78: Friend of my Enemy

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Chapter 78: Friend of my enemy.

“Why were you chasing after me, what did i do to you?” i asked again.
“I told you that i don’t know, i just started chasing after you when you knocked my phone to the ground. It was a new phone I bought with all my mponey last week” he said.
“Where in Nigeria are you from?”
He said he was from Warri.
“How long have you been in Italy?” i asked again.
According to him he has been in Italy for 16 years and has never gone home for once.
“Why haven’t you gone home to see your people since the past 16 years?”
Mr. Fred said he has got his resident permit since four years back but has never saved up enough money to go and see his sick old Mother.
“How much money do you have now and how much do you think will be enough for you to travel home and see your mother?” i asked.
His face light up instantly.
“I have saved up €2000 which will be enough for me to stay in Nigeria for one month but i still need money for flight ticket” he said.
“Do you mean that if i buy a ticket for you, you can go and see your sick mother?” i asked once more.
He nodded.
“I am going to untie you now. I will buy you a ticket to Nigeria if you promise to travel before three days time” i said.

Apparently Mr. Fred was telling the truth. There were many of his likes all over Europe; People who didn’t have enough mind to venture into drug business. They usually spent many years in Europe waiting for a miracle to happen in their lives.

I cut the clothes in his hands with the stainless Kinife and ordered him to sit where he was. My phone rang as soon as i finished untying him, it was Esther.
“He just called me now and asked me where i was hiding. I cut of the phone on him, what do i tell him now?” she said with high tone.
“Tell him that you have gone out of the shop and ran to the Church. If he ask where the Church is located, tell him that you don’t know the area but that it is close to the San Siro Stadium” i said.
“What is San Siro Stadium? He is calling again now” Esther said.
“Just tell him that it is close to the big Stadium” I said and cut off the phone.

“Mr. Fred, The flight ticket to Nigeria is about €800. I will give you €1000 now, buy the ticket today or tomorrow and call me. I know you live here in this building. If you don’t buy the ticket and show it to me, i will return here with my gun and shoot you. Go home and see your people, make sure you find a good woman and marry down there before returning here. Life is not about having basic amenities, its also about giving birth to newer generations” i said.
He knelt down and thanked me as i brought out my wallet and handed him €1000.
“Get that bag over there and put this phones and the laptop inside it. I am going to sell them and replace the money i just gave you. Kingsley is the one sending you to see your mother. You can thank him when you return” i said.
He jumped up and picked up a black bag near the Television, then he dumped the phones and the apple Macintosh inside it. He picked it up and followed me out of the apartment.
We got to the road and i took the bag from him. I stopped a taxi and asked Fred to get in the front.
“Take us to the city center” I said to the driver.
We got to the city center and located a travel agency. I had decided to follow upp the ticket purchasing process. Mr Fred has never been to Nigeria and I didn’t think he knew how to do anything about traveling.

“Is there any available flight to Nigeria between now and three days time?” I asked the man seated behind the big desk in the office.
“Let me look” he said.
One minute later, he said that there were spaces in Air France, Alitalia and Iberia. I told him that we need a ticket to Nigeria and back with Alitalia. The prize was €810. Fred paid cash and gave his passport to the agent.
Ten minutes later, we picked the ticket and walked out of the office.
“You can go now. When you get to Nigeria, make sure you call me or i will assume that you didn’t travel. I will call my people in Nigeria to meet with you, they will give you another money if they see you in Nigeria. Do you still think that i am a bad person?” i asked him. He smiled and hugged me.
“Thank you very much” he said and left.

I walked up to a second hand shop and sold off the items in the bag. I realized 900 from the sales. I knew that the Macintosh alone was worth more than that amount but since it was stolen, i considered myself lucky to have sold it off easily.
I called Esther after the sales and told her that i would be returning in the night. She was happy and said she was already getting scared. After the call, i told her to switch off her phone. She did.
I called Franca, she said she would send the money the next day but asked how i was going to release Esther to her.
“If you want, i can send her back to Paris or leave her here. It is up to you. I am going to Nigeria from here, that’s why i told you to send the money there. I don’t need Esther, you, your thugs or anything about you in my life again. It is difficult for me to have gone through all the things you did to me but you are forgiven as soon as i confirmed that the money is in Nigeria” I said and hung up.
I called my younger brother and told him that someone may send him some money tomorrow. I told him what to do wit the Money when it arrived.
“Go to the Motherless babies home in Ogui Enugu, buy four bags of Rice, two cartons of tin tomato paste, two bags of salt and put Another N50,000 inside an envelope and send it to them” i said.
“After doing all that, tell me how much that remains and i will direct you on what to do with it”.
I picked up a taxi and returned to the hotel where i left my bottle of JW. I sat on the bed and drank the poison until it finished, then i used a tissue paper i found in the toilet to wipe away my finger prints from the handle of the stainless steel knife.
An hour later my phone rang as i was inside the taxi going back to Esther, it was Kingsley.
“Forget about the apologies Kingsley, it is already too late” i said.
“If it is you that has been telling Esther to send me on a goose chase all over Milan, i will teach you bad lessons in this Milan unless you disappear” he said.
“I am not foolish Kingsley, I chose to disappear; Goodbye” i said.

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