74: Seeking For Blessing

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About ten minutes after my encounter with the strange aggressive man at the bar, the shop woman came and said she had called a girl for me. She said her name was Nina and that she was an Edo girl. I thanked her and waited with my second bottle of stout which was initially ordered for the strange aggressor.
It was heading to half past eleven in the night when Nina came to the restaurant. The shop was almost packing up by then but since i had a business of waiting for her, the closure time was extended for me; I believed that the woman who called Nina has some interests in the whole deal.
The Nina girl had walked straight to the shop owner who directed her to the table where i sat alone with a bottle of guiness stout.
“How are you fine girl?” I said as soon in a thick Nigerian accent as she greeted and sat opposite me.
“I am fine my dear. Are you the one who is looking for a girl to spend the evening with?” She asked.
She had gotten down to business straight away. I didn’t like girls like her because their whole lives were all bout business and money; the usually had no time to get to know others better.
“Yep” I said, deciding to go with short answers since she was asking the questions.
“Here i am my dear” She said.
“We can’t talk here, lets go to my hotel” I whispered through the semi noise coming out from the television over our heads.
“No, we will discuss price here first before going anywhere” She said.
“Alright, tell me how much it takes to keep you for the night”.
She said i would pay €400.
“But that is a little high for just a night of fun” I complained with a fake smile.
She said that was what she takes for the night.
“I have to settle Aunty Angela who called me” she said.
“I don’t care whoever you wish to settle, i will pay you half of that amount. Now lets go” I said.
We eventually settled for €250 and she asked me to give her €50 advance to settle Aunty Angela; i obliged.
Nina and I took a cab to the Nixe hotel.
“Is this where you are lodging?” She had asked as soon as we entered the hotel premises.
“Yea, this is where i stay whenever i come to Marlloca. I was here last week and i stayed here. I also called a girl here last week but i lost the phone number she gave me; her name is Blessing and she is also from Edo State. Do you know any Blessing around here?” i said.

Nina said she knew only one Blessing who worked around the area but didn’t have her phone number.
“Here is the deal Nina. I don’t like sex, i just like girls to keep me company wherever i go. I usually pay the girls whatever we agreed on just like I am going to do for you. The Blessing I am talking about was telling me a story about her parents in Nigeria. She wanted me to help relocate them from their mud house to a better place when i visit Nigeria next week. She said they are very poor and that she herself was is still paying the Madam who brought her here. What she told me touched my heart and for that, i want to pay for a flat for them when i visit Nigeria. It is the reason why i need to see her again before i leave for Nigeria. I want you to help me locate her and i will give you your money without touching you. Make calls to your fellow girls especially the newcomers and the younger ones; someone must know her and her number. She said her Madam lives in Venice; therefore try to make sure the Blessing you are going to be asking of came from Venice or that her Madam lives there” I had said while removing my clothes and shoes in our room.
“Do you know the name of her Madam in Venice, did she tell you?” Nina asked.
“No, she didn’t tell me” I lied.
“What about credit for the calls you want me to make?” She said.
I brought out a €50 note and dropped it on the bed near her.
“I believe this will cover the calls” I said.
“But i don’t have enough credit in my phone” She said.
I told her to just call one of her field friends and ask her to send her some airtime.
Some ten minutes later, she received some credits and started making the calls. The first person she asked said she didn’t know any Blessing. The Second person said she knew a Blessing but also said that she came from Paris and not Venice.
“May be her name in the field is not Blessing, did she give you another name?” Nina had suddenly asked.
I didn’t cover that angle yet and i had suddenly realised that she could be right.
“She didn’t give me another name. Lets try to sleep. We will try again in the morning and if we don’t succeed, i will give you your money. Thanks for the ones you have called already; it is just that i want to help her out when i go to Nigeria” i had said.
“Eyaaa, you are such a good man” she replied.

I didn’t like Nina enough to sleep with her. She looked unkempt and rough. I had decided not to touch her as soon as i saw her at the restaurant. I had only hoped that she would help me locate the Blessing but it seemed things were slipping out of my hands. It was time to sleep and reconcile my brain working system. I figured that Nina could even get suspicious if i pushed the matter too hard; every creature was intelligent to some extent.
She went into the bathroom and showered before joining me on the bed. I had pulled off my jean trouser, folded it and put it under my pillow. It required that any thief who wanted my money would have to first of all, remove my head from the pillow. My entire freedom; both money and documents were inside the trouser.

It was around 6am when Nina woke up. I had woken earlier and thought about the best ways to locate the Blessing. The only logical idea that came to my mind was to simply call Angel and ask for Blessing’s descriptions but unfortunately, Angel was already in Lulea asylum camp where I made sure she stayed without phones.
But they has to be another way hidden somewhere in my head.

In front of Nina, i called Maria that morning and asked if she knew anybody in Marlloca. She said she did but that the woman she knew traveled to Nigeria.

After fruitless thoughts, I suddenly turned to Nina and said, “How may public joints do you people stay here in Marlloca?”.
She said she didn’t know.

It was when Nina was preparing to go home that her phone rang. One of the people she called the previous night had just found a girl named Mary who had arrived from Venice not long ago. She had asked questions and discovered that the Mary had previously told people that her name was Blessing.

“Alright, tell her to send you her phone number immediately, you have earned your money in full” I said to Nina after talking to her girlfriend.

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  1. Dejust

    interesting discovery without much stress but the advantage of money and cunning thinking mind.

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    we don finally get more than enough blessing from anty joy she will nw know never to toy with zubby the liberator

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    Ego dinmma!
    Nno Blessing/Mary! The Emancipator has found you!

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    I believe Anty Joy is still wandering/loitering in Sweden searching for what she will never find.

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    Hello zuby. This is a bit off topic. i bought something from china and it got missing on the way here. So they proposed to refund me but i don’t have a paypal account and its the only means of international transfer they are having according to them. Please is there anyway i can get the money? If you can be of help. I would appreciate it

    • Zuby

      Try private message or SMS or WhatsApp. I have a phone number at the foot of this blovel

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