73: The owners of Milan

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City of Milan

City of Milan

“Where are you people going with the bag” a voice said behind our back. We were already close to the taxi driver who had been waiting to take us back to our hotel in Milan.
“Go to the car and tell the driver to take you back to the hotel. Here is the key, there is some money in my bag, pay him from there” I whispered to Esther as i turned and faced a man who was walking towards me. He was purely Nigerian and lived in the same house with Kingsley.
“Who are you?” i decided to start with a question as well.
“I am kingsley’s neighbour and he left here not too long ago to look for this girl. He said the girl was kidnapped and asked me to call him if i see the girl around here.
“Well call him and tell him that you see the girl around here” I said.
“Hey don’t go anywhere yet” he yelled at Esther who was already in front of the taxi. As i looked back behind my shoulders, i saw the taxi started moving out slowly. The new man was about to start chasing it when i pulled him back and knocked him squarely on the face. He fell to the ground and his phone dismembered itself.
“If you get up there, i will kill you” I yelled as i began to chase the taxi. As soon as i was about to wave for it to stop, it rounded a corner and disappeared. I fumbled in my pocket and found my phone, then i dialed Esther’s number. To my greatest disappointment, it started ringing inside my pocket.
The man on the floor had gathered himself up and was coming after me. I ran towards the road where the taxi had followed with the hopeless hope of catching up with it. As i looked back, another man has joined the first man and they were closing in fast. I busted out to the major road and saw a sign that led to the Monza Central Train Station. There was no time to think twice, therefore i joined the road and continued running. As i ran towards the Monza Station, i thought about what would have happened if it was in Lagos Nigeria that i was being pursued. All that was needed for some illiterates to descend on me was for the pursuers to shout ‘thief’. But right there as i ran towards the Monza station, i came across numerous Italians who didn’t care about two black men running after another black one. It was the job of the Police to find out what was happening but unfortunately Monza was relatively a quiet and peaceful city which didn’t need too many security agents.
We rounded a corner and headed towards the city center. I was on the look out for any police vehicle or station but i didn’t see any. At a stage, one of the men chasing me got tired and stopped but the first man continued. I figured that he was interested in chasing me to wherever i was going to end my running.
On a second thought, i asked myself what the man was even going to do to me if he caught up with me. The worst he could do was to start a fight in retaliation to the punching i gave him but even at that, i was sure he wasn’t that bigger than me. I could stand him one on one, therefore i stopped Suddenly and turned around to face him. I was sure Esther and the taxi driver must have been halfway to Central Milan and it was a small victory on its own. Another problem was that i didn’t know what Esther was going to do as soon as she got to the hotel. She could decide to run away again and peharps with my bag or my money this time. I had made the mistake of telling her that i left money in the bag. I had left more than 8000 inside the bag but divided it into two parts and hid them separately. It could be disastrous for me if she run away with the entire bag but if she was just a petty thief like most of them, she could just pick the first money she saw and run.

“Come on” I said. He had stopped too and was standing in one place. I started advancing towards him and he started moving backwards.
“Come on man, lets have a go at it and see who knocks the other out” i said. We were both breathing hard from the over 600 meters of race we had covered.
My phone had been ringing while we were running, therefore i took that opportunity to bring it out and check who it was.
Damn it wasn’t my phone, it was Esther’s. I brought it out and looked at the screen; it was Brother Kingsley.
I called back and said, “Come to the Central Station now and come with Police”.
The man who had been pursuing me started running back as soon as he heard ‘Police’. I wondered why he suddenly got scared especially when he didn’t know who i called. Peharps he was an illegal immigrant and didn’t want Police questioning.
I started running after him as he busted out on a road and disappeared into a narrow street. Since he disappeared from sight, i figured that it was time to disappear too. Europe was a secular society, one or two people could have seen us running like mad people and decided to call the cops.
Th road where i stood was a major road and it was a matter of time before a taxi shows up. I walked in opposite direction from where my pursuer had entered. About 150 meters down the road, i found a bus stop and stood there for a while but when a bus didn’t show up, i checked on the timetable. A bus was coming in another five minutes and it was heading to an area which was North of Monza, away from where i was going. I waited for it anyway until about seven minutes later, it arrived. A phone in my pocket had started ringing again as i stepped inside the bus and asked the driver to give me a day ticket, it was the usual suspect Kingsley calling Esther’s phone again.

“Yes Mr. Kingsley. I am in Monza now. I came here with Esther to pick up her bag and we have just finished. I am on my way back to Milan now. Tell Franca what happened and ask her how many times she has to be so foolish as to think she can outsmart me. As for you, i don’t know you but if you make the foolish mistake of coming after me and Esther, i promise you will regret ever coming to this part of the World” i said as i settled down at the back of the bus.
“We shall see who own this Milan” he said.

Beautiful Milan

Beautiful Milan

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  1. pamela

    This Zubby,it seems you enjoy trouble too. You should have just forgotten about the bag rather than going back going back for it. See where all these has led to now. More wahala

  2. Adewale Seun

    u should have hidden some money in yr belt hole. something tells me u will have a hard time finding esther again

  3. BeeSwax

    Finally back on the comments section. Zubby you are one hell of a smart man. Brains, guts, patience, meanness, wits, all in one body.

  4. bla bla bla

    read nd digested….u really need to stop dealin wit ashawos..dey chose dia path..looks like u obsessed wit prostitutes..

  5. babajide

    The thrills and suspense of your story can never be underestimated. Ride on Zubby. By the way please remind me the meaning of ozoigondu

  6. Emmanuela

    Mr zubby,I’m so enjoying this your story and have introduced a lot of my friends to it.Right from the very beginin,all the way to this point is so so so intriguing and suspense filled. I can’t go a day witout thinking of global runs and checking for new updates every minute of the day. It has become an addiction. Thank God I came across the story mistakenly on nairaland and its been wonderful all the way. Thumbs up zubby! I salute you,I admire you,I celeberate you!!!

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