71: Finding Esther

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This chapter is dedicated to Master Nnaemeka Dike. Emeka is one of our fans who is celebrating his birthday today. Emeka asked that we dedicate a Chapter to him on his birthday. Emeka, your wish has been granted, enjoy your day.

Milan, Italy

I arrived at the Milan Central Station in the early hours of that Saturday Morning and purchased a new simcard. There was already a small buzz in the city, the San Siro Stadium was going to host a derby football match between the two Milan giant football clubs; AC Milan and Inter Milan. Since i was tired, i took a cab to a hotel and paid for three nights. It was true that i got Esther’s number from Channel but i didn’t call to tell her that i was coming to Milan. She hasn’t called me since she left the hotel in my absence in Paris. I didn’t know why and how she left. The only hint i got was what i heard from Aunty Franca. I was very sure that i was going to find Esther if she was in Milan. Milan was a large city but the illegal prostitutes usually have one or two areas where they operated in big cities. The first thing i needed to do was to locate such places in Milan. It wasn’t going be difficult to find such places.
I had a slight headache from the night travel and needed some rest, therefore i slept and forgot the World.

My cash had started to go down once more but i still had enough. I left Paris with more than €10,000 and i didn’t give any money to Naomi, Eric should begin to wear his clothes where he took his bath.
There were other places i needed to visit in Europe and I was going to do it with the money in my hand. It was time to start cutting costs. I was going to stop lodging in hotels that cost more than 40 per night. I was also going to stop buying things that i didn’t need. The good news was that the Easy Jet Airline and Ryan Air were very cheap to travel with around Europe.

I woke up at a few minutes past 14:00 and took my bath; then i called Esther. Her phone rang twice before she picked it. I put the phone inside a plastic bucket i found in the hotel room before talking to Esther. I didn’t want her to recognize my voice.
“Hello, how are you?” i said as soon as she answered the call.
She asked who i was and i said ‘Mikky’. I felt that Channel could have called her even against all the warnings I gave her in Paris. If she had told Esther that someone was coming to see her or buy her out, the name ‘Mikky’ must have been mentioned.
She asked which Mikky and i told her that i was looking for a beautiful girl to spend time with and got her number from a Benin girl whom i forgot her name. She asked where i was and i told her.
Brutus Hotel where i lodged wasn’t far from the Milan Central Station but she said she didn’t know the place. I asked her to take a taxi to the place and call me when she got there; she agreed. While waiting for her, i walked down to the hotel restaurant and ate spaghetti, the Italians were good at making the stuff.
At exactly 15:08, my phone rang; it was Esther.
“I am in front of the hotel now and i don’t have money to pay the taxi man” she said. I told her that i would be there in a minute.
As i opened the door to the outside, i saw the taxi packed across the road. I had covered my face with dark sunglasses and wore a red T shirt. Esther had seen me as soon as i opened the door and started walking towards the cab, she was dumbfounded.
“Hello sweetheart, you left town without my knowledge. How much is the transport fare?” I said as I opened the cab door for her to come out of the car.
“Twelve Euros” the cab man said. I gave him €20 and took Esther’s hand as i waited for my change.
“How did you… Who told you… How did you get my phone number?” Esther was saying at the same time.
I picked up my eight Euros from the cab driver; then we crossed the road and walked into the Brutus hotel.
“Esther I don’t lose people i love and you are one of them. If Franca like, she can send you to the moon, i will surely come looking for you there”i said in a poor attempt at being romantic. She didn’t say anything else until we got to the room.

“I came down to buy something from the hotel and ran into My Madam. I am sorry because you warned me not to go outside. She took my phone and i didn’t know who to ask for your number. She followed me to the room and took the bag you bought for me. She wanted to carry your own bag too but i begged her to leave it for you. She called one driver in Paris and paid him to smuggle me into Milan where her boyfriend was already waiting for me. I didn’t know anybody in Milan. I only started coming out to the street yesterday. I sleep on the same bed with the man who welcomed me here and he tried to have sex with me but i refused. He said that if he try again tonight without success, he will send me out of his house. I don’t know what to do, i am confused here” she said and started crying.
“There is no need to cry now Esther, Ozoigbondu is here. This is what i tried to warn you about in Paris but you thought i was dangerous to deal with. Life is not easy in Europe especially for girls. You could have been half way across to the UK by now but you chose to disobey me and put my life in danger. I am here to pick you up, you are leaving Italy but first of all, i will contact Franca and make her pay” i said.

While she was still crying, I opened my bag and brought out my second phone which housed my French phone number, then i called Franca with it.
“Useless man, i told you to stop calling me. Esther is not in France, you will never find her again” she was shouting from Paris.
“Franca i am not a useless man rather you are the useless woman. Have you heard from Henry and Emeka? I am not your average dumb kind of person. I know where Esther is, I know where you took her. I will find her and make you pay for the troubles” i said. My phone was on speakout.
“You will never find her, she is in England now. Go and find what to do and stop disturbing people’s business. Olokun will kill you very soon” she said.
“Franca Milan is in Italy not in England. I have my networks too. I paid some money to find out where you sent my girl and i am sure i will find her before you talk to her again. You don’t know me very well. I wanted you to just pay a small money in France but now, you are going to pay double for sending me to Milan. I will contact you when i see her” I said and hung up.

Esther’s phone rang immediately, it was Franca. I picked up the phone and said,
“Hello Franca, its the useless man from Paris. I am in England with Esther now”

Milan Italy

Milan Italy

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