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“Call your phone number for me please” he said.

I called out my phone number to him, starting with +33 which represented France.
He asked for my names again and wrote them on the sheet of paper.

“Do you suspect anybody?” He asked.

That was the question i was waiting for.

“Yes Sir. I have two suspects.
One was the person who contacted me and the other was a woman whom i believe was after me ever since i rescued a sex slave girl from her” I said.

“Please come again and tell me your story slowly” he said.

I slowly narrated to him how i picked up Precious from Aunty Adesuwa to help her from selling her body for money. I also told him about the recorded phone conversation between me and the presumed Alaye.

“Do you have the recorded message with you here?” He asked.

I brought out the phone and played the two conversations for him.

“That is impressive. How did you know that it was good to record the message?” He asked.

“Sir, i was in a police academy in Africa before coming to Europe” i said.

“Mr. Solomon, i will need the conversation you recorded” he said.

I gave him my memory card and he transferred the record to his laptop.

After writing some things on the sheet of white paper, he told us to go. But before we left, he took the address and room number of my Venus Park hotel room.

We left the Police and went back to the hotel.

“Our next line of action is to locate where Adesuwa live. She knew my face; therefore Obi will attend to that assignment” I said and turned to Obi, “Here is €100, in an hour or so, start visiting Nigerian joints and start asking questions. You will surely see someone who knows Adesuwa’s place. Try to be generous by buying a few bottles of beer for people. Get them drunk and you get whatever information you seek. Sunday and I will also go out to hunt for whatever information we can get from the outside. We will be briefing on the phone every hour. Time to go to work” I said as we all stood up and left the hotel.

At the bus stop, we separated.
Obi went his own way while Sunday and I took a cab to where Maria lived before.

There was an old woman who sold Toys at the entrance of Maria’s old building; she was Arabic and always know everything that happened around the area. She was at her small shop when we entered.

Someone else already occupied Maria’s apartment because i had decided to press the doorbell and someone came out; He was Kenyan.

“Good day, I came to look for someone else. There was a lady who lived here. Do you know where she relocated to?” I asked the man.

“No, the apartment was already empty before i parked in. But two people, a man and a woman came here last week to look for the same person too” He said.

“The two people who came here, can you describe them for me?” i asked.

“The man is tall, black and scary with a small cut on his right cheek, the woman is also tall and black with some extra weight” he said.

“That is Alaye” Sunday Said.

“What did they ask you?”

“The just asked the same thing you did but they gave me a phone number to call them if the girl come here again or if someone come to look for the girls” He said.

“Let me see the phone number they gave you” I said.
The scared man walked inside the apartment as we followed him.

He picked up a piece of paper with a phone number written on it and handed it to me.

“Where else did you save this number?” I asked.

“Just the one i gave you, i didn’t write it anywhere else” he said.

“Good. Here is €100 for your troubles. If they ever come here again, call me on this number” I said as i urged him to save the number in his phone. The woman who lived here is missing and i believe this two people know where she is. We have reported to the police and they are looking for those two people. If you see them, call me immediately”

He nodded as we left the room.

“I was going to tell you that the money you gave Obi was too much for what he was going to do and now, you gave another €100 out” Sunday said as soon as we walked outside.

“This is a game of numbers. Those two people could have given him some money too. If not that i am running out of cash, i would have given him more” I said as we approached the woman who sold toys.

“Excuse me please. How is your girlfriend? Some people came to look for her last week and i don’t like their faces. They look like bad people” The Toy Seller said.

“We had stopped in front of her to listen. There was no need asking who she was referring to because i already knew.

“What else did they say Mama?” I asked.

“Nothing, they just gave me a phone number to call them and gave me €20. The money is still there with the phone number because i will never use it” she said.

“Let me have the number” I said.

She walked into her shop and brought a piece of paper and €20.
“Take all of them” she said.
I did.

“Thank you Mama” I said as we left the area.

“This is very serious and dangerous. I didn’t know things are up to this serious” Sunday said.

“Are you quitting too?” I interrupted.

“I don’t know yet. If things starts to get out of hand, i might quit” he answered.

“I understand you Sunny and i won’t be angry if you do” i said.

The phone numbers Adesuwa gave to the Kenyan and the Toy Woman were the same but different from her old number; the one i had.
It seemed she changed her phone number.

“There is a man here who knows everybody in town. Lets go and see him. He might know where Adesuwa or even Alaye lives” Sunday said.

We took a taxi and drove to Patty’s house. He was the man who has his ears to the ground in Napoli and Castel.

“Good Day Sir. I am looking for a woman who helped me in Nigeria last month. I lost her phone number when i returned to Europe. She told me she lives around here. This my friends said you might know her” I said to Patty.

He asked for her name and when i told him, he said Adesuwa has returned to Castel Volturno from Nigeria but has relocated to a new place which he was yet to know.
We thanked him and left his place.

“There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them. You must either be content with your life as it is or take action to change it”

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