68: The Precious bait

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Obi has called twice with negative reports. He was not yet able to find someone who knew Adesuwa very well.

The mysterious unknown number has called again as well. This time, he came with a revelation that shook the bones in my body.
He said that he knew that i was in Castel Volturno and was in Venus Park Hotel. He warned that the only thing i could do was just to come up with the Ransom Money and disappear from the city.

Who was the mole in my squad?
I ruled Sunday out because he has been with me since he came to the hotel.
I ruled Precious out because she didn’t know the hotel where i was.

That Remained Obi and Jack Solo.
Who among them was the rat?
The finger pointed more to Jack Solo because he has lived in Castel Volturno for long and if anybody knew Adesuwa, he must be the person.

Secondly Jack Solo was in the age range of Adesuwa and could have even had a blush with her in the past. The way he escaped from joining the operations was suspicious.

The first thing to do was to leave Venus Park Hotel and find another place and the only way to make sure that no one knew the new hotel was to go alone.

I called Obi and when he told us where he was, i gave  Sunday €100. And told him to Join Obi.
I decided to give him €100 so that he won’t feel cheated since i already gave Obi the same amount.

“There is a friend of My Girl i want to visit. Maybe she knew something. I want to go alone” I said as i left Sunday and picked up a cab.

“Take me to the Venus Park Hotel” I said to the driver.

I got to the Venus Park and cleared the room. I picked up one of my phones i left there and left the room.
It wasn’t time to find another hotel yet; i was going to start hide and seek game since no one was to be trusted.

I was still in the hallway of the second floor of the hotel when The unknown number called me again.
He warned that i have 48 hours to come up with the money or regret what they would do.

“48 hours, Why not make it 48 seconds? Silly man. Have you ever made €20,000 Euros since you came to Europe?” I said as he cut the call.

Immediately i stepped out of the hotel, two Police vehicles blocked me.

“Passport please” Two cops shouted at the same time with guns in their hands.

First of all, i put my hands on my head. It was true that they asked for my passport but common sense told me that they could misjudge bringing out my passport as bringing out a weapon. The European Racist Police were always looking for excuses to shoot the Nigga.

One of the cops rushed and gave me a quick Search before asking that i get my passport out.

“I brought it out and gave them. They also took my phone and checked the call log.
The last call was unknown number.

“You received a call five minutes ago, who was the caller?” one of them, a lady asked.

I gave them the stories of what was happening and highlighted that i already reported to the Police headquarters.

After making a call to the headquarters, they confirmed my name as the person who Reported to the Police station.

From what happened, i found out that the cops were tracking every call that came to my phone. It wasn’t a surprise anyway because i was the person who gave them my number at the police station. The instruction must have been to track every number that called me.
If i had known, i would have tried to keep The Unknown Caller longer. I believed that if we stayed on the phone long enough, the police scanners could have pinpointed where he was calling from.

Well, the good news was that the Police were also looking for Maria.

It was time to discharge Sunday and Obi. Three of us were a crowd and i liked to work alone. The police were already on the matter and it could be bad if many people were on the same case. I haven’t convinced myself on who gave out the information that i was in Venus Park; it was true that i had been with Sunday and Obi all along but with that little machine called mobile phone, anything could have happened.

When i was discharged by the cops, i called Obi and Sunday and told them that i would be out of town until the next day.
I was tempted to call the phone number i got from the Kenyan and the Toy woman but i didn’t want to let Adesuwa know that i visited them. If Adesuwa and her group eventually found out i visited them, it could help me to determine who was giving out information about me.

It was time to track Adesuwa down.

I took a cab and returned to the Kenya Man who lived in the former apartment of Maria, He was around when i came.
But Before we got to his apartment, i sealed a deal with the Arabic Taxi driver.
I told him that i want to take him on a hire to help me track somebody down. We agreed that i will pay €400.
Maria was much more important than any amount i would spend on the operation but there was another thing; Adesuwa and all the other people involved in the kidnapping will pay for every dime i spent.

“My friend, i have a job for you” I said as soon as the Kenyan opened his door for me.
He asked what kind of job and i motioned him to join me inside the taxi.

Inside the cab, i told him that i wanted him to call Aunty Adesuwa.
“Tell her that i visited your apartment and that i said i was going to eat in the restaurant down the road and that i was with a girl who i called Precious” I said.

He nodded as i gave her Adesuwa’s Phone number; the one she wrote on a piece of paper.

The phone was on Speakout; i needed to hear what Adesuwa was saying.

She agreed to come to the area in 10 minutes.

Great! It confirmed that the area where they kept Maria was not very far.

Three of us hid inside the cab and waited. It was dangerous for three foreigners to sit inside a non moving car in Europe because every police will stop and ask questions but since the Police in the area already knew me and what i was looking for, it was always going to be very easy to explain myself to them.

We sat inside the parked cab 30 meters from the restaurant and waited patiently.
Patience was needed.

” Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. Focus on your strengths
instead of your weaknesses”

Dedicated to the


Go and make us happy in Brazil, Africa is behind you from beginning to end.�

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