68: Monastery – Saved By The Valley

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Chapter 68.

It seemed the two bastards actually followed us from the Monastery. We didn’t see or hear them coming but unfortunately, they were there already.

As i had always done, i switched on my thinking button.
It was time to find a way to turn things around.
I knew that if i start to argue with them, it might lead to them taking us back to the Monastery where they would have all the powers in the world to punish us.
They could even embarrass us in public, just to send a message to others who might ever thought about doing the same thing.

Therefore, the first thing my mind told me was not to follow them into the Monastery, no matter the condition.

I also knew that they couldn’t drag me by force to the Monastery unless some other members of the Monastery Guards came.
Therefore it was critically important to make sure we settled everything inside the bush before others could arrive.

“Don’t Move” They shouted again as they came closer and flashed torchlight on our faces.

Praise was already crying while i stood my ground.

One of the two men was a small sized person who wouldnt take me a few seconds to lift up and throw to the ground if a fight ensured.
However, the other one was a well built heavy man who wouldn’t take the same amount of time to lift me up and throw me to the ground.

“What are you people doing here?” The big one asked.

“What kind of question is that? Will you stop flashing that torch on my face” I said.

“This place is monastery and two of you are here kissing, this is against the..” He was saying.

“No, Mr Man. This place is called Cashew Orchard. The Monastery is down the road” I countered.

“This whole place is..”

“This whole place is not Monastery. This town is called Awhum, this Cashew belongs to the town not to you or your monastery” I interrupted.

Praise had seen that i was standing up to them and had suddenly stopped crying.

The pint sized man had suddenly grabbed Praise and was asking her to follow him while the baby Elephant has started to ask me to follow them back into the Monastery facility.

It was time to do something.
The more we stayed there and argued, the more their members were likely to show up and when that happens, we were going to be outnumbered and would be forced to follow them into the Monastery.

I saw the biggie brought out his phone and was about to make a call when i summoned all my energy and pushed him.
He didn’t see it coming but before he knew what i did, he was already tumbling down into the valley.

The little man saw what had happened and was about to run when i grabbed his hand.

“Oga please don’t push me there” He begged.

He was trembling with fear.

I knew that he had to follow his partner. If i let him go, he was most likely going to blow the whistle on us.

“I won’t push you, just jump in there on your own” I almost shouted.

We watched as he jumped down into the slope and instantly started tumbling down.

It’s wasn’t good that I pushed them down into the Valley, but there was only one priority for me inside that bush. I wasn’t going to be embarrassed by anybody, not even the Monks.

I picked up his torchlight and flashed it down the valley, They were nowhere to be found.

“Lets go” I said as i grabbed my partner in crime and led her towards the exit.

Out on the road, i switched off the torch and threw it into the Orchard.

We walked back to the monastery where i told Praise to go to her room and change her clothes immediately.

“Don’t come out here again until morning, if the Mosquito bites you, endure it. If they discover you, deny everything. Don’t tell anybody you know me” I said as i headed to the Men’s Hostel and opened my room.

The pig inside the room was still snoring.

I quickly brought out my bag from under the bed and changed my cloth.
Then i tapped the pig and woke him up.

“Let us pray” I said.

He looked at me for a while before he knew where he was.

“What is the time?” He asked.

“It is 11:51pm” I said.

“Thanks for waking me up. I want to go for midnight prayer at the Grotto” He said as he scrambled out of the bed and picked up his Rosary beads.

My roommate left the room and walked away.

I climbed unto my bed and covered myself with the sheet, then i called Praise.

“I am scared” She said.

“Of What?”

“Everything. They will find us” She said.

“Don’t worry yourself. If they find us, people will know that we were inside the hostel instead of inside the bush in the night. Just remember what i said, deny everything” I told her.

“Is there anybody else in your room?” I asked.

She said her roommate had gone out for midnight prayers and that she may also go out to pray for our sins.

“Don’t bother yourself, we are not sinners” I said to her before my call credit suddenly finished.

We didn’t see or hear anything until the following morning.

The Guards had assembled under a large Mango tree. Two of them were on bandages, i recognised them as the two men who had captured Romeo and Juliet.

They were discussing something.

I didn’t look to their direction like others were doing, i just walked past them as if nothing was happening.

The morning Church Service was ongoing and since there was nothing to do, i entered the Church auditorium and sat at the rear.

I saw Praise when it was time for the holy communion but i didn’t want to approach her. It was time to avoid us being seen together. I didn’t want anything that could give us away.

After the service, an announcement was made, It seemed that a man and a woman attacked the Guards the night before.

The Catechist who made the announcement had urged the culprits to hand themselves over to the Monks or face the Wrath of God.

My heart skipped when i heard him say that The Monks will make a special prayer for those who attacked the guards if they didn’t come out to hand themselves over.
My heart skipped because, i wasn’t sure if Praise could hold on like me.

I wasn’t scared of their threats. I was more scared that Praise could give us away.

I was still considering going to Praise to tell her not to go anywhere when she turned and looked at where i was.

I shook my head as our eyes met.

Don’t go anywhere baby.

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