77: Apologize or Cry

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Milan at Night

Milan at Night


“Mr Kingsley, i want to tell you something. I suggest that you pay attention and stop shouting. Did Franca tell you what happened between her and me in Paris before she sent Esther to you?” i said. He kept quiet.
“It was so foolish of you to jump into a fight you have no knowledge of. Haven’t you gone to Spain like you were told by the Police? I am in a very good mood today, therefore You have only one hour to apologize to me for interfering in my business. If I don’t hear the apologies after one hour, you will blame yourself. Mr. Kingsley, don’t think that I am not serious” i said. He was beginning to shout again when i switched off my phone. It was a clear indication that he wasn’t going to apologize; it was time to start rolling my revenge machine once more.
I put my hand inside my pocket and brought out the single key that opened Kingsley’s door. He had given it to Esther to enable her gain entry into the apartment whenever he wasn’t around. From the way things had happened in the past two days, i figured he had no time to change the locks yet. Changing locks in the Western World wasn’t that easy and free. Sometimes depending on the area you lived, you were required to contact the Police and get a written permission before doing anything on the lock. However, the way things stood at that time, Kingsley was still going to have to meet the landlord of the house who will in turn, meet the Police to obtain permission before the lock could be changed. All the above could not have happened in the space of one and half day. The reality was that kingsley was just another black immigrant from Africa, that was how the whites saw every African. The truth was that no matter how long you have been in Europe, no matter where you came from; as long as you are black, you are African.
The entire key logic meant that the key was still going to be able to open his door. The possibility that I could show up alone in his apartment has not started to occur in his brain.

After staring at the Key for a few moments, i dropped it back inside my pocket and lay on the bed. It was at that moment that i discovered that i have not even thought out a good plan for my attack on Kingsley but knowing how i operated, i knew that i would come up with something.

After staying in the hotel room for some hours, i went down to a nearby supermarket and bought a kitchen knife. It was a strong stainless steel knife that was capable of piercing human body in milliseconds. I took it back to the hotel and from there, i called Esther.
“Hello Angel, i want you to do something now. Call Kingsley again and tell him that you have escaped from me and that you are now hiding in the cybercafe opposite Milan Central Station. Try as much as possible to apologize to him for running away when he saw us at the Porta Nuova. Tell him that i am looking for you around there. Make it look like you are scared to come out. If he asks you to come out, tell him to come and help you, then switch off your phone” i said. Esther said she understood what i said but asked why i wanted her to do that.
“I will tell you when i return this evening” i said.
“Are you sure you are coming back this evening?” she asked. I told her that i would.

I walked down from the hotel and picked up a taxi, the driver agreed that he understand English. I told him that i want him to park along the road with me and monitor someone who has been owing me some money for two years. The taxi driver said it would cost me €60 every one hour, i agreed to pay him. As we waited and chated near the bus stop, we saw Kingsley hurriedly walked to the bus station and stood. One good thing I discovered earlier about Kingsley was that he liked Esther, he could have been among the group of men who found it so hard to aproach women.
I didn’t tell the driver that i had seen who i was waiting for. I just sat and chatted with him until a bus came and picked up Kingsley. Then i asked the driver to follow the bus to the Monza Central Station. I sat in the taxi and watched as Kingsley boarded a train going to Milan.
I called Esther immediately and confirmed that she already called Kingsley, then i asked the taxi to take me to Kingsley’s house.
I got off the taxi and paid him, then he left the area. I walked to Kingsley’s apartment and put the key inside the lock. It clicked and opened. I looked around to make sure nobody was looking at me, then i opened the door wide and went inside. Sitting on the center table of the sitting room was an apple Laptop, three modern phones, a pack of Marlboro and two remote controls. I ignored those things and went into his bedroom. Some clothes were scattered on the bed; some shoes were lined up on the floor as well.
Five minutes inside the apartment, a knock came on the door.
“Open up King, its Fred” the voice said.
Fred, who was Fred?
I figured out that whoever it was didn’t know it wasn’t Kingsley inside the house.
I quickly went into the kitchen and found a pot washing detergent powder, took some considerable quantity with my right hand and walked back to the door. Slowly i opened the door with my left hand while holding the detergent powder with the right one. As soon as i saw the face of the man who had chased me around the area the day before, i poured the entire detergent in his face. He was about to stagger outside when i pulled him inside through his belt. He fell face down on the center table and pushed everything on it to the floor including the laptop. I had quickly closed the door again and kicked the blinded man heavily with my right foot.
“Don’t kill me please, i am innocent. I am not Kingsley, please don’t kill me” he was shouting.
“Shut up or you are dead now” i said as i brought out my stainless shining knife.
I kicked him once more and said, “This is for chasing me around Monza”.
As he struggled to find a seat with his hands, i pulled him from the floor and tied his hands with a long-sleeve shirt i found on the chair.
“Why were you chasing me around yesterday Mr. Fred?” i asked him.
“What did you put in my eyes, i am dying here” he said.
I took pity on him and walked into the kitchen to get clean water. I returned to the sitting room and washed his face thoroughly with the water. He began to see with his right eye, then the left one eventually.
“Why were you after me yesterday?” i asked again.
“It was Kingsley, he said his girl was kidnapped and asked me to call him if she returned before him” he said.
“Why didn’t you call him instead of chasing me around Monza?” i asked.
“I don’t know” he said.
I hit him with my right hand and he fell on the floor again.
“I will kill you if you don’t answer me”i said as i picked up the knife on the table.

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    Oga Zubby please try and Understand na This guy be dey do work wey Oga send am, Why the punishment?

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    Reminded me of that guy back in Holand….Wish yu had a gun in Italy there,it would have been better because he would have been scared to death…..Still following.

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