77: Mistake in Palma

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We walked to a nearby Mall and purchased to sets of clothes for Blessing. We also bought a pair of winter shoe since it was snowing up there in Sweden.
Blessing’s phone was ringing incessantly as we shopped. First it was Aunty Joy calling her, then Bonaventure.
When we came out of the mall, i told her to call Bonaventure back and give me the phone; She did.

“Mr Bonaventure, remember i told you to stay away from my business in Venice. The way your girlfriend is treating these girls is not good. I want them to be free; therefore it is either you are on my side or you are against me. If you are on my side we will meet soon and discuss how to help our slave sisters but if you are against me, we can still meet but try to be prepared for the meeting because it may be your end in this Europe. I understand you get paid for shaking the teenagers down. Are you not ashamed? You may think you have a job in Europe but I tell you this; your sins will surely catch up with you and when it happens, you will spend half of your life in Prison” I said and switched off the phone.
“Bros wait, have you done anything with them before?” Blessing asked.
“Yes, and i will explain to you as soon as we get to the hotel”.

Back at the hotel, i explained who I really was to Blessing. She already seemed eager to go to Sweden; therefore i didn’t fear losing her much. And I was sure she really wanted to leave Marlloca; she wasn’t in the circle of people she had wanted.
Kingsley had called and said he received the money but when i called him back at the hotel his phone was switched off. It meant that Aunty Joy has paid €10.000. I had told Kingsley that i will send my cousin Kenneth to pick up the money but when i called Kenneth, he also said that Kingsley’s number was switched off. I didn’t want to think that Kingsley was trying to steal the money. It was true that we were friends when i lived in Berlin but he didn’t know what i had become. He didn’t know that i was no longer the genuine drug dealer but a monstrous individual that sat down and think for hours on how to track people down and punish them. If he was thinking of running away with my money, he better make sure he left Europe because i will smoke him out of anywhere as long as my resident permit could take me there.

Out of anger, i had forgotten that someone knew the hotel where we lodged. The Nina girl could be a mole if she was approached. It was obvious that Joy would have spread her net by then and the best thing to have been done was to vacate the hotel and if possible, vacate the city. It was unlike me but the obvious reason was the money which Kingsley cleared in Berlin. If he wanted to steal the money, he coulld have switched off without telling me that he has withdrawn the cash. I would have easily believed that Aunty Joy was lying; but the Kingsley guy already said he saw the money.

In the night around 8pm, i woke Blessing up and told her to pack.
“We are leaving this hotel immediately, something tells me that there is danger out there” i said.
“It doesn’t matter, whether my aunty came here or not, i will follow you to Sweden” she replied.
I loved the way she made her resolution but unfortunately trouble was something that comes on its own terms not the way we wanted.
“I understand that you have decided to emancipate yourself from this sexual slavery but there are always chances that things will go wrong somewhere. We need to move now. Trust me Blessing, you will thank me when all this is over” I said.

She packed up hastily and followed me out of the room to the corridor of the second floor. A quick look left and right revealed that nobody was there. We walked to the stairs Against Blessing’s wish to use the lift.
We got to the stairs and walked down slowly without meeting anyone else.
At the reception bar, i told Blessing to sit there and drink bottled water while i looked around first.
“Why do you behave as if somebody is looking for us already?” She had said.
“I am just trying to be careful Sweetheart. I know how dangerous and fast things could become” i said and moved slowly out of the bar where she sat.

I saw her first; Aunty Angela. She was the lady who owns the restaurant and bar where i visited first when i came to Marlloca. I also knew that she has a hand in hiring the resident permit card I got for Blessing; she was into every clandestine deal in the black community in the Island.
Damn! How on earth did i have to wait at the hotel until night. I should have started moving as soon as we finished talking with Aunty Joy in the afternoon.

As soon as i saw Angela walking towards the outside bar near the pool with a strange man, i retracted back a little and dodged beside a flower plant near the swimming pool. There were numerous tourists at the hotel swimming pool, playing and making small noises. Some were looking at me as if I was going to uproot the flower and steal it.
Angela and the man with her walked past me to the swimming pool bar and stood facing the bar man who was attending to numerous other people.
I walked past them back into the hotel and told Blessing that her Madam had sent some people to start tracking us.
“Do you know one Aunty Angela here that owns a restaurant where Nigerian people eat and drink?” I asked.
She said she knew her and had been to her restaurant a few times. She also said that Angela and her Madam were friends.
“The woman is here with a man i have not seen before, we need to find a way to either get out of here or rent a different room since that Nina girl knew my room” I said.
“What if they catch us?” She asked.
“Don’t worry, they won’t do anything here because we are in a public place. They can only follow us. What we will do now is to pretend that we don’t know they are here. We will just walkout without looking at the swimming pool bar. They will see us and follow us. When we get to the taxi area, i will turn back and start something with them. Enter a taxi and go to one hotel. Stay there at the hotel bar and buy water and wait for me; don’t drink alcohol, you are still a minor. If they ask you anything, tell them your boyfriend is on his way. Do you understand?” I asked. She nodded.
“Don’t call me, i will call you.” I said as i brought out my phone and start to memorize her phone number. In two minutes, i had memorized her phone number; then i called the Spanish emergency Police and directed them to the hotel. I told them that some thieves were after me and wanted to take my money. It was time to move.

We walked casually out of the hotel and a small peep from me revealed that a third person has joined them Angela and the strange man. Predictably, it was Nina. I knew she was linked to all the things that was about to happen. It was just a matter of time before Bonaventure or Madam Joy herself shows up in the Island and it would be difficult to beat all of them with a young girl who knew next to nothing about traveling fast.

“Don’t look to your right, just walk Slowly as if you are not suspecting anything” I said as we walked past the three people sitting on long stool chairs.
It was Nina who turned around and saw us first. She nudged the strange man with her shoulder and he turned to look at us too.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition”

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