69: The Great Expectations

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Chapter 69. The Expectations.

It was almost dark by the time Maria finished her stories. I was really touched because over 90 percent of what she said was true. I knew that because, i personally bulldozed through half of what she said. I knew when she came to Amsterdam, i was with Ify then but i had another apartment where i lived with my cousin Robin (He is in Nigeria for his wedding on April 23 @ Enugu. If you are in Enugu then, Holla at me). It was in that apartment that i kept Maria through out her days in Amsterdam. I was involved with Ngozi, her money and Fatimah. The part i threaded carefully while thinking about was where she said she was hoping that i will visit her in Italy and we would start another relationship. If she meant that, then it meant that she liked me so much but Liking me so much wasn’t enough. The success of our relationship required that i liked her too. Well i liked Maria too but not enough to rush to the alter with her. She was a matured and elegant lady. She smiled most of the time and had lovely eyes that never skipped my mind for once. The problem however was that i was never ready for marriage unless my wife agreed to live in a different place while i lived in a different place. We were all programmed to do different things in this life. Catholic priests never Married and there was no laws that said i must marry or that i must become a Catholic priest before i decide not to Marry. I saw life as an open book and that was why i never paid much attention to gossips about me.

After spending some good time listening to Maria, I returned to the sitting room.
“Angel, Rose” I shouted.
They both came to the sitting room at the same time. Get a bag and put one extra clothes each. You are all sleeping in a hotel tonight” I said.
When they went back to prepare, Maria asked why i wanted them out of the house.
“I have a feeling that Joy will come here tomorrow. Her three girls got missing and it all happened in Sweden by the same man who had bruised her ego by sleeping with her. What would you do if you were her?” I asked Maria.
She said she would definitely head to Sweden.
“Good, you are going with them to the hotel as well” I said.
“What about you?” She asked.
“Don’t worry about me. I told you that no woman can ever destroy me. Go and get ready, pick one or two extra clothes as well” I said.
When they were ready to move, i asked them how much money they had.
Rose had €200 while Angel said she had €170.
I didn’t ask Maria because she was the second in command. Even if she had money with her, she was never supposed to disclose it in front of the girls.
I gave Maria €1000 and said,
“This will take care of things for four days. If the coast become clear before then, i will come and pick you up but if not, i will bring more money to you. You will pay for two rooms at €40 each in that hotel I stayed in Uppsala. One belongs to the girls while the other one belongs to us. That is where i will run to if things become bad here. Take your documents and anything you do not wish to lose” I said.
I got up and followed them downstairs and to the train station where we took the train to the Stockholm Central. At the central, i bought more tickets and followed them to the very hotel i lodged in Uppsala before going to France and Italy. I waited as Maria paid for two rooms and collected the keys; then i followed them upstairs and helped them settle before i left and returned home. It was around 11pm when i got home. I had called William on my way back and told him that i had returned to Sweden. He asked if i was coming to pick my bag and money but i told him that it would be the next day.
I slept on the Sofa after watching Television and woke up around 8am. I had dreamt that someone was knocking on the door until i woke up and found out that someone was actually knocking at the door. It must be William bringing my bag for me before going to work; but it was the weekend, William never worked on weekends. When i opened the door, i saw two strange men who said they came to spray the house with insecticides. I had forgotten that they were coming.
“You said 11am, why so early?” i had asked.
They looked on the list of names and said that they made a mistake the day before; mine was 8am that morning. I allowed them in and quickly brushed my teeth. I put on my travelmate Levis Jean, Pullover and Winter Jacket; then i waited outside as they sprayed the two rooms before the sitting room. When they finished, i locked the door and walked down to the bar near the train station. I had formed the habit of always watching the roads outside whenever i was anywhere; be it in a bar, restaurant or elsewhere. I liked watching the outside because that was where the danger always came from.
I ordered a small bottle of Vodka and Cola. As i drank alone, i called Berlin. There was a friend of mine called Junior who fell out of favour with me as a result of peddling rumours that i was in Prison somewhere in Italy. I had met with him during the period i went for Jennifer’s wedding but didn’t talk with him. From the bar where i was, i had decided that men shouldn’t be keeping enemies; therefore i called him. He was happy to hear from me and apologized for starting the rumor. According to him, he didn’t say that i was in prison; rather he said that i could have been in prison since nobody heard from me. He made me believe that people twisted the story just to get my favour.
“It is Ok Junior. There is a deal i want to push to Berlin. I want you to receive some money for me through the western union. It is genuine pay so you don’t have to worry. You will take your five percent and give the rest to Kenneth my cousin” I said.
He asked how much it was but i told him that it could be between €10 000 and €20 000. After the call, he sent me the data in his passport and said he will be expecting the code.

After the call, i drank and waited for mid day before i could go to William and get my things. It was around 11:20 am when i thought that i saw a familiar figure and face. I didn’t see who it was properly but i knew i had seen that movement somewhere. I quickly gulped the drink in my glass and got up. I walked out of the bar and followed the figure until i came close enough.
“Hey” I said and when she turned, It was Aunt Joy standing before me.

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