70: How to be the Boss

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Chapter 70. How to be the boss.

“Look who is in Sweden. Did you decide to bring the money in cash?” I said.
She stood perplexed in one place for several seconds before she said, “Have you been following me?”.
I ignored her question and asked, “Did you come alone or with your boyfriend Bonaventure and his friend?”.
“I knew it was you and that Maria that planned all this. I will skin both of you alive in this Europe” She said. And started fumbling inside her handbag.
My first instinct was to grab her bag and pull it away from her but people could misinterprete it to be snatching; therefore i started shifting backwards to keep a good distance between us. I thought she was bringing out some dangerous object to attack me but she ended up retrieving her mobile phone from her bag; then she dialed a number and put it in her ear. I walked closer to her again and stood in one place.

“I asked if you brought the money in cash Aunty Joy. You don’t have fear at all. You came all the way from Italy here alone. Do you know that i can stop you from going back to Venice? This is my domain and people don’t crash in here however they wanted. Is the money in your bag?” i said to her again.
After trying to make calls without success, she continued her walk towards my apartment. She knew the road pretty well for a one time visitor. I followed her until she got to the front of the building and pressed the doorbell. I figured that it was Maria she was calling earlier.

“Maria is no longer in Sweden” I said. “She traveled to Finland with Angel. I sent them there to hide them from you because i knew you will come here. There is no way out of this except i get my money. You can stay here for one year but trust me, there is nothing you can do to me. I am leaving now. You can call me when you are ready to cooperate. Since you are here now, I will travel out of Sweden again. Have you heard about Dublin, that is my next destination” I said and started walking backwards.

I walked to about sixty meters away before my phone started ringing; It was Maria.
“Hello Baby, Aunty Joy just called you. Isn’t it?” I said.
“Yes, she called me twice but i didn’t answer. What should i tell her?” she said with a shaky voice.
“If she call again, tell her that you traveled to Helsinki Finland. Promise to call her back and switch your phone off. By the way, She is here in Stockholm” I said and cut the phone off.

When my phone rang again, it was Aunty Joy; I answered her.
“Wait for me there, let us settle this” She said.
“There is nothing to settle here. Return to Venice and wait for my instructions” i said on the phone.
“No, no wait, i can call for money and settle you here but i need to see the girls first” She said.
“Go to their Facebook profile and check their pictures there if you want to see their faces. They are in Finland at the moment with instructions to cross over to St. Petersburg. Joy you are not the only person with connections. It is either 35 Grand or forfeit the girls. I have done this before and i am not afraid to do it again. You must have heard about what happened to Madam Vivian and Franca in Paris or even Madam Grace in Lisbon; That was me in action” i said and cut off my phone.

After the phone calls, i sneaked out of site and walked to William’s place. As soon as i entered and sat down, the ever inquisitive Grandma showed up from nowhere.
“Good day Mama” I said. She responded and said that she prepared Abacha(Tapioca).
“Bring some for me Mama, i like abacha well” I said with a smile and hope but she looked at me and said, “It is finished, we ate it yesterday”.
I couldn’t help but laughed until William came out.
Since we couldn’t talk inside the sitting room, I followed William downstairs to a bar near his place.
“I need a new apartment on Monday” I said.
“Why, why do you jump from one place to another in short periods?” he asked.
I told him that a woman whom i had some trouble with in Italy found my apartment and that it was the major reason behind my refusal to live with him initially.
He agreed to help me secure a new apartment but warned that could be the last.
“My data is piling up in the government database as someone who pays for new apartments all the time. If they decide to investigate someday, i could be in trouble” He said.
I totally understood him; if it was in Germany, he could have answered a few questions concerning that.
After our discussion, i picked up €13,000 from him and took a taxi to the hotel in Uppsala where the ladies were lodged.
I got there and checked on the girls first, Rose and Angel were playing cards. They greeted me and stopped what they were doing. I entered their room and asked to join in their game. As we were playing the first game, Maria knocked on the door and we opened.
“When did you come here?” Was the first thing she said.
“Two minutes ago, i was going to come to you after this game” I said.
She turned around immediately and returned to her room.
I ignored her and continued with the game. The first thing that rushed to my mind was to jump up and follow her to her room but i hated doing the first things whenever there was no immediate danger. If i had followed her immediately, i would have had no choice but to start begging and explaining to her about why i stopped in the girls’ room first. I needed to continue being the boss and the master; a boss’ job includes ‘never begging his underlies’.
After half hour, i went to her room and knocked.
“Go away” She shouted.
“Alright, i am going away”I shouted.
She opened up immediately and i entered.
“I don’t like it when you behave like a kid” i said as i sat down on the bed. It was very important to initiate the attack first; she woulld have no other choice but to defend.
“What on earth do you think i was doing there. I just arrived and decided to check on them first. When i saw them playing cards, i decided to make them feel relaxed and at home by joining them. I thought you know about me by now” I said.
“Sorry, i was just surprised to see you there. You could have called me before coming.
“Did Joy call you again?” I asked.
“She called but i told her i was in Finland. What is going on?”.
“She came to Sweden this morning. I saw her walked past me at the station bar and followed her” I said.
“Do you mean you went to the bar as early as that time?” She asked.
“Yea, the insecticide company came around 8am and chased me out of the house” I said.
“Oh, so where is she now?” She asked.
“I don’t know but i will definitely find out” I said.
We discussed a few more things and what we will do next when the Joy business was over. She also reminded me that Rose will still leave us as soon as possible. Then we kissed.

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