66: Lost but Found

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As soon as it was 5pm, I walked out of the beach and bought a face-cap. I wore it and pulled down the peak to cover my face, then I called a cab and drove back to the hotel. I took my bath from the water I saw in a bucket inside the room. When I finished dressing up, I walked down to their shabby bar and sat down. I ordered a bottle of Soda and waited at a semi dark corner. I watched as ladies and men came into the hotel, do whatever business they came to do and walked out again. Before an hour, I had seen a particular girl came into the hotel with three different men. The hotel was what they said it was; a prostitutes den.

Around 7pm, I walked out to the noisy bar down the road where people drank too. I sat there and bought another bottle of Soda and waited. There was no sight of Chinelo. At a time, I wondered if I had lost her but I had hope. The chase for Chinelo had become part of my vacation. It was better than being encroached by Young Lagos women. When I couldn’t find Chinelo, I decided to walk past the joint where numerous girls stood waiting for customers.
Some of them called on me to come but I just walked past, hoping to catch a glimpse of anyone who resembled Chinelo.

When I got tired, I walked back to the hotel room and slept. Chinelo probably still had some money and would find it difficult to look for more through sexx work. Tomorrow was another day.

When I got to the hotel room, I called Lagos and got Daisy’s number from my cousin. He had narrated to me, how difficult it was before he got the number. Somehow, he had asked the wrong jealous apprentice for the number and in return, the apprentice had gone inside and alerted Daisy’s mother about a man outside looking for Daisy.
The mother had come out blazing fire and when she calmed down, my cousin had told her that it was me who wanted the number from Ghana. She had apologized and had given out the number by herself.

”You are wicked, you traveled since yesterday and switched off your phone. You didn’t care to call me, you didn’t even love me” Daisy said as soon as she picked my call and found out it was from me…

I didn’t know how to explain to her that a lady had stolen my phone from my hotel room. It was going to be a long story that required to many explanations. As a result, I just cut off the line and switched off my phone.

I slept until 2am and woke up. Sleep had left me and my mind had been filled with Chinelo, Daisy and the Money that I had lost.
I switched back my phone and two messages got delivered. Both were from Daisy. She was sorry for shouting at me and wanted me to forgive her. The second was that she had been trying my number but it was switched off. My phone rang before I could finish reading the second message. It was Daisy. I guessed that the delivery report had alerted her that my phone was back on.
”Hello sweetheart, I am missing you here” I said calmly.
I didn’t want to dwell on the issue of her ranting when I first called. I had learnt that women generally acted on impulse.

”Baby I am sorry. I shouldn’t have said what I said to you”. She said and kept quiet.

I told her to go back to sleep and call me in the morning. It was time for me to think on what to do next. I knew that Chinelo was hiding somewhere in Accra with my money. She must be enjoying drug money that she had stolen from me but she would pay someday soon.

I slept again and woke up around 8am. I called my cousin in Ghana and told him why I didn’t return home last night. I made him understand that I may not return again for the coming night. He advised me to hand the case over to God and come home.
How on earth would God listen to me? First of all, the money was from drugs, secondly we were warned to stay away from Prostitutes somewhere in the book of Proverbs. Since I didn’t heed the warning, I shouldn’t expect any mercies from God. Which is why I was going to fight the war without expecting any favours from him.

Some minutes to 10 am, I showered, paid for another night, walked down to the street to look for food. I found a Ghanaian restaurant and ordered for rice. I wanted to taste their dishes too. White rice was white rice everywhere, however the tomatoes sauce tasted differently front what I was used to. There was too much oil in it. I ate half of the food and ate my fish, drank my water and stood up. I wasn’t satisfied yet, I needed to eat more food.

I walked down the road and conered left. Then I saw a place that resembled Mr. Biggs. I went in. They sold the same thing as Mr. Biggs. I bought burger and sat at a corner to eat, then I saw her. The rat that took my money. She was with a man. They came inside the hall and went to the counter to order their food. She was holding my black Motorola Razor phone with her left hand.
My first impulse was to jump up and grab her with the phone but since I had no evidence that she stole it from me,, I had to remain cautious. I also didn’t know how Ghanaians act over theft. The tide could turn around and go against me despite being the owner of the phone.

They had paid for the food and left. I stood up as soon as they left and followed them. The man had come with a car but luckily for me, there were waiting cabs in front of the place. I took one and ordered him to follow them slowly. As we followed them, I told the driver what had happened. He was angry even over a matter that didn’t concern him. He complained that a lady had once did the same to his elder brother who returned from Holland.
It was time for to find out more about the rat.

”Winners make the habit of manufacturing their own positive expectations in advance of the event”

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