77: Estate invasion

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I had given Baffoe thirty minutes but within fifteen minutes, we were already at the estate.
His doors were open when we came. With me were three Police men and Chinelo.

As soon as we knocked on the door, Baffoe rushed out but stopped abruptly when he saw the Police.

He greeted the Policemen. One of them pointed him towards the sitting room. He moved ahead as we followed him to the sitting room.
Three other Men were sitting there, all looked surprised to see us.

I was on a dark Eyeglasses. I looked at them one after the other, turned to Baffoe and asked if these were the thugs he had organised to kill Chinelo because she asked you for her money.
One of them got up but seeing that the Police were there, he sat down again.

”Officer, we need to be careful. I am sure these people have weapons with them” I said.

The two lower ranked police officers pulled out their guns instantly and pointed it at the men on the chairs.

”Can we have your Identity cards” The inspector said to them.

They fumbled in their pockets and brought out different kinds of Identity cards ranging from National Identity card to drivers licence and International passport.
The officer collected them and looked at each one of them separately.

”Mr Isaac Baffoe, did you take any money from this woman?” he asked.

”No, I didn’t take her money sir” he replied.

”Liar, I gave yout $350 to keep for me” Chinelo shouted from my back.
I told her to keep quiet and let the officer talk to him first.
It was an appeal the inspector liked. I knew that playing with their minds positively would make them efficient.

”Do you know her at all Mr Isaac” the inspector asked again.

”Yes, I know her. She visited me one time” Baffoe answered.

The inspector wrote something down on his papers and continued.

I liked this Ghana Police. They acted like the European cops. They ask questions and take notes.

My eyes were fixed on the three thugs on the sofa. They all relaxed with their backs on the chairs as if they were on a party. I was sure they had Atleast a gun or some other kind of weapon with them. Unfortunately, I could not ask the Police to search them, however I was contented that they were being subdued by the government authorities.

”Mr Isaac, We would like you to follow us to the station now” the inspector said.

The news was a welcomed idea. I wanted to get out of the sight of those thugs. I knew the lower police officers had drawn their guns but if a shoot out ensured, I could not protect myself and Chinelo. I had no weapon with me and it was frightening.

I touched Chinelo and asked her to follow me outside. I wanted out of the room as fast as I could. We stood in front of the house and waited for them to come out.

The thugs came out with the two officers guarding them first. They were followed by the inspector and Baffoe.

As soon as we came out and the door was locked, the inspector handed the Identity cards of the other three men and asked them to leave the premises immediately. They cleared out very fast. We walked out behind them to where the Cars were packed.

Mr Baffoe opened his car and the inspector with one other officer followed him into his car.

Chinelo and I joined the remaining officer into the police car and we drove past the thugs and headed to the station.

We got to the station fifteen minutes later and walked to the inspectors desk.

”He excused himself and walked inside. About ten minutes later, he came out with a white file containing the statements I made when Chinelo took my money. The same file also contained two other statements that belonged to Chinelo and Mr Baffoe.
Mr Baffoe had taken surety for Chinelo as her boyfriend when she denied that she didn’t take my money.

The inspector read through Baffoe’s statements and asked him a question.

”Mr Isaac, you said this woman is not your girlfriend but you told us a few days ago that she lived with you. Did she live with you as a tenant or partner” the inspector asked.

The case was getting interesting. I could feel some excitement inside of me. Mr Baffoe had shoot himself on the leg and the intelligent police officer was tying him with a rope.

”She was a girl I picked in the street and asked her to stay with me for some days” Baffoe said.

”Did you take her money from her or not. If you lie to me Mr Isaac, I will lock you up” the policeman asked Baffoe again.

”I swear she did not give me any money. I asked her where the $1000 she stole from this man was but she said she lost it”

”Miss Sinelo, did you give Mr Isaac money” the inspector turned and asked Chinelo.

She nodded.
I had told her not to talk too much to the Police. Just give them straight answers. I didn’t know how clever and intelligent Chinelo was and I didn’t want complications in her answers. Although I gave her some credits for being able to steal my money successfully. I knew how I liked guarding money, therefore anybody who tricked me into losing it deserved some credit.

”How much money did he take from you”. The inspector asked.

”$350 sir” she answered.

” Mr Zuby, what exactly did you come to do in Accra” the inspector asked me…

The question took me unawares. I wasn’t expecting any question or even any involvement in the matter. I was the person whose money got missing.

”Excuse me sir” I said.

”I asked what you came to do in Accra” he repeated.

”Sir I am a businessman and I deal on used vehicle spare parts. I had gone to the Tudu spare parts market and purchased some vehicle parts. However my money was stolen and the ones I have is no longer enough. That is why I am trying to recover my money from Mr Baffoe so that I can be able to pay up for the goods and travel back to Nigeria” I said flawlessly.

Somehow, I had quickly remembered that I had gone to the Tudu market and spent almost the whole day pricing spare parts. I had done that out of nothing to do but it had proved to be the best thing I did in Accra.

”IF we go to the Tudu market, can we have any evidence or witness that you have ever been there” he asked.

”Yes, sir. The goods I have prized had been arranged for me but I have not been able to pay up” I said.

”Good because we are going to Tudu and if we find out that you didn’t go there, I will lock you up for lying to me” he said.

It seemed that lies attracted jail terms in Ghana.

”Mr Isaac, are you still denying that you didn’t take any money from this woman” the inspector asked mr Baffoe.

”Yes, sir, she gave me no money” he said.

”Officer excuse me” I interrupted.

”I am a peaceful man. I had called mr Baffoe to return the money and he agreed. I have some evidence of our conversation over the phone” I said as I brought out my phone.

The inspector looked as I located the voice record number 3 and clicked play..

”She is a liar, she only gave me $350…………………….

”Facts are stubborn things, and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot change or alter the state of facts and evidence”

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