72: The People we Know

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Monza Italy

Monza Italy

“What! Where are you Solomon?” Franca asked calmly.
“Why did you suddenly change your tone? Am i no longer the useless man? Listen i am in Milan. If you like, send Esther to the moon, be rest assured that i will find her. I am taking her away from Italy in less than one week. Therefore you have less than one week to come up with €5000 or I will teach you how to hide a girl. Remember you have not seen or heard from Naomi since I took her from you” i said and cut off the phone.
She called back and begged me to take €2000 and leave Esther. I told her to call me back when she comes up with €5000 or stop calling me. I didn’t feel any remorse for what I did to any of the Madams, they had no human heart. It was all about money and as a result, I was going to be asking them for the money.

“Did you come here with your bag and cloths?” i said as i turned to Esther who was sleeping peacefully on the bed. She didn’t say a word and i figured she was tired of life. As she lay there on the bed, i stared at her face for several minutes. I wondered what would have been my reaction if someone had brought my younger sister who was Esther’s age, to Europe for prostitution. I would have probably turned into a murderer rather than a liberator. Esther was apparently helpless, she didn’t know the next thing to do with her life apart from standing in the cold European streets waiting for men to pick her up. There were thousands of them scattered all over Europe. I was more concerned about the teenage ones. The older ones should know what they were doing and should be able to dig themselves out of the situations. The problem however was that the European Union was more interested in chasing them out of the streets without finding an alternative means of livelihood. Back in Germany, we were paid some small money and expected to just eat with the money and do nothing else all day. There was no kind of work for immigrants until one got a resident permit which took many years to come. When it comes, we were expected to work as dish washes or street cleaners etc. There was never going to be a meaningful job for you as long as you came through the illegal immigrant ranks. The worst of it all was that we were not allowed to go to school, peharps they could have been discovering numerous different talents if they allowed immigrants to go to school but they made their World so hard for immigrants. It was the reason why Illegal immigrants took to the street to hawk their bodies and drugs. Eventually they end up in prisons.

I stared at the little girl for several minutes and when it was obvious that she had forgotten the world outside, i opened her phone and scrolled through the numbers. There were just five numbers saved on the phone; Aunty Peace, Channel Paris, Brother Kingsley, Rose and Mummy. I opened ‘Mummy’ and confirmed it belonged to Franca. Channel Paris was exactly the same as the Channel who gave me Esther’s number back in Paris. I didn’t know who Peace or Rose were but i wrote their names and number on my phone, one never knew when such things will come handy. I didn’t need anyone to tell me who Kingsley was, i figured he was the guy whom Esther lived with. I saved his name and number on my phone as well and went out to buy Johnny Walker. When i returned, Esther was awake.
“Where did you go? I was scared and thought that it was in the dream that i saw you here” she said.
“Its not in the dream, i am here with you in flesh. I went to buy this poison” i said as i brought out the bottle of JW from the paper bag. “How far away is your house from here?”
She said it was at Monza North East of Milan about 20 minutes away from the Porta Nuova Business District.
“This Kingsley on your phone, is he the one who stays with you here in Italy?”
She nodded and asked me not to call him. She said she could forget about her bag which was at his apartment. He also said that Kingsley was very wicked. According to her, Kingsley has already hit her twice in the past two days and has demanded for sex.

“Since you want to forget about your bag in his house, how much money do you have to buy new cloths?” i asked. She said she had no money with her.
“Give me the address of the house and the key if you have it” i said. My major reason for demanding the address wasn’t about the bags, it was about hitting Esther. Demanding for sex was a normal thing; what was abnormal was to have it by force against a woman.

She didn’t know the address offhand but she was with a single key to the apartment.
“Go and take your bath, we are going to Monza now” i said. She didn’t argue, i believed she already knew that i was going to get her bag judging from the small things she had witnessed from me and the furry on my face.
As she was taking her bath, an idea came to me. I opened the bathroom door and said,
“Pay attention, you are going to call Kingsley now. Ask him where he is. If he is at home, tell him that a man came from France and took you to a hotel and refused to let you go. Tell him that Aunty Franca knew the man and that he seized you in a Novotel hotel room 56. Tell him that his name is Solomon. Make it look like i was in the room and didn’t know that you took your phone to the bathroom. Tell him to come and rescue you fast. But if he is not at home, find out where he is first, then i will know the next thing to do” i said as i stared on the naked young body of Esther and started to get excited, unfortunately there were more pressing issues at hand but i knew that it was only a matter of time before we will relax alone in the same hotel room.
She called Kingsley and confirmed that he was at home in Monza but he promised to come to the Novotel hotel as soon as possible.

While Esther was putting on her cloths, her phone rang with an unknown number; i picked it up and it was Kingsley.
“Pick it up and say Hello” I said. She picked it and said ‘Hello’, then I grabbed the phone from her and shouted, “I told you not to answer any call”
After shouting, I put the phone to my ear and said,
“Hello, who is this? Stop calling this line” i said and hung up.
He called again and asked me to give the phone to the owner. I told him that the owner was not in a position to discuss with anybody and that if he wants to see the girl again, he should come to the Porta Nova business district. He said he was on his way and hung up.

As soon as Esther finished wearing her cloths, we walked down to the front of the hotel and hired a cab. I told the driver to take us to Monza and back, he agreed to take €100. On our way to Monza, Kingsley called again and said that he was about ten minutes to the Porta Nuova.
We got to his apartment at the same time as when he called and said he was already at Porta Nuova.
“Wait for my call in ten minutes” I said as I opened the door to his apartment and entered.

The city of Milan

The city of Milan

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