76: How she found Out

After speaking with Aunty Joy, i sent her the details of my Old friend in Berlin. His name was Kingsley. I wanted to forward the money to Dublin but i didn’t want to risk putting Ify in trouble.

“Let us go to my hotel” I said to Blessing.
She got up and followed me to the road where we took a cab to the hotel where i previously lodged.
The receptionist recognized and greeted me as we walked to her desk.
“I want the same room i stayed last night, is it still available?” I asked.
“She asked for my passport and when i gave her, she found my name and located the keys to room 208.
After writing down the data she needed, she gave me the key card and took the money i kept on her table.
“This place is expensive” Blessing said.
“Yes but it is a nice place too. My two girls in Sweden are doing very well and returning large amounts of money every week, so i live fine everywhere i go” I said and smiled at her.

We got to the bed room and sat together on the bed.
I called William and asked if he has paid for the new apartment; he said he has. The phone was on speakout.
I also called Maria and asked how they were doing.
I told her that my cousin has secured the new apartment and that we will furnish it as soon as i return to Sweden. I also told her that i may be returning to Sweden with a new girl who worked for Aunty Joy.
“We will surprise Aunty Joy” I had said and cut off the phone before revealing too much.
I called Nina and told her that i need a resident permit card for the girl we met at the coffee bar.
“I can find it for you through Aunty Angela, she has connections here but she must ask for money” Nina had said.
I told her that i would pay but not much.
When Nina called back later, she said she has found a card and the owner said it would cost us €400. I told her that the price was high but that i will pay.
She brought the card to our hotel later in the afternoon.
“Listen Nina, we need to go and buy flight tickets first before i pay you for the card. It would be foolish to know that we could be rejected at the ticket office while we just pay before going there” I said refering to the card she gave me.
She agreed and followed us out of the hotel.
We got to a ticket office and booked a ticket to Skavska airport via Paris Orly since there was no flight to Arlanda Airport.
I paid Nina at the ticket office before she left.
“I want to tell my Madam that i am leaving Spain to Sweden. She will be angry if i didn’t let her know” Blessing said as soon as we returned to the hotel.
“That is your business Blessing. I am sure she will tell you not to go anywhere because she wants to keep you working for her for more than seven years. In Sweden, you can just pay her in two years and i will even help you with some money. If you tell her, i will just give you €50 when i want to leave here tomorrow. It is better that you surprise her. This is your life, she does not own your life. She just brought you to Europe. Let me even give you some good news; do you know Angel? She works for your Madam but she is in Sweden now. She is making more money than you and very soon, she will become free and you will still be working for your madam. You are even lucky that i paid for your traveling card and ticket. Every other person i helped to Sweden paid for herself” I said.
She was surprised when i said Angel was in Sweden.
“I will tell my madam that i want to leave Marlloca but i will not tell her where i am going. I will go with you whether she like it or not” She had said as she brought out her phone to call Aunty Joy. I was almost tempted to grab the phone from her but I could have lost the little trust she already has in me. I stood and watched.

Before she could dial Aunty Joy’s Number, my phone started ringing; it was Aunty Joy.
She said she had paid the money to Western Union and called out the numbers for me.
Blessing was dialing her number while she was talking to me. Aunty Joy’s number was busy.
“I will call her again in a few minutes, her number is busy” Blessing had said to me.
“Fine, just don’t tell her the country you are going or if she ask, tell her you want to go to Norway. If she shout at you, switch off your phone. Remember not to tell her that you met any strange man here. Just tell her that your friend there said work is going well over there. Don’t tell her when you are traveling” I finished.

I called Kingsley in Berlin and called out the western union codes for him. I had called him earlier and told him to stay close to a western union outlet.

Five minutes later, Blessing called Aunty Joy and told her that she wanted to leave Marlloca and go to Norway. Aunty asked why she suddenly decided to do that and she told her that business was very dull in Marlloca.
“Blessing i want you to start coming to Venice immediately. I will call my friend there to get you a traveling card and a boat ticket to Venice. Don’t just go any other place” Aunty Joy had said.
“But Aunty I want to go to …” Blessing was saying when Joy shouted at her on the Phone.
“I said you are not going anywhere, just start coming here before Olokun strike you dead there” Joy had shouted.
“Aunty I am going to Norway” Blessing said and cut off the phone.
“I told you she won’t agree because she doesn’t want you to make free from her. She want to use you until you get old and useless. I will help you pay her half of her money. Go to your place and pick up two clothes and two pairs of shoes. Who is living with you?” i said.
Blessing said she lives with one Madam who was a friend of Aunty Joy.
“Then you don’t need to go there because Aunty Joy will call her to stop you. I will get you some clothes and when we get to Sweden, you get more” I said and she nodded.
Her phone was ringing as we speak: it was Joy. I told her to answer, it was important that we get more words from her mouth, they may reveal some of her plans.

“Yes Ma, I will wait for them but i won’t follow them back to Venice. I want to go to Sweden” She said and opened her mouth wide in surprise. She wanted to say Norway and mistakenly said Sweden.
Ubfortunately, we were the ones who revealed more information.
“Don’t worry, just don’t answer her call again for now” I said as we prepare to go out and get some new clothes for her.

Aunty Joy now knew where Blessing was really going. I wondered if she knew who was behind it.

This Chapter is dedicated to the Victims of the Nyanya bombing this morning. Fate and Destinies are what humans can’t change without creating another. Match on.

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