7: Apartment 22

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Chapter 7: Apartment 22.

We got to the Grigny Center train station and waited for the train heading to Evry. It was a small town that served as the capital city of the Local Government.
We had arrived in Evry and walked up to the shopping mall where we ate. Naomi was behaving strangely. She was still in shock. I was partially scared but didn’t want her to know that.

Due to the problems that came up, i had forgotten that someone was coming with my drugs from Amsterdam. It was right there at the Evry mall that i received the call telling me that he had arrived in Gare Du Lyon, a large train station near Gare Du Nord.

I had pulled Naomi up and took her back to the Evry train station. We boarded a train back to a restaurant where i had told the Bird who came with the drugs to wait for me.
I could have told him to take a train to Grigny but locating the platform to Grigny was very difficult especially if one was a first time visitor. He could have also asked for direction but i didn’t allow that when someone was with my goods.

I met the Bird at the restaurant where he was waiting for me. We took a taxi back to Grigny. I had called George on our way back and told him to come.

George arrived with another dealer who paid cash for the drugs but before they left, i told them that someone was trying to kill my girlfriend.

George had asked that i meet him the next day since they were going to distribute the drugs.

When they left, i took a train with Naomi back to Evry. She took me to the house where Efosa lived with her girl. It was a 3-storey commercial house which also served as a library on the ground floor. There was also a restaurant across the road opposite the house.
We crossed to the restaurant and waited while i took some drinks.
Naomi didn’t take anything. She was behaving like a Zombie who was being controlled with a remote control.

The bright exciting girl i found a few days ago had suddenly turned into a stone cold statue. Somehow i believed that voodoo worked.

I had initially allowed Naomi to continue her sex work so that she can continue to pay her aunty but after carefully observing her Behaviour there at Evry, i decided that she won’t continue. If Aunty Franca wished, let her send the entire French Police to me.

We waited for two and half hours before a cab dropped Efosa in front of the House.
I asked Naomi to wait for me at the restaurant.

I crossed the road fast and walked to the entrance door. It was open. I pushed it slightly and heard his footsteps walking up. I followed him quietly until the footsteps stopped on the second floor.
He opened his door at the same time as i looked on from the passage way.
His door number was 22. I made a mental note and started walking down.
As soon as i opened the entrance door that led to the road, i stood face to face with Luke.

”What a-a-a-re you doing here” he stammered.
I kept quiet and walked past him to the restaurant. He stood there watching me as i entered the restaurant.
I came out of the Restaurant with Naomi and walked towards the right direction that led to the Train station. Luke was still standing there. He had brought out his phone and was making a call.

We walked towards the train station but on a second thought, i pulled Naomi inside a coffee bar along the road and sat near the window where i could be watching the road.

I ordered a cup of Capuccino and waited.
Less than two minutes later, Efosa and Luke walked past the coffee bar and headed towards the train station.

”Stay here and watch out for them. I am going to their house. If they pass through here towards their house, call me” i said to Naomi.

I looked outside and watched as they descended towards the station. They were more than 150 meters away as i walked back towards their house.
I got to the house and climbed to the Second floor. A knock on door 22 Produced a black girl of about 19 years.
She wanted to close the door as soon as she saw that i wasn’t Efosa but i pushed the door inside and walked in.
”Who are you” She asked.

”Is Efosa in” i asked.
”No, who are you and what are you doing here”? she asked again.

I slapped her and pushed her inside the only room in the apartment, locked the door from outside, and then i went into the bathroom and picked up a bar of soap.
”That was for Naomi” i murmured.

I returned to the entrance door and as i removed the keys from the door, my phone rang. It was Naomi.
I picked the call.
”They are coming back now and they are running. I think they know you are there”, she said.

I placed the key on the soft soap and pressed it down, turned the other side and placed it on the soap again, then pressed it and put the keys back on the door.

I opened the door and went downstairs quickly.
As i looked outside to make sure the coast was clear, i saw two of them coming up fast.
Damn! I forgot that i didn’t seize the phone from the girl i locked up in the room.
I walked back inside the building and hid under the staircase. Some seconds later, i heard heavy footsteps running up to the second floor.
I walked out of the building to the road and called Naomi while walking fast.

”Stop a taxi fast, i am coming now” i shouted.

I started running fast down towards Naomi. I figured that as soon as they found out that i was no longer in the building, they will surely start coming after me.

I rounded a corner that led to the train station and saw Naomi standing outside with a cab. I stopped running but walked fast towards them. As soon as i put my hand on the door handle to open the car, i saw them running down towards us.
They had obviously taken a shorter route which i didn’t know existed. Naomi had seen them and had jumped into the cab.
A quick calculation convinced me that i should head to Paris since their next port of call would be to our apartment in Grigny.
Yes, it was better that we ran to Paris first.

”Take us to Paris” i said to the driver.

”Monami, i don’t go to Paris” the Taxi driver said.

“Hard roads are not opened by themselves; they are opened by some brave people”

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