73: Friend of the Dolphins

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Chapter 73. Friend of Dolphins

First thing on Tuesday Morning, I took Angel to Lulea asylum camp where Caro and Peace were camping; I wanted her to be at a place where people she knew already lived. We were outside in a nearby restaurant when Caro and Peace came to see us. I had sent a black girl to call them for me. Both of them were shocked to see Angel sitting beside me. They hugged and smiled at each other.
“What are you doing here?” that was Caro asking Angel.
Angel narrated how her journey started in a hotel down in Paris and how she found herself in Sweden. She also told them that their Madam was in Sweden which jolted both of them. It was good to see some fear in them because it meant that they have not been in contact with her.

“Angel is joining you in camp here. Teach her a few things she need to know about this place before her interview comes up; she already knew the basics. I will come back here soon to check on you girls.” I said as i handed both of them a €100 bill each. They thanked me and asked Angel to follow them.

I drove to the airport and bought a ticket to Marlloca via Paris Orly. It could have been cheaper if i had transited in Berlin but i had decided never to go into the Nazi territory through air again. I felt that since there was no need to stop over in Stockholm, i should just go straight o Marlloca.

It was at the airport that i received a call from William who said that he has secured a three bedroom apartment for me. I told him to pay for it because i was on my way down to the Mediterranean Sea Island of Palma De Marlloca. He tried to ask what i was going there to do but i cut off the call before he could get the question out.
We flew from Lulea to Paris with Norwegian airline and changed to Easy Jet after an hour wait. I was traveling with my international passport these time; therefore i had no problems at the airports.
The easy jet airliner flew very low and closer to earth than any of the flights i had ever followed. It was very easy to make out everything below us. It was night already and the Lights beautified every place.

We landed in Marlloca airport at some minutes past 10pm and proceeded to the check out counter. Funny enough, there were no immigration or drug officials. Not even the usual Police officials hanging around. That meant that the European Countries trusted Paris or peharps the Scandinavia.

We got out of the Aeroport de Palma de Marlloca and headed towards the taxi field.
“I need a good hotel here” I said to the first taxi driver i met at the field.
“Very well My friend” He said as he opened the front passenger door of his Seat Taxi.
We arrived at the Nixe Palace Luxury Hotel and i paid the taxi man off. The hotel had a very large round swimming pool with blue waters. The bright blue light lighted the entire premises as numerous Europeans and Americans sat everywhere with their wives and girlfriends.
First of all, i walked to the large imposing reception and asked how much it cost to rent a room for a night. The very slim young receptionist said, “€213 Sir”.
Very good; i had hoped for something in the region of €400 when i saw the hotel but it seemed that since Marlloca Island was a major tourist destination, especially during winter, the hotels were in price competition.
I brought out my wallet and counted 5 notes €50; then i recounted them and handed the entire cash to the lady. She counted it and gave me the change. She brought out a key card and said with a fake fixed smile, “Your room is at the second floor sir. Enjoy your stay here”
I walked to the lift and pressed the downward arrow and waited for the machine to descend from whatever floor it was stuck. A few seconds later, the lift door opened; i entered and pressed 2.
Room 208 was massively decorated with large television and bed. The only difference i saw between the room and the room at Ibis Hotel in France was the price.
Since i had no bag with me, i removed my jacket and put it on the table. I needed some bath because i left Stockholm very early that morning. I went into the bathroom and did a quick shower; then i put on back my clothes and walked down to the reception.

“Where can i get any African restaurant around here?” I asked the skinny receptionist.
She said there was a place called Santa Catalina where i could get everything i need.
I took a cab to the place and found some African bars. One of them had some Nigerians drinking and shouting as expected. I walked in and sat down near a young man of about my age sitting alone near the Television.
“Give me a bottle Guinness stout” I said to the woman whom i believed owned the place.
She asked if i needed the big or the small bottle.
Half way through my drink, i asked the young man if he wanted to drink something since he had nothing before him. He nodded and thanked me. It seemed that a lot of people also lacked money in Marlloca just like Berlin.
“Are you Nigerian?” i asked the man before the drink arrived. He nodded and kept quiet. It occurred to me that he wasn’t a talking type. I needed to ask him one or two more questions before the drink arrived. If he didn’t talk, he shouldn’t drink. That kind gesture from me was to find out what he knew about Nigerian sex workers in the beautiful Island.
“I am new here and want to know where i can pick up a girl for the night” I said.
He got up and shouted, “If na this make you wan give me drink, make you just take your thing. I am not interested”.
People had kept quiet and turned to look at us. The last thing i needed was to stir up trouble that could lead to people knowing who i was. I wanted just to sneak into Marlloca, steal Blessing and disappeared.
“Is anything wrong with that Bros” I asked him with a little raised voice.
He walked out of the table and disappeared before the drink arrived.
The woman who owned the place asked me what the problem was and i told her that i had only asked for where i could hook up a Nigerian girl for the night. She smiled and asked me to relax.
“I will call one to come here for you” she had said.
To avoid raising her suspicion, i agreed to what she said.
It was time to wait and drink.

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