78: Shadows of a Soldier

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Chapter 78: The shadows of a Soldier.

The strange man looked at us and gulped his drink quickly, the ladies did the same as they all jumped down from their seats and followed us. We slowed down a bit and they did the same. We walked a few meters and stopped; they also stopped. We didn’t move an inch into the darker road until i saw the two Police vehicles coming towards the taxi stand. Then i told Blessing to enter the first taxi on the line a few meters in front of us.
As she entered, i walked to the Police men and told them that it was me who called. I told them that the three people standing over there has been following me all day. I watched as Blessing’s taxi drove off. Four Police officers jumped out of their vehicles and walked out to me; and then they motioned for the three people to come.
The surprises in their faces showed that they never expected that move.
Black men hardly call Police in Europe because they were always commiting one crime or the other. Nobody wanted his or her names in the Police database whether for good or bad reason But i used Police in more than five occasions to save myself.

“Por favor, Muestre su Pasaporte” that was the Police to the three surprised faces.
I didn’t understood or spoke Spanish but i knew ‘passport’ whenever i heard it in any language. Secondly, that was the first thing i always anticipated each time there was trouble.
I stood in one place as Aunty Angela and the strange man produced their passports while Nina had none.
One of the police men reminded Nina that it was time to bring out Passport. She shook her head signifying that she had non. I pitied her instantly because if she had no passport and haven’t gone through asylum, she could be in a serious trouble. There was nothing i could do for her because the first objective was my safety; every other things was secondly. She was just caught up in a web of dangerous game which she was part of. If anything happened to me, the fate of many people could be in bad shape.
I watched as one police man slammed a cuff on Nina’s hands and pushed her to the back of one of their vehicles.
The other police officers were busy writing down the names and other things in the passports of the other two.
When they finished, they asked for my passport and when i gave them, they asked what i came to do in Marlloca.
I used English to tell them that i was on a vacation from France. I even showed them my return ticket to France the next day.
They asked why i suspected that they were following me.
I carefully narrated to them that Angela has a restaurant somewhere and that i visited the place the previous night. I told them that Angela called up a sex worker for me whose name was Nina, the girl they just apprehended. However, when Nina left the hotel where we slept together the night before, she saw that i had some money with me; then she gathered her friends and followed me everywhere.
They asked Angela where her restaurant was located and she told them.
They called another vehicle and drove all of us to the restaurant where they searched and took the number; then they asked the strange man and Angela to re enter the Vehicle that brought them.
They returned my passport and ticket and told me to go back to My hotel. However, there was trouble. I had seen two men lurking around the area where the restaurant was located. They had walked past a semi dark place when the police had stopped in front of the restaurant and came out with Angela. I thought one of them looked like Bonaventure but i didn’t see the face. I was on alert anywhere and while i thought the Police would take all of us to their station, i also considered the possibility of discharging me right there. If they did discharge me there, then there could be serious trouble if those two people were working with Angela and Joy. I knew that all Joy wanted was to capture me, keep me at one place and forced me through torture to reveal where i had kept her girls. I was probably going to ask the Police men to drop me off somewhere where i could get a taxi or bus or train but i knew that the European Police were never good at extending such kind gestures.
Another advantage was that i had seen the area where the two people had entered. There was a wide open road at the opposite direction where i could head to while looking over my shoulder to see if i was being followed.

“Uhm Officer, i don’t know any place here and i want to ask you to please drop me off where i could get a cab or bus back to my hotel. The very officer i asked for the favour shook his head instantly without even considering why i might have asked for such favour. I watched as he walked into the first car; then i walked to the second car and asked the driver for the same favour. He consulted his second and after a few exchange of words in Spanish, they rejected my request and drove away slowly to the major road. I walked fast towards their vehicle as it disappeared from my view. I walked and ran at the same time while watching my back to see if i could see those two men but i didn’t.
All of a sudden, i decided to play a little trick to make sure that i wasn’t followed.
I entered the doorway leading into a house; the doorway didn’t go deep but it was dark enough to hide me. I decided to stay there and wait for a few minutes.
Less than a minute later, i saw the two men walked quickly past me; sure it was Bonaventure and Efosa. They had arrived to Marlloca to capture, torture and possibly kill me in a bid to locate their Madam’s three girls who had disappeared. I had warned Bonaventure on the phone not to follow me but since Venice and Marlloca were in the same body of water, it was easy for them to just use a boat and fly down to Marlloca.

As soon as they walked past me in the dark doorway, i brought out my phone and switched it off. Then I saw a woman walking towards me and i brought out my keys from my pocket and started pretending to be opening the doorway. European doorways usually went into many apartments; it could have been dangerous if it was a private house but since people hardly knew their neighbours in Europe, I was just another resident of the large house.
A car had suddenly flashed its light on the doorway and revealed that someone was there. The two idiots had looked back and saw me and were running back towards me when the woman opened the door and walked in; I followed her and as soon as we walked into the lift corridor of the massive building, the two hugs hit the door; but it was already locked from the inside.
I brought out my phone, switched it on and called the Police again as the lady suspected me with interest.

“There’s no story if there isn’t some conflict. The memorable things are usually not how pulled together everybody is. I think everybody feels lonely and trapped sometimes. I would think it’s more or less the norm”

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