70: Here comes your €20,000

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“Mr. Solomon, i want your friends to stay here while you take us to the building” The detective said.

“Alright Sir” I said as i called my taxi driver aside and gave him the money we agreed on. I also called the Kenyan and took his phone, deleted the last dialed number and gave him €100. That was all he deserved.
I gave Jamil €200 and we left.

Since the building was close to the road, the cops decided to leave their vehicle behind.
We all walked in the dark to the building.

They were about 10 Police officers with guns and with Bullet proof vests.
They gave me one bullet proof to wear and one officer showed me how to do that.

My phone was ringing while i wore the bullet proof and as soon as i finished, i brought it out.

The number that called me was registered on the missed calls log. The number was not registered in my phone and as i attempted to dial it back to know who it was, my phone started ringing again; it was the same number.

“You have only one day left to get us the money or we kill your girlfriend and child. Call me on this number when the money is ready” the voice said.

“Wait, I have the money now” I said as the Police officers listened to the voice on speak out.
The detective has ordered me to put it on speak out when i gave him a sign that it was the kidnappers.
He didn’t tell me what to say to them because there was no way to do that, he just listened to the way i responded and nodded.

“Please don’t hurt them, tell me where to bring the money now” I said.

“Someone will call you in two minutes” He said and cut the call.

Three minutes later, they called again.
One of the cops had gone to the car and came back with a custom laptop that had no company name or logo on it. I didn’t know the company that manufactured it and i figured that it was a special machine.

As i spoke on the phone with them, he searched the laptop for what i didn’t know until the laptop zoomed up to one place and stopped. An enhancement search brought out the sketch of the building and pinpointed the apartment where the call was coming from.
There were five people in the room; five red dots indicated that there were five. I didn’t need anybody to explain that to me since i could see it due to my proximity with the machine.

I tried to buy more time by asking the caller where he wanted me to get the money.
He ordered me to come to a place called Mondragone.

“I don’t know the place” I had said in a bid to buy more time.
The arrow in the computer was trying to zoom up the activities in the room.

“Find a Taxi man and tell him to bring you to Mondragone. Make sure you don’t come with anybody” He said.

As we speak, the Detective ordered the others to take positions around the building.

“I am stopping a taxi right away. How far is the place?” I asked.

He cursed and cut the call but before then, the arrow had narrowed the call to the door of the apartment.

The computer cop nodded to me and asked me to stay with him while the Detective take over The operations.

I watched as the Detective and two other police men with guns walked to the entrance door and opened it with their key.

They entered and closed the door back.
I stood with the computer man in a dark place near the Honda and waited. He had a gun with him.
I was the only one without any weapon and i felt vulnerable.
I also doubted the kidnapping gang had enough fire power to warrant the cops to assemble such large weapons for the operation but it was better to have more than less.

A moment later, two People left the room. I was looking at the computer with the computer cop as two red dots started moving south, then they turned left and started a descent.

The Computer cop pressed a button on a small police Radio on his shoulder and said something in Italian.
I didn’t understand what he said but i was sure it was related to the moving red dots.

Two cops sneaked to the entrance door and opened it with a soft push; it seemed the cops who went in initially didn’t lock it.

Some moments later, the two cops that went up last, came out with two men on handcuffs; they were the driver of the Honda and the presumed Alaye.

They were hastily smuggled straight to the police van on the road.

“Recognize any of them?” The Computer cop asked me.

“No” I answered and remained quiet.
I knew that whatever i say could be translated to a different thing in the course of investigation. Admitting to have known them would have automatically meant that i have had some kind of deals with them in the past.

Another moment later, a radio message came to the computer cop who said something in Italian once more.

We waited until about five minutes later when another radio message came to the computer cop.

“They have been arrested and secured. They have the captive in the apartment; a black woman” the computer cop said to me.

“Is she Ok?” I asked.

“I don’t know, we will find out soon enough” He said.

I felt like running to the apartment and see what was going on but i was clever enough to know that it was a dangerous thought.
There were several guns in the building and any stray bullet could head my way if the cops misjudged me to be someone else. It was night and nights were always hiding the things we could see clearly in day time.

When another Radio message squeaked, the Computer cop said and did nothing; i guessed the message wasn’t for him. It then occurred to me that all the other cops were receiving the same messages from the building.

I waited outside as One minute seemed like one hour to me until another ten minutes later when the building door opened and two women and a man came out.
The man and a woman were in handcuffs.
I recognized Maria walking like a ghost beside a police man.

I rushed forward and met them halfway.
As i walked fast towards them, i recognized Adesuwa too. She was on cuffs.

Maria saw me and rushed towards me; she was crying.

We hugged and held each other for long.
“One of them forced me” She said amidst tears.

“ And there is nothing more
dangerous in this world, in
any world, than someone
calm, clear and angry”

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    One of the thug forced her to do what? 1. Rape her? 2. Give out vital informations? I guess she was raped, can’t wait for next update.

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    I think she meant force her to reveal Zuby identity. I believe knowing she is pregnant, they will not do that for her. Brother, kindly think of making this a book. I wish this run becomes a movie we see short time in future.

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    This Adesuwa and her kidnapping gang have low mentality in terms of securing their kidnapping hideout – they don’t know that they should have one two persons watching/monitoring the entrance and sorroundings of their hideouts.

    • akpos4uall

      Another mistake they made was to inform him that they knew the hotel he was staying.

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    Zuby, thanks for the update. Seriously I wish the Nigerian Polce can emulate their European counterpart. Imagine the logical and tactical way Maria was rescued. A while back my niece staying with me was kidnapped and when we went to report, the inspector told us to go home, wake up at 12 midnight and start praying.

  18. Tony Obaze

    Zuby, thanks for the update. Seriously I wish the Nigerian Polce can emulate their European counterpart. Imagine the logical and tactical way Maria was rescued. A while back my niece staying with me was kidnapped and when we went to report,they calmly collected 5k from me and then the inspector told us to go home, wake up at 12 midnight and start praying.

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    Tank God nothing bad happen to maria, my heart was in my mouth wen reading dis nd within me I was praying for d safety of maria. Tank u once again oga zubby.

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