72: My Story with Maria

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“My woman, before we got engaged was involved with a human trafficker” I said.

He looked at me and nodded for me to continue.

“She was brought to Europe for prostitution and when she finished selling her body to men for many years, she was eventually freed from the woman who brought her here. One day, she found two stranded girls in the street who asked her to help secure a job for her but since my woman didn’t know any other job, she attempted to introduce them to prostitution. Unfortunately for her, i visited Volturno then and saw the girls. I tried to preach to my woman that prostitution was never good but she didn’t want to hear; therefore i decided to take the two girls away and send them to take asylum in France and perhaps go to school and learn something useful. One of the girls decided to follow me, the other refused. When i took the girl away, my woman found out and pursued us all over Italy in an attempt to get her girl back. That was how we ran into Police in Genoa. After arresting my woman, the police asked me to leave Italy and i did. However my woman was eventually released and he returned to me and apologised. She promised never to work as a prostitute again and i accepted her back. She has been with me ever since and we even traveled together to Sweden and other places to have fun. She eventually returned to Italy and that was my first time to visit her. I had gone to her apartment and when she was not there, her friend told me that she had gone to Castel Volturno. I tried calling her phone number but it wasn’t connecting. I eventually got a call from a strange man with an unknown number; he said i was going to pay some money before they release my woman. I came here and reported the case and also started asking questions around. In the course of my own investigation, i went to her old apartment and met a new tenant who told me that some people came to look for her a week earlier. The man i found at the apartment promised to help me if my woman was in danger. It was him who called them back and told them that there a message for them and when they came for the message, i took a cab and followed them until i found out where they took my girl; then i called the detective to help rescue her” I said and decided to stop.

Rather than writing my statements down, he was recording them.

I had somehow covered every needed area with my short story. He must have seen some of the things i said on the computer. I wanted to tell him that i wasn’t going to say anything until i get a lawyer but i knew that the time to get a lawyer would come if they decided to indict me due to immigration issues and the warning they gave me not to come to Italy again.

They were not stupid enough not to know that i just helped them locate a captive. If not that i was a black man, i deserved to get an award from them but then the average white man believed that allowing you to stay in their country was enough reward for any black man or Asian. “Mr. Solomon, I am trying to make a connection between you and Mrs. Adesuwa. It seems to us that you know who she is?” The Captain said.

That was unexpected because it suddenly opened up the possibility of expanding my visit to Sweden and also involving Precious.

Sometimes, well articulated statements and situations could also help the government to recognize some illegal immigrants and give them resident permit.
Living as an undocumented immigrant is western Europe was hell on Earth if you were a sensitive person like me.
I was sure i was far more brilliant and clever than so many white people but the system recognized them more than me. I was just another black man looking for what to eat in Europe because they didn’t believe that most of us could even write our names. They never believed that they were most of us who couldn’t attend schools back home due to funds; therefore every black man was the same to them.
Ironical equal rights.

To them, everyone who had the opportunity to go to school should not have come to Europe, unless of course to further his or her education.
Little did they know that most of the schools they built during colonial era were still the way they left them.
Little did they know that the people they handed the country since 1960 were still the same people dictating the pace of the country.

“Mrs. Adesuwa is a human trafficker who specialized in bringing teenage girls to Europe and send them to the streets. After my woman left the sex industry, she told me about some girls who were being forced to the cold streets and said that they needed help. I was compelled to help those girls and Mrs. Adesuwa’s girl was one of them. I helped her girl out of the street and sent her to take asylum and go to school. I sent some other girls to England to go to school too. Officer i did all that with the small money i saved from my work. That was the reason why Mrs. Adesuwa kidnapped my woman and vowed to kill her if i don’t bring €20000 to use in bringing more teenage girls. I want to deal with this woman my own way; i want her to pay for what she did to my woman. She kidnapped and allowed them to rape her; she is pregnant for me officer, she is pregnant” I was shouting.

“Stop, it is OK. You must not take the law into your hand. We have been on the tails of some of those Human Traffickers. Thanks for bring Mrs. Adesuwa to our notice but remember not to do anything. We will charge them to court and they are definitely going to be locked up for long” He said.

“Mr. Solomon, i am going to let you go now. You can go to the General Hospital and see your girlfriend but don’t do anything stupid or i will arrest you myself” He said.

I got up and thanked him, then i walked downstairs and out to the street. The cops all stared at me as i walked out to the road and waited for a taxi.

A bus stopped 10 meters away and i ran and entered without thinking.

“Your ticket please?” The ticket controller said as soon as i sat down.

I had no bus ticket.

” If there was one life skill
everyone on the planet
needed, it was the ability to
think with critical objectivity”

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