71: Thread With Care

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“Forced you to do what?” I asked.
She didn’t say a word.

“He raped you, isn’t it?” i said aloud to the hearing of the cops.

She nodded as the cops looked at us.

“Which one of them did that?” I asked.

She pointed at one man on cuffs walking with a police man.

I impulsively rushed towards him but was held back by two cops.

“You, you raped my woman. This is not over” I shouted with tears in my eyes.

“Pray that you spend the rest of your life in prison” I said and returned to Maria.
She was still trembling with fear.

The cops had given her a blanket to cover herself.
She looked like someone who haven’t taken her bath for a year.
We hugged again as i fumed with anger.

“I knew you will come, i knew you will find me” Maria said.

I wanted to ask why she disobeyed me and ventured into Castel Volturno in my absence but that was not the right time. She needed care and not blame.

“Come on” a police man waved at us.

We walked slowly towards the road where an ambulance had joined three more police vehicles.

Everywhere was blinking with a mixture of Siren lights as a woman walked towards us and took Maria from me.
She led her into the open ambulance and asked her to lie on her back.

They closed the door and drove away.

“Come with me” The detective who led the operation said.
That was the only time i saw him since they came out of the building with Adesuwa, Maria and others.

I followed him to a Lamboghini smart car and we drove away.

“We need to take some more statements from you Mr. Solomon” He said.
I kept quiet.

He continued, “You did great tracking them down here to this place. My men were also tracking the calls made from their mobile phone” he said.
I kept my quiet.

My keeping quiet was not strategic; it was out of anger.
My mind remained fixed on the fact that Maria was raped.

“It is OK Mr. Solomon, your woman will be OK. I know how you feel” He said.

Tears started dropping out of my eyes. The Detective allowed me to be.

Back at the police headquarters, the Captain who headed the entire headquarter was waiting in a hall before we arrived.
By mere looking at his uniform, it was easy to notice that he was important.

“Sit down” the detective said, pointing at a vacant chair: i did.

The digital clock on my phone revealed that it was a few minutes to 9pm.

Precious has been calling but i didn’t even notice. I called her back and told her that i have found Maria.
She asked if she was OK and i said out loud ‘They raped her and she was pregnant’ to the hearing of the three cops in the room.

I wished i had gone for the operation on my own. If such thing had happened in France, Holland or Germany where i had access to Guns, i would have gone on my own and laid ambush. Someone must have been lying in the pool of his or her own blood.

As i sat there, i wondered whether to include human trafficking, illegal transportation of aliens into Italy and sex slavery into the portfolio containing the charges of Adesuwa and her team Of Kidnappers.

The Police captain has been checking something in his laptop since i arrived and when he was done, he turned to me and said, “Mr. Solomon A*****, when did you come to Italy?”.

“Two days ago” i replied.

“Do you have any evidence that you came here two days ago?” he asked.

“Certainly Sir” I answered as i brought out my wallet and handed him the flight ticket from Brussels.

“Why did you come from Belgium instead of France?”

“I was in Lille for a business and since Brussels was 30 minutes away, i decided to fly from there to visit my woman” I said.

“Have you been to Italy before?” He asked.

I Remembered that i had been in this kind of problem when this same Maria was pursuing me and Ngozi somewhere in Genoa region. Since they took my name then, it could easily pop up again from their database; therefore i decided to follow that line carefully.

“Yes Sir” I said.
“Have you been in any Police case with any lady here in Italy?” he asked.

“Yes Sir”.

“Where was that and who was that?”

“That was in the North, in the Genoa region” I said and kept quiet in an attempt to see if he could skip the ‘Who was that?” Part but he asked it again.

“Who was the woman who had problem with you in Genoa?”

“She is the same Woman they kidnapped. Maria is her name Sir” I said.

I didn’t know why he was following that line of questions but i figured his computer must have revealed everything that happened with Maria when the police arrested her in Genoa.

After a few seconds, he asked why i had problem with Maria since she was my woman.
It was time to be very careful. The story i was going to tell them must include sex slavery and human trafficking. I was also supposed to drag Maria into the whole mess because i must give some reasons why i had problem with her.
The statement i made about Maria in Genoa was that she brought girls to Europe for Prostitution.
I had sent Police to her address in Castel Volturno and they returned to Genoa with her and Fatimah.
However the police eventually left Maria when they didn’t find much substantial evidence that she was a trafficker.
Fatimah was released too and i believed she was then taken to camp.

I needed to weave the entire story in a way that Maria wouldn’t be dragged deep into the mess.

As soon as the Captain started asking me questions about the problem we had back then in Genoa, i started weaving the story in my head.

The resident permit i used when i had the first problem was different; it was the one i bought in Portugal back in 2006.
The good news were that i used the same names and DOB in all my documents.

I knew that i was going to answer some small questions over that issue but one good thing about Europe was that each country hardly dig deeper into the immigration status issues of other countries unless it was in a crime situation.

“My woman, before we got engaged was involved with a trafficker” I said, recalling what Maria told me about what she told the cops that set her free back then.

“ The world needs more anger.
The world often continues to
allow evil because it isn’t
angry enough”

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    So painful to hear about the rape. This must be one of the moments you were very or even most angry with the turn up of events.

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