76: The New Recording Device

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At exactly 9am, I called Baffoe. He picked up the call instantly. He didn’t allow the phone to ring for Atleast once. He had made another mistake.

No one picks a call from a person he or she owed money without allowing it to ring Atleast twice, especially when the payment money was available. It meant that Mr Baffoe was eager to get to me.

”Hello, where are you”. He asked.

”Mr Baffoe I am in Accra Ghana. I thought I asked you to stop asking that question. Let us go over the issue once more before I tell you where to find me” I said.

I lowered my phone from my ear and switched on the recording application.

”I just called Your girlfriend and she said you took $500 from her, is that true Baffoe” I asked.

”She is a liar, she only gave me $350 and not $500” he said in a haste.

”Are you ready to refund that amount Sir” I asked.

”I told you I am ready. Just tell me where you are and I will bring the money to you” he said.

”Mr Baffoe, if you don’t return my money, I am going to the Police to report you”. I said.

He hesitated for some seconds before talking.

”Why would you go to the Police, we don’t need to get the Police involved in this matter. Just you and me, we can settle the Matter” he said.

He had somehow narrowed his squad to thugs. I had suspected that he would come with thugs or Police but from the way he talked about the Police, I believed that he had organised some local boys to either beat me up or even kill me. I never ruled any possibility out.

”Its alright Mr Baffoe. Give me an hour to come down to Accra, I will call you as soon as I arrived” I said and hung up the call.

”You are no longer going to Baffoe for the money” I turned and said to Chinelo.

I told her that Baffoe had organised either the Police or thugs to beat us up.

I replayed the recorded message to her.

”How did you record the phone call” Chinelo asked, still amazed at the technology.

”Never mind, just get ready, we are going to the Police Station.

”No no, I am not going to any Police Station. I am no more interested in this case. You said you have forgiven me” she said.

”Yes, I have forgiven you but we need to teach mr Baffoe how to respect women, especially Nigerian women” I said, hoping that the gender appeal would soften her stand but it didn’t work.

She hurriedly wore her clothes, stood up and walked to the exit door.

”Chinelo, before you leave, there is something I would like you to hear” I said as I located the voice record number 2 on my phone and played it.

She opened her eyes wide as the phone call between her and me played out.

In the call, she had admitted that she took my money without sex.

”You see, with or without you, I am going to the Police. But If I go alone, I will let them know about your lies. They already knew you took my money but didn’t know how you spent it. All you have to do at the station is to tell them that Baffoe had taken $350 from you and had refused to give it back. If Baffoe denied, I will then play the record where he admitted to have taken the money” I said and stood up.

As I walked slowly down the staircases, Chinelo followed me without saying a word.

We got to the road and called a cab.
”Take us to the Tema Central Police station” I said.
On our way to the station, I called the inspector who had investigated our case from the begining. He didn’t recognize me but asked me to come to the station.

As soon as we got to his office, he recognized us.

”What are you two doing here” he asked.

Chinelo kept quiet as I had told her.

”Sir, This lady called me and said she had repented from doing bad things. She said she wanted to refund my money but the problem is that her boyfriend had refused to give her the money back. She had given part of the money to him to keep for her” I said and kept quiet.

He turned to Chinelo and asked if it was true to which she affirmed with a nod.

The Inspector asked us to get ready. We were going to Baffoe’s house.

I stepped outside and called Baffoe.

”I am ready to take the money now” I had said.

As expected, he asked where I was and I told him that I was in a taxi coming to his house at the estate.

I told him that I was about thirty minutes away.

”We must always prepare ourselves by previously thinking out and practising how to act on any emergency so that we are never taken by surprise”

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