71: The Trap

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We drank and waited for Chinelo Jessica. Alice had totally relaxed and was making some jokes with us.

Close to an hour later, Chinelo called. She said she was downstairs.
Alice had wanted to call her back earlier but I told her not to do that. I didn’t want to raise any suspicion.

”Come to room 305 on the third floor” Alice had told her.

” I want to surprise her like I told you. When she knocked, I will go into the bathroom again, but I will go alone. Ansah please stay with Alice and Tony” I said.

It came sooner that I expected as we heard a double tap on the door. I smiled and walked into the bathroom

It was already past 11pm, everywhere outside was quiet.
I heard the door opened and the rat came in. Then the door closed again.

”hmm Alice, you dey enjoy here ooh” Chinelo Jessica, CJ said as soon as she sat down on the bed.

I opened the door and walked inside the room.

CJ jumped up as soon as she saw me. I smiled and walked towards the door, turned my back on the door and faced the entire crowd.

”I told you people she will be very surprised and excited when she sees me” I said with a grin.

”Sit down Jessica. You are not under any harm as long as you do the things I say. This my two friends own guns and will shoot you if you say a word without permission” I said as I pointed towards Ansah and Tony.

”Because of you, this my friend here said that I was not a clever man. Because of you, my vacation to Ghana became a nightmare. Because of you, I paid thousands of Cedis in a hotel and lost the money. You lied that your name was Chinelo. You told the Police that I had sex with you while I did not. You took my $1000 and my mobile phone and ran away”

”But I have given you the phone back” she interrupted. The initial shock had left her. She had also admitted that she had given me my phone back.

”I lived blindly without my phone in a foreign country for many hours before you gave me the phone. Your punishment will be determined as soon as I get my money back with interests. I want to tell you one thing. I will find you wherever you run to. Remember I found you in that estate and I brought you here. I brought you here because you still have money that belonged to me… Money that I should be enjoying with these my good friends” I said, pointing at Tony and Ansah.
I intentionally involved their names into the crisis just to work their ego up against the rat.

”Alice, I believe you must be feeling that we lied to you to get your friend here. She took my $1000 dollars and I want it back. I am sorry but that was what I had to do” I said.

”Give your phone to Ansah” I said to Chinelo.
She resisted slightly but when Ansah stood up, she threw the phone to him.

” There is only one thing I do not want to hear from you Chinelo or Jessica. Don’t mention that you have spent the money. I can go wherever you kept it and pick it up but if you mention that you don’t have the money again, I will cut off one of your fingers here and disappear from Accra” I said.

She jumped up, fiddled inside her pocket and brought out some rumpled Dollar bills. Ansah snatched it from him and said it was $400.

”My balance is $600 and I needed it now” I said and sipped some drinks from my plastic cup.

She knelt down and started crying. Ansah was quick to hit her but I held his hand back.

”I am only interested in how we are going to get my money. You can cry from now until tomorrow but it will not change anything” I said.

”Where did you keep the rest of my money” I asked.

She said she used it.

”You used $600 in two days. How much do you earn from your work?” I said.

She rambled over how she bought Italian bag and shoes, how her boyfriend borrowed some money from her and how she had bought foods.

I asked who the boyfriend was and where he lived. He said it was the guy I saw with him at the estate.

I told her to give me his number and his name, she called them offhead.
I registered it on my lost but found Motorola razor and saved it with Mr. Baffoe.
I Asked for his car number too and she said it off head as well. I recorded it in my phone draft book.

I grabbed CJ’s phone from Ansah, located Mr. Baffoe’s number and called him.

”Friendship and Love are such wonderful things but they left you wide open for blackmail”

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