69: Life in the Movie

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As soon as we settled to wait for Aunty Adesuwa; i ordered the Kenyan to switch off his phone.

“Brother, what are you going to give me for this dangerous job i am doing for you?” The Kenyan asked after switching off his phone.

“How much do you want?” I asked.
He said he didn’t know but asked that i give him whatever i felt was good enough.

“You don’t have to worry, you are going to become a hero very soon” I said and continued looking out for Adesuwa.

They arrived 15 minutes later and parked near the restaurant entrance.

There were three of them; Adesuwa, The guy described to be Alaye and The driver carrying them. I didn’t know who the driver was but i assumed he was part of them since they came with a private car.

Alaye and Adesuwa jumped into the Restaurant and came out one minute later.
I watched as Adesuwa tried to make an unsuccessful call and dropped her phone back inside her bag; then she entered the car and they drove off.

“That is our target car. Follow them at a considerable distance and ensure they don’t see us” I said to the Arab Driver.

“They will see us through the mirror if we follow them for long” He answered.

“Don’t worry, they are black people and they don’t expect us to follow them” I said.

“I have another plan but it will cost you extra 200 bucks” He said.

I asked him to tell me what the plan was.

“My cousin has a car and he is in this area. I can call him to also help track them” He said.

“That is fine, Call him” i said.

He dialed a number and Spoke Arabic on the phone. The only words i made out of his call were Honda Civic which was the car we were following.
I believed he told his cousin where the vehicle was headed.

“What did your cousin say?” I asked.
“He said he is on the way to the highway where we will soon come out” he replied.

Two minutes later, a Mercedes car drove fast past us.

“That is my cousin” The cab driver said, “He is going to stay in front”.

“That is good my friend” i said, as we watched the Mercedes disappeared ahead of us.

Two minutes later, the cab driver got a call and after responding to the call, he told me that it was his cousin.

“He said they diverted to Aversa. We are following them” He said.

The Kenyan with us said nothing as we followed the three, he was scared. I figured out the only reason he was still there was because i promised to give him money.

Things were pretty difficult in Europe then, especially for Foreigners who had no job. The Government were in recession. There was economic meltdown all over Europe and even the citizens were facing difficulties.

As we moved, the lead Mercedes that belonged to Jamil, the cousin of our taxi driver, gave us information about the car following it.

At a time, the Honda diverted right and  Jamil told us. We stayed behind it and reported to the Mercedes until Jamil was able to burst in front of it again through another route.

It was very dark when they stopped in front of an isolated building. It was a house That was already marked for demolition but people, especially Poor people still lived there, waiting for the day the Government will commence the demolition Job.

We had switched off our headlamps most of the time while following the Honda and would switch it on again when we thought it was safe.

As soon as the Honda entered the only road leading to the isolated building, we called Jamil and told him to turn around and wait on the road.

We switched off our light and crawled to about 20 meters of where the Honda was parked; then we watched as they brought out a key and opened the central door that led to the apartments.

‘Maria must be there’ i thought to myself.

I figured out Maria could not have been there alone. There must be at least one person guarding her unless they gagged her mouth and tied her to a chair to avoid starting anything.
The thought of Maria being tied to a chair or gagged sent shock waves through my body.
Despite all the dangers i have faced, i have never been gagged or tied to a stake.
I loved freedom so much that i didn’t think i could survive being tied to one place for long; but then there were many things i thought i couldn’t do but ended up doing them.

As soon as they entered the building, I got down from the cab and walked past the Hodan Civic.
I copied the plate number and walked to the end of the building; urinated somewhere there and walked past the vehicle again.

As soon as i returned to the cab, i decided to alert the Italian cops.
I didn’t know what i was going to be up against. The way Alaye looked, he must have some weapons and it would be foolish to assume he had none.

Maria was not in any immigration problems because she had Italian Resident permit.

I brought out the mobile phone number the police detective who took my statements at the station gave me and dialed it.
It was busy.

I waited for two minutes and called it again, it was still busy.

Another two minutes and the number called me back.

“Mr. Solomon we have a lead on your suspects but we can’t tell you. Come to the station in the morning” He said.

“Hold on Sir, i know where they are. I am around the area and they are here” I said.

“Where is that?”  he asked.

“Aversa Sir but i don’t know the address. It is an old building near the single road to Sant’Antimo” I said, hoping that i pronounced the name well since i had just seen it on a sign post point south.

“Mr. Solomon don’t do anything. Wait for us at the entrance of the road. What kind of vehicle do you have?” He asked.

“I am with A Fiat Saloon taxi car” I said.
He said ‘good’ and cut off the call.

“Lets go back to the junction that leads here” I said to the driver who turned and drove back to the road.

Jamil was sitting on the bonnet of his car smoking a cigarette.

We were discussing about how we followed the Honda when three Police Vehicle came with speed and stopped along the road opposite us.

The Police Detective who spoke with me, recognized me and walked up to where we stood.

” Responsibility to yourself
means refusing to let others
do your thinking, talking, and
naming for you; it means
learning to respect and use
your own brains and
instincts; hence, grappling
with hard work”

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  1. Enochdee

    The Master story teller himself…this is becoming like a scene from hollywood blockbuster…bring it on Zuby

  2. mark10

    Zuby this story is wow! However, like selfie said we would appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts if you give us one more update. The suspence is just too much

  3. chinnelle

    my bp don high oh
    na real suspense movie for 3D be this

    *grabs a bottle of cold coke to keep calm*

  4. stan

    Bros Zuby please one more update tonite to calm my nerves…lol

  5. Uncanny Genius

    Brilliant!!!! Aunty Adesuwa is going down just like Aunty Joy

  6. Uncanny Genius

    Brilliant!!!! Aunty Adesuwa is going down just like Aunty Joy.

  7. TheOnionHead

    Great detective work right there. Another update tonight won’t be a bad idea.

  8. Anonymous

    Finally made it to the most recent one after a week of non-stop reading. Now I know how feels to wait for more updates.
    Zuby you too much. Speaking in your language, may nature continue to take you to greater heights for the lives you’ve saved from the streets.

  9. akpos4uall

    I know how feels to wait for more updates.
    Zuby you too much. Speaking in your language, may nature continue to take you to greater heights for the lives you’ve saved from the streets.

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