside the sea, we watched as the massive city of Barcelona draws closer and closer towards us. It was a beauty to look at through the night sky.
The Spanish Police were the people who welcomed us into the city. They didn’t ask for our papers, rather they search through our bag and told us to go.
It wasn’t difficult locating a hotel in the city.
As soon as we settled down, i called Aunty Joy. She picked at the first ringing.
“I saw someone who resembled Bonaventure in Marlloca this evening, did you send him?” I said. She kept quiet for long before she said, “Now i know that it was my enemies that send you to destroy my business. If you tell me who the person who sent you is, i will double the money she paid you” She said.
“You haven’t paid the balance of the old money and you are talking about doubling another person’s fee. Anyway tell your thugs to stop looking for me because the Police escorted me to the airport with their car. I will be flying out in a few minutes and before you see Blessing again, you will pay another €35000. I warned you about this but you think you are stubborn. This is where i say goodbye for now” I said and cut off the phone.

“Is that My Madam?”

“I’ve always felt like an alien trapped in a human form. We all do at some time or other; for me it’s a permanent state, and I’m still unsure if Earth is a penance or a reward”

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