68: Danger in Paris

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Chapter 68: Danger in Paris.

Rather than going straight to the hotel, i decided to go to a bar somewhere near Grigny Center. It was a bar i used to visit when i lived in that area. The French lady who owned the bar recognized me when i came. She asked where i had gone and i told her that i traveled to USA for vacation. She envied me and said she would save up enough money to go to Miami in two years.
“Give me a bottle of Johnnie Walker” i said. I needed to drink something since that was the only way humans celebrate good fortune. I had just been confirmed as a France resident and the troubles of Human traffickers didn’t allow me to celebrate. I was feeling lonely at the bar, it would have been very good if Esther was with me. I had been calling to tell her to take a cab to Champse Ellysee where i had planned to take her to a movie but it seemed she wasn’t done with prostitution. I consoled myself with the fact that it was her life, she could do whatever she wanted with it.
After about two hours at the bar, a Togolese man came. He said his name was Owoba, whatever that meant. He had bought two shots of whisky and when he gulped it down in one swoop, i asked him to take from my bottle; he was happy for the invitation.
While drinking with Owoba, an idea came to me. It was about gaining entry into the Hotel. I took Owoba’s phone number and told him that i would call him soon, then i left the remainder of the JW for him and walked down to Gare du Grigny.
It was already dark when i took a cab to a restaurant opposite my hotel and stopped. Aunty Franca’s apartment was one block away from the restaurant; I feared that i could even run into her in the restaurant but it was most unlikely. Edo women liked to cook at home.
I took a seat near the window inside the restaurant and ordered for sandwich, then i called Esther again. She didn’t answer the call, rather Aunty Franca picked it.
“Useless man I knew you will call her again. She is no more in Paris. You devil, so you kidnapped my girl and kept her in a hotel in front of my apartment. God will punish you. Thank God you won’t see her again” she yelled.
“Where is Esther?” i asked calmly. She said ‘God punish you’ and switched off the phone.
Damn! It meant that my safety had been compromised. Aunty Franca had found out Esther was in the hotel and had taken her away. Why didn’t Esther shout or cry? Could it be that same fear? I had warned her not to venture outside during the day time. Could it be that someone had been spying on our movements? Anything could have led to the capture of Esther and it was important that i didn’t allow the same thing to happen to me.

I was tired and drunk and needed some time to think about my next move; therefore i paid for my sandwich and sneaked out of the restaurant. I walked down the road and stopped a taxi. It took me to another hotel, it was best to leave the area for that night, i wasn’t thinking properly and it would have been a mistake to take a bullet for Esther. As early as 6:00 the next day, I called Owoba to come to my hotel. When he arrived, i explained briefly to him, that there was a lady i didn’t want to meet and that she lived opposite the hotel. I also told him that i needed him to go and get my bag from the hotel. “I will call the hotel reception and tell whoever will be there that i am sending you. They may require you to sign some papers, therefore you need to go there with your resident permit and international Passport. When you get the bag and return to the reception, call me. I will then come up to the front of the hotel and pick you up with a cab”
Owoba took €20 from me and left. Since the hotel required that we left the keys before going out, i believed it was going to be a little difficult to convince the reception.
As soon as Owoba left, i called the hotel; a male voice answered the call. “Hi, my name is Solomon, i sent my friend to pick up my bag in my room there at your hotel”
“What is your room number and your purpose of not being able to come for it by yourself” he asked.
I explained to him that i was not in Paris and i also told him my room number, the day i came to the hotel and every other necessary information he needed.

When Owoba got there, the receptionist called the phone number i registered in their hotel; i answered and confirmed that it was me who called him earlier. He said he would let Owoba take the bag, then he hung up. I picked up a taxi and drove to the hotel. Two hundred meters down the road from the hotel, i called Owoba to come out and stand in the open place in front of the hotel. I knew that anybody watching the hotel would be across the road.

We stopped in front of the house and picked Owoba up. About fifty meters away from the hotel, i noticed a green renault car behind us. I didn’t know who was in the car but naturally i was interested in suspecting everything.
“I think there is a car following us, a green saloon” i said.
The driver looked in the inner driving mirror and confirmed that a green car was behind but asked why i believed it was following us.
“I have many enemies here in Paris. I need you to take us to the Police station in Gare du St. Lazare” i instructed the driver. He turned left and headed down to the St. Lazare; the green saloon turned left and followed us. We got to the front of the Police Station and stopped; the Renaut drove past us and stopped 30 meters down the road. I paid the taxi driver and picked up my bag, then i told Owoba to leave the area with the cab. I picked up my bag and walked inside the Police station. The Cop at the entrance stopped me and asked what i was going to do inside the station.
“I want to see Officer Dubery” i said. He asked for the purpose and i told him that i was there the day before and wanted to update him on some new development. He made a call and a few minutes later, Officer Dubery who attended to me the day before came out to the entrance of the station.
“I think I am being followed” i said.

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