72: Sorry Alicia

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Chapter 72.

“Tell me how to pay the money. I want my girls back” That was Aunty Joy on the phone.
“First of all, go back to Italy. I am not in a haste to pick up your money; I have money too. I don’t like your presence here in Sweden. We will begin to discuss this matter again as soon as i am sure you are no longer in Sweden. Joy you cannot win every battle; this one is way beyond your capacity and it will be better for you to do what i say. If i set my eyes on you again here in this country, i will give instructions for the girls to be moved into the Soviet Union territory and that would be the end of you seeing or hearing from them” i replied.
“How am i sure you will release them after paying you the money?” she asked.
I told her that there was no guarantee for her.
“You will just have to take the risk and gamble. If you get them back, thank your stars” i had said and switched off my phone.

The rest of the weekend flew past us as if they never came. I had warned the girls not to go out since there was a certain danger called Aunty Joy lurking somewhere out there in Stockholm. She didn’t call to tell me she returned to Italy. I didn’t know if she returned or not.

On the following Monday morning, i took Maria out to a Western Union where she sent €5000 to her mother in Benin City Nigeria. She gave her instructions on what to do with the money.
Maria said that she was keeping €1000 with herself in case of emergency. I told her to tell the mother that part of that money belonged to someone else.
“Remember to tell your mother that some of the money belongs to a friend of yours. I wouldn’t like a situation where i had to go to Benin city just to recover my money from anybody” I had said.
“She is my mother. Are you saying that you don’t trust my mother because i trust her myself” Maria had protested.
“This is not about trust; this is about money” I had said.
I told Maria that it would be a shame if someone down in Nigeria disappeared with our money.
“You know what we are going through now. You know the dangers we are involving ourselves in trying to make this money. How can i easily forgive whoever embezzles the money even if the person is my own mother?” i had said.
She said she understood.

It was on Monday morning after sending Maria’s money to Nigeria that i received a call from Aunty Joy. She said she was still in Sweden and that she couldn’t go back to Italy without the girls.

“It seems that you are very stubborn. Wait and see what i will do to you again” I said.
She mentioned that we should meet for the money but i reminded her that i didn’t need her or the money in Sweden.
As soon as we returned to our hotel, i called Angel to my room and asked everything she knew about Blessing.
Blessing was another of Aunty Joy’s girls who lived and worked in Palma de Marlloca Island of Spain. According to Angel, Blessing was another teenager who worked for Aunty Joy in Venice but for some reasons, the Madam had decided to send her to Marlloca a few days after Angel arrived.
“How long Have Blessing lived or worked in Europe?” I had asked Angel.
She said she didn’t know but mentioned that Blessing was in Europe before she arrived.
“Do you have her phone number in Spain?” I asked. She said she didn’t have the phone number since the Italian Madams didn’t allow communications between their workers for the fear of teaming up to run away or agree not to pay or something else against them.
Maria was there when i was enquiring about Blessing. When i finished and sent Angel back to her room, Maria said, “I hope you are not planning to go to Marlloca for the girl?”.

“Baby i am going to Marlloca. I will find Blessing and bring her up to our domain here. This will teach Aunty Joy that i have not been joking all along” i said.
Maria tried to convince me not to make the trip down to Marlloca but she knew that she was not going to plead me away from going down there.

At mid day, i called Angel and told her to prepare for asylum camp. I told Rose to teach her the procedures and prepare her for camp.

I called Alicia and asked where she was.
She was still in France and when i asked what she was still doing there, she didn’t give me any reasonable answers.
“Alicia I am no in France. If you and your new friends are still looking for me, you better give it up and start going down to Italy. When you get to Italy, let me know so i can send you some small money for your troubles but if you continue to think that you or the Police will see me, forget it” I said to her.
She started crying after hearing what i said. I didn’t wait to listen to the crying before hanging my phone up. It seemed that Miss Alicia was in Police Custody down there in France. The Law was such a bitch. I tried to ask myself why the cops would be holding Alicia but i couldn’t answer the questions. What exactly was her offence? What did Aunty Joy tell the cops in Paris? Was it because of the large amount of money involved?
I felt like flying down to Paris and breaking Alicia away but that was almost impossible. I had to accept that she might be in custody and then move on.

Immediately after talking to Alicia, I called Aunty Joy back.
“You bitch! I believe One of my friends are in Police custody in France. It was as a result of your western union trap. I need you to go there and make sure she is released before the end of Wednesday. If after the two days, and she is still there, i will come for you personally. I will pursue you all over this continent until you have nowhere to run to. Wednesday Aunty Joy, Wednesday. Goodbye” i shouted and cut off the call.
She called me back and said that she would exchange her freedom with the release of her girls; all of them. After threatening to make sure Alicia stayed in police custody, she laughed like someone who had achieved victory.
Aunty Joy had just become the meanest among the Italian Mamas i had previously encountered. She wanted war and she will get war from me. It was time to teach the botch that she was a human trafficker.

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  1. Dejust

    in this type of war of a soldier like Zubby ,the globalruner there is no peace keeping mission , or surrendering until the enemy is crush utterly,

  2. kelvin1191

    Aunty joy, ur phone will soon put u into trouble and serure the release of Alicia.

  3. Joe Dejana

    This is exactly the story I want to hear. Help me send her to prison.

  4. efilefun

    Chai this joy sturborn ooo, she go surely hear am!!!! Hope we getting more than 2 updates today oga zuby???

  5. Corpspissed

    Like someone had said, this is not a peace keeping mission neither a aid support one, but this is a full blown war! Mind you, there might be collateral damage. *wears my camo with full gear on and my sa80 in firing position* Zubby, let’s move! 😎

  6. bashman

    soldiers lets go to way with anty joy,she wants war lets give it to her in her bk yard.

  7. BeeSwax

    Anty Joy doesnt know the sadness (opposite of her name) that awaits her. Me sef don vex for her here. Abeg Zuby, lets go teach her some lessons on the ills of human trafficking.

  8. achi4u

    It is a high time we start recording aunty joy’s illicit conversation in order to blackmail her.lol
    Where is that our motorola razor?

  9. Anonymous

    this epic storyline keeps getting interesting as it goes along, the suspense is heart gripping, zubby great work…

  10. Manshyne

    this madam Joy no try at all Oo! The deal is getting sour, and its unfortunate that Alicia got caught up in the web. I trust Zuby will not chicken out.

  11. lastdon1

    Where are them updates now? ZUBY ooooooooooooo!!!! Where are u ooo!
    Anty joy v heard that non of the girls u got in contact with ever went back to their madams so she wouldn’t want to gamble on that . The only thing still keeping her could probably be the safety of them 2 girls bcos she brought them to europe from their parents in naija herself .

  12. aondona

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