67: Scare from An Angel

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Chapter 67. Scare from the Angel.

“My Aunt called me and i told her that i was in Sweden. She shouted at me and asked why i didn’t tell her or anybody that i was coming here. She said i should start returning back to France now. Can you buy ticket for me please, I want to go back to France” That was the first thing Angel said as soon as they walked in.
Her comments jolted me from the lies I was spewing out to Maria about how God destined that no woman will ever harm me.
I recalled that i didn’t warn her about not telling anybody she was in Sweden. I even forgot that i should have collected her resident permit card and phone from her.
“Do you really want to return to France?” I asked her.
“I don’t know. She is angry and said she will come here and pick me up if i don’t return to France immediately” She said.
“Sit down there and lets talk about this first” I said as i pointed to a vacant chair.

“My name is Solomon and I am from Enugu State. I knew many Madams here in Europe including your Aunty Joy even before we met. They are all human traffickers who buy people and send them to make money in the streets of Europe for them. The governments are looking for them and will put them in prisons soon. I have removed many girls of your age from the streets and put them to schools all over Europe. You must have heard something about me in Marcadet. Angel, you are going to school either here in Sweden or in London. If Aunty Joy like, she can come here but she won’t find you. Did she ask who brought you to Sweden?” I finished.
“Yes, i told him that it was one man from Imo State and that his name was Austin. She shouted when I mentioned your name; I think she knows you” she said.
  It was so silly of me not to have covered every angle of our traveling back to Sweden. I never expected Aunty Joy to call Angel since she said it was the Madam in France that received the money she made from the streets. But i was supposed to have covered every angle like i used to do. Perhaps it was time to quit; may be the signs were pointing to something but i was never superstitious.

“Angel, i am going to call your Madam in front of you now and i will put the phone on speakout. You will hear everything she will say but you don’t have to worry. You are going to school here or in London like I said earlier. I have sent three girls to the United Kingdom already and they are doing well and living well over there” i said.
“Where is United Kingdom?” She asked.
“It is the subcontinent where England. Scotland, Ireland and Wales were located” i said.
She asked what subcontinent meant and i told her that it wasn’t important at that moment.

Right in front of everybody, I called Aunty Joy and put the speakout application.
“Joy, this is Austin and i am back to Sweden. It was nice sleeping on the same bed with you. I am sure you must have spoken with Angel, she is here with me. You think you are clever and connected by sending police after me. I am sending her where I kept Peace and Sharon. We will talk again soon” i said.
Before i switched off my phone she said, “What did i do to you? Did somebody send you to me or did you just remember me?”.
“Do you know Peace and Sharon?” It was Angel asking.
“Yes I know them and I was the one who sent them to the place where they are living happily now. You will see them very soon. Go and get me the resident permit card, you are not going back to France. You are no longer a prostitute and your life belongs to you now. You don’t have to worry about the oath you took in Edo forest, nothing will happen to you here. Your Aunty Maria here, Rose who went out to buy clothes with you and all the other girls i rescued from the streets all took oaths but nothing happened to them. I will get you a new simcard and you stop calling Aunt Joy” I said.
“But you promised to give Aunty Joy the money she said i will pay for freedom” she said calmly.
Before i could say something else, Maria interrupted me, “You are already Free Angel. You own yourself now. We will take you to the Reverend Father and he will pray for you like he did for others who came here before you. You have to listen to us because if you leave here and go back to France, you will continue to stand in the street for another seven years before you can raise that kind of money to pay Aunty Joy. You don’t deserve that. I used to have two girls who worked for me but it was Solomon who came to my place and took them away. One is in London now going to school and she promised to pay me when she start to work in a decent place. The other one is in a Catholic Convent now and she even changed her name to my name” before Maria finished what she was saying, she started changing her face as if she wanted to cry. It was the remembering of Fatimah that triggered the mood. I didn’t bother to Console her, i just continued from where she stopped.

“What she said is true. We will go to the Convent and visit her soon but before then, i want you to relax here. I will send you to the asylum camp and after that, you will start school or go to London” I said.
After everything we said, Angel nodded and gave me her resident permit card. She also switched off her phone and gave it to me. It was the first time any of them had willingly handed her phone to me. I didn’t know if it was a good or bad omen but the reason why there was tomorrow and the future was for we humans to know what happened next.

“Show me the cloths you bought” I said. It was time to get normal.
After checking on her new clothes, i called the Rev. Father and he was at home. I told him i was coming.
Rose and Angel followed me to his apartment. Rev. Sister Eve was also around as well.
I  gave the priest a brief history of how Angel came and he prayed for her. After the prayers, he gave her some advice and when it was time to go back home, i gave him a small brown envelope containing some cash. He had done a lot of work for me and it was good that i show some financial appreciation. A lot of things would have gone differently if he wasn’t there in Sweden. Fatimah would not have gone to Convent and some of the girls may not have been properly convinced if not for him. His works were as important as mine. We were just like computer hardware and software; none could work without the other.

When we returned, i called Maria inside the room and said, “I think it is time to get a new apartment”
“You are right, i was going to suggest that to you. Aunty Joy knew this place and she could even be on her way to this place as we speak” Maria said and hugged me.

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