68: Life of Sweet Maria

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At exactly 6pm that same day, i called Aunt Joy.
“Tomorrow is Sunday. First thing on Monday morning, you will receive details of where you will send my money. The grand total now is €35 000. Each girl will cost you €10 000 before you see her again. Then €5 000 belongs to the girl you set up with your Police friends in Paris. Remember that the beginning and the end of this whole thing is up to you. I won’t stop you from making a mistake again but bear in mind that each mistake you make increases the money. The increment will depend on the kind of mistake you made. And like i said, as soon as the whole money piled up to €50 000, the deal will be off and you will never see any of your girls again. I know about Blessing too and I know where she is. Good luck and i hope to sleep on the same bed with you again because I believe you will make the mistake of coming to Sweden” I said and switched off the phone.

“Did you really sleep on the same bed with her?” That was Maria asking as soon as we got into our room.
“Sure, i did. I wanted to stay close and make sure she didn’t contact her thugs. How do you people recruit those thugs?” I asked trying to divert the topic.
The art of making a woman happy also involves denials. The truth was that it was better to deny; then defend your denials rather than accepting the truth initially.

“They are everywhere in Italy and France. Their main job was to shake down the girls who didn’t want to pay us and collect the money from them; Then we pay them the agreed percentages; the percentages are usually deducted from the workers’ money and not the madams. That is why some of the girls end up working for over ten years to pay up. Some of the girls don’t like to pay especially the ones who worked for many years. They usually got into trouble with their Madams. It was never easy getting the money from some of them. Some give money carelessly to their madams and at a time, they will say that they have finished paying while the madams will say they haven’t finished since there will be no record of the payments. That is where the thugs come in again. Their job will be to force the girls to continue paying. Some of the Madams are also very wicked. They never allow their workers to become free. Some of them wants their workers to even pay €80 000 or more. That is why you see some old girls still standing in the streets. Nobody own the thugs, they are all for hire” Maria said.

“So, you mean that some of the Madams never allow their girls to become free even after paying them huge amounts of money?” I asked.
“The problem is that some of the girls don’t know anything; they don’t even know when they finished paying. They just pay and pay. Another thing is that some madams use Voodoo to tie the girls to themselves so that the girls will continue paying until their friends and people back home begin to ask questions. Sometimes, they will threaten the girls with madness or all other kinds of afflictions if they attempted to stop paying. The truth is that many girls wanted to run away but they either don’t know where to go or they are afraid of the oaths they took back home” She said.

“I want to ask you a good question Maria and i will give you a gift if you answer me genuinely” I said.
After considering what i said, she asked me to ask the question.

“Since you know of all this evil by the madams, why did you go ahead and start buying and bringing girls to Italy?” I asked.

“I knew this is what you wanted to ask me. I hope i can just give you the answers you want but the truth was that there was nothing else to do. After buying out my freedom from my madam, i worked in the street for two years before i saved up enough money to buy my resident permit and travel to Nigeria in 2006. I also bought a small Toyota Rav4 from the money. Then when i returned to Napoli, i started all over again. I nearly got killed by two men one night after they both slept with me. I had asked them for my money but they started beating me. I had to run out of the house without my phone and shoes just to save my self. After that, i decided that i was never going to the streets again. I started looking for drug contacts and eventually found a man in Amsterdam who said that i could be transporting drugs for people in other countries by swallowing them. I agreed and traveled to Amsterdam. My first trip was to Rome and it went successfully. I was paid €2500 for the Job and i thought that i had found a good work. It usually took months to make that kind of money in prostitution work. Business continued that way for months. I would come to Amsterdam and swallow drugs, then i will take them to another country and get paid. I started seeing and saving bigger money. I also started sending some money home for my mother. I opened a supermarket for her too. I sent her some money to pay into my account in Nigeria as well. I thought i had become the latest big girl in town; people trooped to me for help but i never told them what i did. It was my last trip to Switzerland that scared me to death. I had swallowed 60 balls of 10kg each of cocaine and when i got to Basel, i couldn’t bring all of them out. I spent one week in the house drinking cold milk and eating Okro soup before the remaining two pieces finally came out. I thought i was going to die but luckily for me, the people who prepared the balls tied it very well. That was the day i decided that it was over. When i returned to Amsterdam to pick up the balance of my payment for the trip that nearly killed me, the man who sent me asked me to wait until he has money. It was while i was waiting for my money that i saw you on the newspaper and asked the man if he knew you. That was what i was doing in Amsterdam when we met at the Kwakoe cultural festival. When i got the balance of my money, i came to spend some days with you before i traveled back to Italy. I didn’t tell you all this things that time because you promised to visit me in Italy and i hoped that we will start our relationship again.
Since there was nothing else to do, i started investing my money in bringing girls to Italy. My madam introduced me to the line when i told her that i have some money. That was how Fatimah and Ngozi came. When Ngozi and my bulk money were taken away by you, i invested a lot of money trying to recover them but i never succeeded. My last hope was Fatimah since i no longer worked by myself. When Alice asked that i send Fatimah to Sweden, i felt that she was going to be safe from you because I believed you will return to Napoli for her but i never knew she was coming to you” She finished.
“The bad boy took her away again”

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  1. Dejust

    The just shall live by faith ,
    All the labour of a man is for his belle yet his appetite is not full…..

    Beware of greediness , for a fish is cought by the openness of his mouth !!!

  2. Lagos Boy

    Oma se ooo, while her mates are gainfully employed back home. Sorry Maria, Zubby will sort you out if he has pity on you but forget marriage ooo..

  3. tunix1

    People got to do something to make money. I mean Zubby was making his money from kidnapping, blackmail and destroying other people’s business, while Maria was making her money from prostitution.. Life of European hustlers…

  4. obumsway

    zuby pls i have become an oliver twist !!…….. Pls i need more to quench my hunger !!….. Nice work there !!….you tooo much !!

  5. kinkyy

    Oga Zubby you too dey talk sense i just love this your Quote

    “The art of making a woman happy also invovles denials.The truth was that it was better to deny, then defend your denials rather than accepting the truth initially” True talk…….

  6. Corpspissed

    Meeennnn! I just dey pity Maria. Chai! I dey imagine how she dey feel. Zubby, what are you gonna do with or for her? 😎

  7. Manshyne

    Eeyaaa! Poor Maria, all what she did was just in a bid to make ends meet. I hope U compensated her for all what she went through with you?

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