33: The Coming War

The looming war of Bratown was pointing towards defeat for me. The reasons ranged from being a wanted man from the German government to living in a different city from the war zone. As a wanted man, my movements were limited. For instance, I was not expected to be seen alone in isolated areas at odd hours. The German Police were very good at asking immigrants for papers every now and then. It was true that I had Portuguese permit but I needed a travel ticket to back it up. There were number of days I was expected to stay outside Portugal. The best option was to avoid being controlled by the cops

I had wondered whether the war was worth it for me. Two things motivated me. It was to make money, enough money to travel to Nigeria. I needed to spend atleast three months in Nigeria after circumstances had turned me into mean machine. I needed to recover myself and become a human being again.
The second reason was money again. I wanted to go to Holland when I returned to Europe.

The drug business in Holland was different from that of Germany. Germany, like switzerland, Austria, Italy and all the other European Countries were retail outlets whereas Holland was the European Capital of drugs. Holland was where all the drugs were being distributed from. Spain followed closely because of its closeness to the Atlantic and Mediterranean sea. As a result, one needed a lot of money before starting business in Holland. I needed money for that too.

I figured out that if I win the Brandenburg drug war, I would make enough money from supplying drugs down there. I had money in Nigeria but I had instructed my brother to purchase lands for me in Onitsha and Enugu. I had also asked him to inject some of the money in his business. Therefore I thought it wise to make more money to allow me live a free life anytime I visited Nigeria. All in all, I needed to make more money before going to Nigeria. I wanted to impress girls, my friends etc. Despite everything that happened to me from 2002 when I arrived in Europe and 2006 when I returned from Portugal to Germany, I was still 25 years and few months. I was still within the age limit where money was all that mattered.

That and other small reasons motivated me to get ready for the war. Another reason was that the Arabs had declared me wanted. If I had started running, it could mean Portugal all over again. I may not be as lucky as Portugal this time, it could be only a matter of time before I ran into them and that would be the end of me. Those Arabs didn’t see killing as a big deal.
Therefore the best option was to take the war down to them. If I lose, it would mean that I tried.

First things first, I called Bolaji to get me all the phone numbers of the remaining three men that made up the Arabs Brigade. I already had that of Fadi, who was cooling in the Police cells in Potsdam and that of Moroccan Jimmy, who had assumed the leadership. Bolaji promised to get the numbers the following day.

I called Johnson and told him to stop dealing or stop going close to the HEIM.
He said that we could take control of the HEIM again since Fadi was out of the way. I told him that if we take control of the HEIM that way, the Arabs may regroup someday and fight back. The best option was to crush them totally. I also reminded Johnson that we were able to have that fighting chance because the Arabs didn’t crush them totaly when I left HEIM. He understood but also admitted that He had no idea how I was going to do that. It was then that I told him what I did to Fadi. He was shocked. He thought he knew me but a few months in Portugal had turned me into a mean thinking robot.

The following day, I was watching the Sci-fi movie Stargate SG-1 which I had gotten addicted to when my phone rang. I didn’t bother to check who the caller was, the movie had gotten to a stage where Aliens had kidnapped Jack O’neill my favourite character. He was being dragged into their domain while Teal’c and Major Samantha Carter plotted how to rescue him. The caller should wait.

The ringing phone died and started ringing back immediately. It got my attention. When I checked, it was Bolaji. He had collected the phone numbers of the remaining three Arab brigades.
I thanked him, stopped the movie and went outside.
I headed to a second-hand phone shop and bought 4 Nokia 3310s and 3 sim cards from different network providers;Vodafone, O2 and T-mobile.
Back in my room, I opened my bag and found two of the sim cards I had used while living in Brandenburg. There were inside the bag I had left with Johnson. I searched through the old sim card and found who I was looking for; Marko.

Marko was the guy who had purchased my pistol gun for me.
I called him.
” Hey Millo, you back again, wow! Where are you” he shouted as soon as he found out it was me.
”I am in Berlin, Marko” I said. He was very happy to hear from me. I invited him to Berlin the following day and he agreed to come.

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