71: What women really want

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Chapter 71. What women want.

“Did you say you have a Bank account in Nigeria?” I asked Maria. She nodded.
“How do you pay money into the account?” I asked again.
She said she sent money to her mother, her uncle and other people in Nigeria who in turn, pay the money into the account; Then she calls the account manager for confirmation.
“That is a dangerous process. A better one is to find people whose job is to transfer money from here to Nigeria. They can pay into any account in any bank in Nigeria. I am giving you €5000 from the first deal; i mean the money we got from Adesuwa. I will take the same amount, then we will use some money to relocate to a new apartment while the rest will be kept for emergency and for settling Precious down when she comes out of the camp” i said. It was time to give her some cash because money had a way of keeping things in line. I was sure her mind must have been wondering if I was even going to give her any money at all. She knew I was a cunning clever person who could vanish and abandon her anytime.

She nodded in agreement after hearing how i shared the money.
I counted €6000 and handed it to her and said, “The extra €1000 is my money. Keep it for me in your bank account in Nigeria. The need for it will surely rise someday in the future. Even if i wasn’t there, i will tell you what to do with it when the time is right” I said.
“You are scaring me Azubuike. I get nervous when you talk like someone who sees the future” She said.
I laughed and told her not to worry. I like taking care of tomorrow from today. That was the difference between White and black people; A black man hardly think beyond ten years while a white man thinks beyond hundred years.

I left Uppsala hotel and took the train to Stockholm Central. The large western Union office at the station was open. They worked on weekends unlike Nigeria; however the reason was simple. Western union has independent offices in the Western World while they used Banks in Nigeria. As long as banks didn’t work on weekends, it also meant that western union didn’t work.
I entered the Western Union office and Sent €4000 to Nigeria. I called my younger brother and send him the codes to clear the money the following day. I also gave him instructions on what to do with the cash.
“I want you to take our Mother to the Onitsha Main Market. Walk around until you find the most expensive Lace cloth there. Buy it for her and give her enough money to take it to the tailors who will sow it for her. Take N30 000 for yourself and pay the rest into my bank account with Diamondbank” I said.
I knew that before the end of the transactions, he will definitely acquire nothing less than N50 000 but that was also the money i targeted for him. If i had told him to take 50grand, he will end up taking 70 Or 80.

I left the western union and went back to the hotel in Uppsala. Maria had just finished taking her bath and was applying make ups when i came.
She opened the door for me and said, “Close your eyes until i finish wearing my clothes”.
I ignored the joke and held her through the back. The naked soft body felt good as i massaged her right thigh with my right hand. My already standing manhood pressed her soft buttocks hard and she turned and looked at me with a smile. “What do you want” She asked and smiled. There was no need to answer her because i was already lifting her up and carrying her to the bed. I put her with her back on the bed and started kissing her lips while she responded fully. As i kissed her lips and her breasts, she removed my trouser. As soon as my trouser and boxers hit the ground, i shifted down and slipped two fingers into her honeypot. She vibrated and moaned as i moved in and out of her with my fingers. Every part of her body was smelling fresh and i was tempted to lick her clitoris but ever since i vowed never to try that, especially on those girls i picked up on the streets, i just continued fingering her until she begged me to go into her with my already standing manhood.
As i was about to put my manhood into the already red wet cunt, she said, “You haven’t put on your condom baby”.
“I ignored her and slipped my manhood into her slowly until the entire length was swallowed. Then i started moving my waist up and down slowly until the tempo increased almost by itself.
She moaned and vibrated her waist as i pumped in and out of her in a controlled fashion.
“I love you baby” I heard her say time and time again. It sounded so sweet to my ear that i was almost convinced she meant it; or maybe she meant it but that wasn’t the right time to determine such things.
As i pumped in and out of her slowly, i kissed her lips and her nipples; the experience sent shock waves through her veins as she grabbed and held me tightly.
“Please don’t stop baby” She said as i continued until about 8 minutes later, i felt the sperm coming out. It was that split second when i had to decide whether to pull my manhood out or release the entire sperm into her.

But what was exactly the consequences? Pregnancy right? Or maybe a massive ground and reason for marriage. But what if it happened that way? In as much as we tried to avoid certain things we considered not good for us, the fact was that we always end up where we were destined to end up. I was going to release inside Maria. If she got pregnant for me, that would be fine. She will give birth to our child or children.
Those were the last thought that came from me as the sweet warm sperm of the black soldier transferred from my manhood to her honeypot.

After several moments on top of her, she said into my ear “Do you want to get me pregnant?”
I nodded and smiled.
“We deserve to create one human being together after everything we have passed through in this one lifetime” I said.
She closed her eyes and smiled for a while before she said, “That is what i have wished all along. I will take good care of him or her because i know you won’t stay behind with us and I won’t be expecting you to stay”.
“You never know what will happen in the future. I may retire from all this life on the run and stay with you and the baby but i believe one round of sex doesn’t guarantee a baby” i said.
“Don’t worry about that because this is just the beginning of sex without Condom between you and I” She said and smiled.
“We shall see about that beautiful Maria” I said and stroked her nose.

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  1. Crave4Stan

    She’s so into you Zuby. This is true of all women; having a ‘thing’ for men who are adventurous and take max risk.

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    What women really want ? Hmmmm………
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    Knowing and giving them(women) what they really want frequently is proper but once in a while would be real.

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    Getting maria pregnant will be a wonderful thing, because only a woman that loves you will stay with you despite what you did to her, mallam zuby, a baby is an insurance cover incase one of your enemies decide to do away with you, at least you will have someone to bear your name

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